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Neighbours Episode 2011 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2011
Australian airdate: 27/09/93
UK airdate: 29/07/94
UK Gold: 17/07/00
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Robbie: Richie Akers
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lauren apologises to Brad and Beth for the trouble she's caused. But she is staying Ramsay Street as Lou really wants her to.
- Julie moans about Doctor Lovett's radio show, but Debbie thinks it's really good.
- Doug snaps at Pam for nagging him.
- Phil and Gaby hear Julie on the radio talking to Dr. Lovett about their love life.
The Office
Phil is very embarrassed, and Gaby tries to comfort him saying hardly anyone would be listening at that time of day. Phil says Julie might as well go round town with a loud- haler!
Doug slinks home and apologises to Pam, but she is very angry. Doug says he's stressed out being unemployed and she softens a bit. She says they'll just have to keep the faith and not argue with each other.
Brad and Beth are talking about Phil and Julie (they heard the item on the radio)
Lou and Lauren sit at a table and have a chat. She's fed up that Brad and Beth are basically ignoring her.
Phil comes in and Lou tries not to laugh at him. He leaves again and Beth follows him out.
Outside the Waterhole
Beth tells Phil not to let people get to him - people will soon move on to something else. He asks her how her job- hunt is going. Beth says she has an interview for a vacuum- cleaner salesperson tomorrow. Phil offers her a few shifts at the Waterhole, but she suggests he offers them to Doug instead.
Lauren is still moaning that people are treating her like a leper. Lou suggests that the two of them go out tomorrow - perhaps they could go horse- riding.
Julie welcomes Phil excitedly and says she's got the answer to their problems. He just rants at her for blabbing their problems to the whole world and storms into the kitchen.
Pam and Doug are going through their bills and grimacing. Gaby suggests that she pays more board and Pam gratefully accepts.
Julie telling Phil that she didn't mean to hurt him, she just thought his problem might be somehow her fault and wanted to make things right.
Gaby and Brad chat about their parents' financial situation. Gaby asks Brad to pay some extra board for a while too.
Phil comes round to see Doug to offer him some shifts at the Waterhole. Doug gratefully accepts.
Brad and Doug are heading off to the Waterhole. They see Beth going off to her vacuum- cleaner sales job.
Lou and Lauren are heading off on their horse- riding day.
Brad is trying to show Doug the proceedures of running the Waterhole, but he keeps "showing initiative" and messing things up.
Coffee Shop
Pam and Julie are having a coffee and talking about Julie and Phil's problem. Pam says she could try homeopathy, or maybe some folk remedies(!)
Beth comes in and tells Pam and Julie that she got the job selling vacuum cleaners. She also lets slip that Phil offered her some shifts at the Waterhole first. Julie is not pleased and walks off. Pam asks Beth not to tell Doug.
The Bush
Lou and Lauren are riding horses and chatting.
Doug is chatting away to a couple of mates and not doing much work. Brad tells him off. Brad goes off on his break and tells Doug to look after things.
The Office
Phil is very irritable today. Brad comes in and asks Gaby if Doug can be transferred, as he's not doing any work(!) Gaby says that Doug will soon settle down and that Brad should give him a chance.
Julie comes in and asks Doug if he has any mead. She has a recipe she's got from a library book. Julie tells Doug that it was nice that Beth let him take the job at the Waterhole. Doug is shocked.
The Office
Julie comes in and asks Phil if he can leave work early today. She excitedly shows him her library book. Gaby overhears and tells Phil to take the rest of the day off(!)
Beth comes in and Doug tells her he knows she was offered the bar job first. He tells her he's not a charity case and Beth admits that Phil might have created a few shifts.
The Office
Gaby tells Phil to go home to Julie, but he stubbornly carries on working. Eventually he agrees though. Doug comess in and says he knows Phil created the job for him. Phil assures him that if Doug hadn't taken the job, they would have had to advertise in the paper. Doug is unconvinced and tells Phil he quits.
The Bush
Lou is messing around, sitting on the saddle backwards.
Doug comes in and tells Pam that he quit his job at the Waterhole. She isn't mad and tells Doug she understands how he feels. But she's still not sure how they'll pay their bills. Doug rips up the car insurance bill, saying they can't afford to pay for everything.
The Bush
Lou and Lauren decide to have a race back to the base. The horses gallop along and Lauren is thrown off. She lies on the ground, still.
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