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Neighbours Episode 1992 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1991 - 1993>>
Episode title: 1992
Australian airdate: 31/08/93
UK airdate: 04/07/94
UK Gold: 20/06/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Nicholas Greenway: Justin D'Orazio
Mr Baker: Fred Barker
Rescue Worker: Paul Stacey-Martin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Annalise wants Mark to teach her French again, but he's too busy tonight. When he's gone, Annalise tells Phoebe that he likes Mark. Phoebe says it's very obvious!
Gaby is extremely busy trying to cover for Phil. Pam comes in and tells her she's worried about Doug and the safety standards issue at work.
Mark comes in and invites Gaby out to dinner tonight - he'll be able to leave work at 8pm. Gaby accepts. He suggests that they meet in the Coffee Shop - Annalise is finishing early.
Julie and Debbie are still looking for Hannah. Debbie tells her Hannah was seen on the building site earlier, but not recently.
Building Site
Hannah is still inside the barrel on the building site, which is pinned down by materials which have fallen on it. She calls forlornly for Julie.
Helen tells Pam that she doesn't think Julie and Phil will reconcile now. She doesn't want to be seen as interfering again though, so she's going to concentrate on her own projects. Like painting, and the Arts Committee...and maybe a new challenge. Pam tells her that the hospital are fundraising for new parents' accommodation and Helen looks interested.
There's a knock at the door, and Julie rushes in, telling them she can't find Hannah. Julie is beside herself now, so Pam and Helen head off to help her look.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is banging on to Phoebe about how sexy Mark is. Gaby comes in and Annalise asks why she's so dressed up. She's not impressed to hear that Gaby is going out with Mark later.
Back of No.26
Helen hears a strange noise in the garden and investigates. It turns out to be Nicholas, hiding in the cubby house.
HELEN: Where's Hannah?
NICHOLAS: It's not my fault.
HELEN: What's not your fault?!
Helen is trying to drag Hannah's location out of Nicholas, saying if Hannah is hurt, they must get to her ASAP. He finally blurts out about the tractor and things falling down. Helen works out that they were on a building site.
Building Site
Rick has arrived at the building site and calls out to Hannah.
HANNAH: Over here, I'm stuck!
Rick crawls through the chicken wire and works out she's inside a barrel.
Julie, Pam and Doug are off to look for Hannah when Helen comes over with Nicholas. They head off to the building site.
Building Site
Rick hears Doug, Julie and Helen coming and calls them over. (Pam has taken Nicholas home)
They rush over and Doug tells Rick to step away - the scaffolding might collapse. Doug send Helen to ring the emergency services.
HANNAH: I want Dad!
Julie is frantic, but Doug holds her back.
Coffee Shop
Beth explains to Phoebe that Phil has gone away for a few days to think. Annalise asks Beth if she loves Phil, but before she can answer, Helen dashes in to use the phone. They're horrified to hear that Hannah is trapped on the building site. When Helen has finished her call, she asks Beth where Phil is, but she doesn't know. Beth suggests getting a message put on local radio.
Building Site
Doug is trying to make the scaffolding safe before they can get Hannah out. The fire brigade and an ambulance arrive to help.
Coffee Shop
Mark comes in and is surprised to see Annalise there (she took a late shift). Beth has spoken to the radio station.
Gaby comes in and tells Mark they'll have to cancel their date so she can help at the building site. Phoebe gives them a load of coffees to take with her to the site.
Doug, Pam and Gaby arrive home. Hannah is OK, and will only be in hospital overnight for observation. Doug says that he will have to talk to Baker again - the whole set- up is a joke.
Mark is teaching Annalise French. She isn't very good. She gets Mark to say things like "I love you", "I love your face" etc and gets closer and closer. Finally, they kiss.
Hospital, the following morning
Julie, Helen, Rick and Debbie are visiting Hannah. On their way out, Debbie thanks Rick for saving Hannah, but she hasn't changed her mind about Darren. Hannah is waiting for the doctor to look at her X- rays. There's no sign of Phil yet.
Ramsay Street
Gaby tells Doug not to lose his temper with Baker.
Annalise comes over and tells Gaby delightedly that she kissed Mark last night.
ANNALISE: Do I have to paint you a picture? I'm sure you know what happens when people start speaking French.
GABY: What, they start nuking the South Pacific?
ANNALISE: Excuse me?
GABY: Never mind.
Annalise says that Mark is wild!
Building Site Office
Baker is ranting that there are safety inspectors all over the site. He's not happen that "a couple of stupid kids" are going to cost him so much money. Doug points out that if they hadn't cut corners, none of this would have happened.
BAKER: What's your job description?
DOUG: What are you getting at? I supervise construction.
BAKER: Yeah, well, you're not doing it, are you? You're wasting *my* time instead. You should have steered clear of things that don't concern you. You've been nit- picking since we started this Waterhole job. I don't think you've got the best interests of Constructacon at heart!
DOUG: What does that all mean, in plain English?
BAKER: You cant' do the job you're hired for!
DOUG: I could if other people did theirs! But I'm just chasing around checking that everything's safe so we can get on with the work.
BAKER: Yeah, well, you won't have to worry about that anymore, will you? Pack up, clear out, you're fired!
<<1991 - 1993>>
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