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Neighbours Episode 2060 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2060
Australian airdate: 03/12/93
UK airdate: 06/10/94
UK Gold: 22/09/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Philip East
Guests: Luke Foster: Murray Bartlett
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Luke tells Mark that he's looking forward to getting to know Annalise. Mark misunderstands and tells Luke that Annalise is his girlfriend.
- Hannah is teaching Holly to find things.
- Luke tells Annalise that Fiona was his mother too.
ANNALISE: So, you're saying you're my brother too?!
LUKE: Surprised?
ANNALISE: Are you kidding? Surprised I can deal with, mum was full of them, but...she definitely left the best to last, didn't she!
Annalise seems quite pleased. Luke explains that they're only half- siblings - Fiona had him very young and he was adopted out. Annalise is confused that her motehr didn't ever tell her, but Luke says she probably felt guilty. Annalise says it does actually explain a lot - her mother always seemed to be searching for something. Luke was so happy to track his mother down and spend some time with her, and she talked about Annalise a lot. Now he wants to get to know Annalise too.
ANNALISE: So, what do you want to know?
LUKE: Everything.
Cody and Debbie are chatting. Debbie admires Cody's jacket, but Cody is very protective of it. They talk about their parents and the ice between them starts to thaw a bit. Cody takes Debbie off to see her baseball hat collection.
Hannah is still teaching Holly to find things. Phil staggers in with some camping equipment and tells Julie that he and Hannah are going camping. Julie doesn't want to go though, and Debbie already has plans. She isn't too sure that Phil will be able to put up a tent, either(!)
Annalise and Luke are looking through an old photo album. Luke tells her that Fiona was keen to patch things up. Mark comes in and Annalise tells him that he is no longer the only man in her life(!)
Outside No.26
Phil and Hannah are packing the car with camping equipment. Julie gives them some tinned food and some extra clothes. She goes into the house to get them some more blankets. Hannah wants to take Holly with them. Phil says she might get lost in the bush, so Hannah hides Holly in the back of the car under a blanket when Phil isn't looking(!) She takes out a box of stuff out to make room(!)
Coffee Shop
Some guys come over and hassle Cody, who is sitting with Debbie. When they've gone, Debbie says there are some cute guys in their year, but Cody says she's done with men. She haltingly tells Debbie that her ex- boyfriend Drew was fooling around with her best friend, so they split up.
Hannah tells Phil that Holly must have "jumped in when noone was looking". He rolls his eyes but agrees Holly can stay. then Phil
Phil can't find the tent pegs and Hannah realises that she look out the wrong box from the car - now they have no tent pegs.
Coffee Shop
The sleazy guys are grilling Debbie about Cody. Rick comes in they tell him that the "ice maiden" is back. Apparently there's a competition to see who can get the first date(!) Debbie tells them to get lost.
Annalise asks Mark if he thinks she and Luke look alike. She thinks they might have the same eyes. Apparently Luke is a fashion designer as well - perhaps creativity is in their blood. Mark warns her not to get too carried away - she and Luke need to get to know each other better. Annalise says she's meeting Luke at the Waterhole in ten minutes and Mark decides to come along.
Phil is knocking in sticks for tentpegs with a can of baked beans(!) The matches are also missing, so Phil suggests they find a motel, but Hannah is determined to camp. Holly runs into the tent and it falls down(!)
Coffee Shop
Rick is busy washing some glasses when Cody comes in and stands at the counter.
CODY: What does it take to get a bit of service around here?
RICK: OK, OK, keep your shirt on, can't you see I'm..(turning around)...I'm, I'm, in love?
CODY: Never mind, you'll get over it.
RICK: Maybe I don't want to.
CODY: Try.
She orders a coffee and refuses to introduce herself to Rick(!)
Luke had been planning to move in with Fiona when the accident happened. At the moment, he's staying on a friend's couch, so Annalise suggests he comes to stay with her. Luke tells them that Fiona offered to lend him money to set up his own fashion business, and Mark and Annalise are rather taken- aback.
Debbie tells Cody about the competition between the guys to score a date with her - the "Ice Maiden". She says they're all sexist pigs, although she did see a cute guy at the Coffee Shop today. But she's not interested in guys.
Pam comes in and is quite pleased to see Debbie there.
Mark tells Annalise that he thinks Luke was just after Fiona's money. Now he might be trying to get Annalise's half of the inherited salon.
Pam and Cody are getting on a bit better now. Cody tells Pam that she can live her own life now, and Pam agrees to back off a bit.
Phil is not enjoying himself but Hannah is! She makes him go for a walk(!)
Rick comes around and Doug suggests he stays to meet Cody - he "might be interested"(!). Rick says the only girl he's interested in was at the Coffee Shop this afternoon, but he doesn't know who she was.
RICK: All I know is that she appeared in the Coffee Shop this arvo like a vision from heaven!
DOUG: Yeah?
RICK: Long, dark red hair, about so tall, beautiful eyes...and a body that would make a grown man cry.
DOUG: Long dark red hair. This girl sounds pretty familiar.
RICK: Yeah?
DOUG: Yeah, I think I've seen her around. Tell me some more.
RICK: Well, that it, I've told you all I know. Except that she's new in town, and she's really, really hot!
Rick goes on to say that the guys in school are fighting over a girl, and he thinks it may be the same one.
RICK: They started a competition to see who would be first to melt the Ice Maiden's heart.
DOUG: The Ice Maiden?
RICK: That's just what they call her, you know.
CODY:(coming out of the bedroom) Did I hear someone mention my name?
RICK: It's you!
CODY: You're pathetic, you know that?
RICK: Hang on - wait.
CODY: No, you wait! You guys see women as little trophies in your silly little competitions. You're a bunch of immature, insensitive, brain- dead jerks. You know, when I met you in the Coffee Shop this afternoon? For one teeny- weeny microscopic little second, I thought you might be different. But I guess I was wrong. You're all the same.
She walks off.
The Bush
Hannah and Phil are walking. Hannah feels a bit hungry so asks if they can start back, but Phil wants to sit down for a bit of a rest first, so sits down under a tree. Hannah throws a stick for Holly, but Holly won't let go of it when she gets it. Hannah tries to wrestle it out of her mouth, and ends up slipping down the bank!
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