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Neighbours Episode 1991 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1990 - 1992>>
Episode title: 1991
Australian airdate: 30/08/93
UK airdate: 01/07/94
UK Gold: 19/06/00
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Darren Stark: Scott Major
Nicholas Greenway: Justin D'Orazio
Mr Baker: Fred Barker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil gives Debbie a letter to give to Julie on his way out.
- Rick and Lauren see Lou's stolen car and pursue it.
Lauren says they should pull over and let the police handle it, but Rick keeps pursuing the car, driving erratically.
Julie and Hannah are back from the cinema. Julie finds a note on the table from Phil.
JULIE: Hannah, he's had to go away again for a while. He says he's sorry he missed you, he really wanted to see you before he left.
HANNAH: But he only just got back!
JULIE: I know.
HANNAH:(dejectedly) Why did he have to go again?
JULIE: Things are still difficult between us.
HANNAH: I know, you've been fighting all the time.
JULIE: We do think it's best if we don't live together for a while. You understand that, don't you?
HANNAH: I suppose so. What if you get sick again?
JULIE: I won't!
HANNAH: Well, how do you know? You did last time, and Dad had to come home and look after you.
JULIE: It won't happen, darling, I promise you.
A road
Rick and Lauren are still following the stolen car, which eventually does a 180 turn and speed off. Rick sees who's in the car, and suddenly tells Lauren that he doesn't think it's the car after all.
Building Site
Doug and Beth are inspecting a shonky site that Constructacon brought in. Doug says he'll have to take the scaffolding down and re- erect it to make it safe. Beth isn't sure Baker will be happy.
Hannah is very depressed that Phil has gone. Nicholas pops round and Hannah welcomes him (he's about half her size!). Julie says she'll have a lie- down while they play. Hannah hopes she isn't sick again, but Julie says she's just tired.
A road
It's Debbie and Darren in the stolen car. He says they'd better dump the car and starts making it look as if it was hot- wired, so the cops won't know they had the keys. They'll just put the keys back and everything will be fine. Debbie says that Darren has obviously done this before!
Constructacon Office
Doug tells Baker that the scaffolding isn't safe for his men to look on. Baker says Doug is just a perfectionist and the scaffolding looks adequate to him. Doug is not pleased and says it's not just the scaffolding - some of the materials ordered aren't up to scratch either. Baker admits that it's cost a lot to buy Doug off, and they've had to cut some corners to make up for it.
DOUG: You're risking safety standards, and I want something done about it!
BAKER: Who do you think you're talking to?! Do I have to remind you who's the boss here?! Well, then?
DOUG: It's your dodgy cost- cutting that's putting us all at risk. And it's my reputation that's on the line if someone gets hurt!
BAKER: That's the way it goes.
DOUG: Well, I don't accept that!
BAKER: Are you going to bite the hand that feeds you, Doug?
DOUG: Is that a threat?
BAKER: Either you do the job we're paying you to do, or you can take your bleeing heart and your principles off the dole queue! We'll bring someone else in. You know as well as I do, there's a whole line of guys out there waiting to take your place! It's your decision.
Ramsay Street
Rick and Lauren arrive back. Rick goes over to Darren and confronts him about stealing Lou's car. He says he'll dob him into Lou.
RICK: You've got it coming to you, mate, and I can't wait!
DARREN: I don't know about that. What's Lou going to do without proof? Beat a confession out of me?
RICK: Oh, he'll pin it on you somehow.
DARREN: Yeah, if he does, I'll tell him Debbie was my accomplice. Do you want her arrested for car theft?
Rick looks conflicted.
DARREN: You're such a jerk, Alessi! See you around mate, you know where I am!
He walks off, laughing.
Debbie asks Julie if she's seen Phil's note. Julie says that Hannah was really upset.
JULIE: I'm glad he's gone, actually.
DEBBIE: Yeah, so am I. You've been giving him such a hard time lately, he'll be happier somewhere else.
JULIE: With Beth, you mean?
DEBBIE: He didn't say anything about her.
JULIE: So where *was* he going?
DEBBIE: I don't know.
JULIE: Oh, come on.
DEBBIE: It's true, I'm not even think he was sure himself.
JULIE: Yes, well, if he is with Beth, there's nothing much I can do about it now, is there?
DEBBIE: Not anymore.
JULIE: I can't say I'm not hurt by how quickly he's found someone else. But that's just the way it happens sometimes.
No 24
Rick is brooding and Lauren asks what's up with him. He just says he's missing his parents(!) Lauren tried to drag the truth out of Rick about the car, after all, Lou has taken Rick in and given him a home!
The phone rings and it's Lou - the car has been found undamaged.
Lauren still doesn't think the people in the car deserve to get away with it.
Darren tells Debbie that Rick knows that they stole the car. Debbie panics a bit, but Darren says it's Rick's word against theirs, they just need to keep calm and deny everything. He convinces Debbie not to say anything and kisses her.
Julie comes in and asks if Debbie has seen Hannah - she's gone off somewhere with Nicholas.
Building Site
Hannah and Nicholas have turned up. Doug tells sends them home, saying the site is dangerous for kids. Instead though, they just wander off into the site.
Doug tells Beth that they need to fix the scaffolding and get some safety fencing up. The only thing supplied though is chicken wire, not proper chain- link fence.
Debbie comes round looking for Hannah. Rick is cool with Debbie and Lauren asks what's going on. She puts two and two together and realises Debbie was in the car.
Rick and Debbie talk privately. He tells her he saw her in the car, but has decided not to dob her in. He wants her to stop seeing Darren, though. Debbie is angry and thinks Rick is just jealous.
Building Site
Hannah and Nicolas have come back to the site. He prises off the chicken wire to get access to the site.
Julie comes round to asks if Beth has seen Hannah. She awkwardly tells Beth that Hannah is very upset because Phil moved out. Beth says that wasn't anything to do with her, and she has nothing to feel guilty about - she and Phil have nothing but an innocent friendship. And she'd never come between Phil and his children. Julie isn't convinced.
Building Site
Hannah and Nicholas are playing hide and seek. Hannah heads off to hide.
Beth comes round to see Doug. Doug wants to do a full inventory of materials tomorrow.
Debbie pops round looking for Hannah. Doug tells her that he chased Hannah and Nicholas off the building site earlier, but that was a while ago.
Beth thinks they should report Baker, but Doug says that will put them out of a job. The alternative is someone getting seriously hurt, though.
Building Site
Nicholas is looking for Hannah. He can't find her, so ends up sitting on a tractor and pretending to drive it. He switches on the signals and takes the hand- brake off. The tractor rolls, right on to the barrel where Hannah is hiding. Following that, there is a domino effect and a load of bricks and scaffolding crash down on the barrel. Nicholas runs off, scared.
<<1990 - 1992>>
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