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Neighbours Episode 2012 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2012
Australian airdate: 28/09/93
UK airdate: 01/08/94
UK Gold: 18/07/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Housewife: Alison Richards
Boyfriend: Paul Biggs
Girl: Kathryn Cole
Customer no. 1: Anne Vercoe
Customer no. 2: Michael Seymour
Customer no. 3: Susan Cooper
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Bush
Lou helps Lauren up. She says her leg and back are sore and he goes to get the horses.
Beth is practising her vacuum- cleaner selling pitch. Mark has made them some lunch from restaurant leftovers and she approves.
Coffee Shop
Rick tells Kristy that he needs to cut down on her hours. He says he can only offer her 10 hours a week, so she decides to quit and walks out!
Beth is telling Wayne and Mark that the agency think she can sell $600 worth of vacuum cleaners a week. Wayne offers to give her a lift as he's at a bit of a loose end.
Lou helps Lauren on to the sofa. She's in pain, but she says her back is just bruised. Lou says they'll have to wait for the xrays. Lauren is worried about losing her job, so Lou says they'll swap - he'll do the stable job, and Lauren can do the admin at the car yard.
Coffee Shop
Rick is run off his feet fulfilling all the orders on his own. Debbie comes in and she steps in to help him, but she wants to be paid!
Helen tells Julie that having another baby is a big decision. Lou comes around and tells Julie that he and Lauren are going to do a job swap. Julie reluctantly agrees.
Beth is practising her vacuum cleaner pitch on Helen and Wayne. They try not to laugh and tell her she's a bit over- the- top. They suggest a calmer, more relaxed approach would be better - she should just be herself. Beth has another go and they think it's much better.
Brad drops in to see Beth and Mark tells him he thinks Brad is jealous of Wayne spending time with Beth. He suggests Brad finds a girl at the pub.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is cooking up a storm. Rick delivers some shepherd's pie to a customer and he thinks it's fantastic. Rick tells Debbie they'll make Shepherd's Pie the special tomorrow - he'll order loads of ingredients.
Lauren is up early. She turns on the radio and wakes Lou who groans at being woken up at 4.30am. She tells him the procedure for the work at the stables, but Lou has fallen asleep standing at the counter(!)
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Rick are starting early as Rick wants Debbie to make fifty shepherd's pies!
Just then, a customer comes in and orders a coffee. Debbie puts some salt in the saucepan, and when she's out of the room, Rick inadvertantly puts salt in the saucepan too. Oh dear, looks over- salted.
Car Yard
Julie arrives at work to find Lauren already there. Julie is sceptical about Lauren doing the bookwork, but Lauren assures her she's good at figures.
A girl is making eyes at Brad. Mark tells Brad to go and ask her out.
Brad goes over to talk to the girl, but just then her violent- looking boyfriend comes back from the bathroom!
A house
Beth heaves the vacuum cleaner up the stairs of a house and knocks on the door. It's opened by a lady who shuts the door in her face after a few seconds.
Back at the car, Wayne tells her it's too early to give up.
Car Yard
Lauren has finished all the bookwork, much to Julie's surprise. Lauren advises her to clear the paperwork on a weekly basis, and offers to create an accounts system for Julie.
Coffee Shop
Lou is sitting at a table and apparently smelling bad as some of the other customers are recoiling from him(!) Helen comes in and Rick suggests she orders the shepherds pie. He also serves Mark a portion. He is impressed with the look of the pie, but when he tastes it he almost spits it out. He advises Rick to throw out the whole batch. Helen, also, makes a sharp exit!
The girl tells Brad that the bloke she was with doesn't own her, so agrees to go out with Brad tonight. They decide to go to a horror- movie triple- feature at Anson's Corner.
Beth and Wayne come in. Beth hasn't sold any vacuum cleaners and is fed up.
Lou and Lauren are telling each other about their first day at the job swap.
LOU: Let me see. I have been kicked, bitten and slobbered on. I smell like something that should be buried. I have a bale of hay sticking out of each ear, and every bone in my body's crying out for mercy. Apart from that, I'm quite fine!
LAUREN: Oh, you'll live. You've got til 4am tomorrow morning to get over it!
LOU: Don't remind me. I'm going to soak my bones in a tub. With any luck, I'll drown.
The phone rings and Lou answers it. It's the doctor calling about Lauren's x- rays.
The girl's violent- looking boyfriend returns after hours to confront Brad with a baseball bat.
The doctor tells Lauren that she's damaged a disc in her lower back, and won't be able to get back on a horse for at least a year. She's going to have to quit her job.
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