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Neighbours Episode 1958 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1958
Australian airdate: 14/07/93
UK airdate: 17/05/94
UK Gold: 03/05/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Jonathon Lim: Alvin Chong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Jack Parker: Phillip Parslow
Courier: John Evans
- "No More Room In Heaven" by Pearls And Swine
- "Dreaming" by Nemo
- "Drive Me Crazy" by Peter Andre
- "Lost" by The Badloves
- "Funky Junky" by Peter Andre
- "Cruelest Plague" by Helvelln
- "By Candlelight" by Colin Towns And Quito Colayco
Summary/Images by: Sal
Number 22
Sarah comes down and is surprised to see Debbie there. Raymond explains that Debbie has come over to apologise and as Sarah wasn't entirely responsible, he's prepared to withdraw her punishment.
Sarah is excited that she's allowed to go to the dance, but Raymond says there's a condition - she's not to go with Rick, as it's not a date! Debbie interrupts and says it'll be fine as there'll be a whole crowd of kids there.
Number 32
Hannah is playing with her dolls in the corner. Helen - who's knitting - tells Philip what's been going on, and he's appalled that Debbie set Sarah up. Helen is pleased that Debbie's conscious bothered her enough to put things right. Philip doesn't think that it's good enough, and despite Helen having already had words with Debbie, he feels that he should lecture her too.
Philip apologises for it all having been dumped on Helen. Helen says it's ok, but remarks that if Julie had been home, she wouldn't have had to have been so involved. Philip looks a bit rattled.
PHILIP: Button, why don't you go and get ready for dinner, huh?
HANNAH: I *am* ready!
PHILIP: No, you're not! Go on; wash your hands.
HANNAH: (getting up, sulkily) Oh, all right. I always have to wash my hands when the conversation gets interesting!
Hannah leaves, whilst Philip and Helen share a smile. Philip worriedly tells Helen that he's not heard a whisper off Julie - he's called everyone she knows in Brisbane and has left messages at the hotel, but he's not heard a thing.
PHILIP: Do you think we should call the police?
HELEN: Philip, I don't kno-
...and Julie walks in! Philip and Helen are astonished. Helen says that they were worried something might have happened to her. Julie says it's a long story, and Hannah rushes towards her, pleased that Julie's home. The pair tightly hug. Philip asks if Julie's ok, and she says she's fine. He presses her for details as to where she's been but she coldly brushes him off. Philip shoots a concerned glance at Helen.
Coffee Shop
Jonathon and Rick are anxiously waiting for the girls. Annalise is watching them. Rick goes over their plan again, and thinks the only flaw is if Debbie explained everything but Raymond has still kept Sarah's punishment intact. They spot Annalise listening in, and she tells them not to mind her - she just loves a good romance!
Jack Parker walks in. Annalise says that she thought he'd left town on her. Jack says it's not his style to leave without saying goodbye. Annalise admits that she went up to his room and Jack is touched that she went looking for him. Annalise gives him an envelope with the money he lent her in it. Jack is surprised when she says she was unable to take it.
JACK: Why?
ANNALISE: Well, you know why. I mean, I like you too much for that. I hope you don't mind.
JACK: (smiling) On the contrary, I find that very refreshing. You're quite a remarkable young lady, you know that.
Debbie and Sarah arrive and the boys are stoked. Debbie takes the opportunity to apologise to them all again.
DEBBIE: I guess I was just a bit jealous.
SARAH: (looking at Rick) Well, I can understand why.
RICK: (joking) Hey, yeah, me too!
DEBBIE: Yeah, but I'm over it now - completely!
Jonathon says they should get a move on or the dance will be over. The happy foursome leave.
Number 32
Hannah is hugging Julie and telling her how pleased she is that Julie's home.
HANNAH: You won't go again, will you?
JULIE: Not if I can help it, sweetheart. Oh, I love you!
HANNAH: I love you too.
The pair hug tightly and happily. Philip walks in and says that he's put her suitcases away. Julie thanks him, but hides behind Hannah away from him. Philip sends Hannah off to bed, saying that he and Julie have things to talk about. Hannah hugs them both and leaves.
Philip crouches down next to Julie, who looks very nervous. Philip tells her that they were all very worried about her. He wonders why she didn't reply to his messages, but she stiffly tells him that she needed some time to think things over. Philip sits next to her, draping his arm behind her. Julie looks very uncomfortable.
PHILIP: What things? What did you find out up there?
JULIE: I'd sooner not talk about it right now. Let's just say I'm glad I went, and satisfied my curiosity.
Philip starts stroking Julie's hair.
PHILIP: As long as you're happy, that's fine with me. I'm just glad to have you home.
Philip happily puts his arm around her and moves to hold her closely, but Julie bristles.
JULIE: Actually, I'm a bit tired right now. I think I'd like to go to bed myself.
PHILIP: (grinning) I was going to suggest the very same thing!
JULIE: (pulling out of his hold) Actually, I'm really tired, Philip. I need to catch up on my sleep, ok?
She walks off, leaving Philip looking slightly bemused.
Number 28
Gaby and Wayne come in from the hospital and are chatting about Stephen and his injuries. Wayne thinks that it's tough on Phoebe because nobody seems to know how long it'll take Stephen to recover. Gaby talks about the insurance coming in, and Wayne gets annoyed, telling her that money won't help the emotional pain that the pair are going through.
GABY: I know that! All I'm saying is, they'll be able to pay the bills. What's wrong with that?
WAYNE: (irritated) Your whole attitude, that's what's wrong!
Wayne thinks that Gaby is so hooked up on "business garbage", she's lost track of ordinary human feelings. Gaby is outraged and tells him not to be ridiculous. She says that business isn't garbage - it's her career. She says that she feels for Stephen and Phoebe, but she's got her own problems and isn't going to pretend otherwise.
Wayne backs off and suggests a nightcap to calm them both them. Gaby apologises but says she's got some proposals to write up for tomorrow. Wayne snaps, and says that he'd hate to come between her and her career! He stalks off. Gaby is not impressed.
Number 32
Jonathon, Sarah, Rick and Debbie are all chatting. Jonathon says that he'd best get Sarah home. Rick thinks it's still early, but Jonathon thinks they need to play it safe because they don't want her to be grounded again. Jonathon and Debbie stand about awkwardly as Rick and Sarah tell each other how much they enjoyed the dance.
Rick shoots a look at Debbie, who looks uncomfortable, before kissing Sarah on the cheek. Sarah and Jonathon leave. Rick apologises to Debbie for kissing Sarah, and Debbie says that she didn't mind - it's just weird seeing him with someone else.
DEBBIE: I kinda miss having you around.
RICK: (pleased) You do?! (calms down) Er, well, me too. ...I don't really understand what happened with us, Deb. Was it Harvey? Or Sarah? Or was it just me?
DEBBIE: It wasn't you.
RICK: Well, then, what was it?
DEBBIE: I don't know.
RICK: Coz it just felt like we were just starting to get things together.
DEBBIE: Yeah, we were. Maybe we were just meant to be friends?
RICK: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.
DEBBIE: (worriedly) We can be friends, can't we?
RICK: Course we can!
Number 32 (next day)
Helen is knitting, with Hope in the pram next to her. Julie is ironing. Julie says it's good that Helen is helping Phoebe out, but she worries that Helen is taking on too much. Helen says that she enjoys looking after Hope. She worries about how Phoebe is, as she's spending so much time running back and forth to the hospital. Helen comments on how behind with her housework Phoebe is, and how she intends to help Phoebe out. Helen adds that with Julie back, the Martins don't need her helping them any more.
HELEN: So, did you find out what you wanted to up in Brisbane?
Julie's demeanour shifts to being defensive, but she puts a brave face on.
JULIE: Yes, it's all out of my system now.
HELEN: Good. Will you be keeping in touch with the Bannons?
JULIE: I don't think so.
HELEN: Not even Roger?
HELEN: Oh! When you phoned, you said how well you were getting on with him.
JULIE: Yes, but the Bannons have their lives to lead and so do I. I think it's better this way, don't you? End of story and all that.
HELEN: Did you find out anything about Roger Senior's affair with your mother?
Julie's ironing suddenly becomes very violent!
JULIE: How do you mean?
HELEN: Well, were they merely ships that passed in the night?
JULIE: No. It was more than that. They were very much in love.
HELEN: Did Roger Senior know that Ann was pregnant?
JULIE: Definitely.
Throughout the exchange, Helen seems to get more suspicious, whilst it becomes obvious that Julie's story doesn't quite add up.
JULIE: ...in fact, he wanted to leave his wife for Mum but she realised she loved Dad more.
HELEN: You certainly did find out a lot.
JULIE: There were letters.
HELEN: Letters?
JULIE: Roger Junior had them. It was all in there.
HELEN: How fascinating. I don't suppose I could have a look at them, could I?
JULIE: No! ...I burnt them.
HELEN: (astonished) Burnt them?!
JULIE: Yes. It's better that way. There's no point dwelling on the past.
Lassiter's Office Reception
A courier arrives with letters. Gaby signs for them.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Philip is sitting at his desk. Gaby walks in with the letters, saying that they have one each and throws his at him! They both tear them open. They're plus one dinner invitations for that evening. They both look at each other.
PHILIP: So he's already here in Erinsborough?
GABY: Well then, why hasn't he been into the office? And what's all this about? It's a bit much!
PHILIP: (smirking) Fine. Then don't go. You don't have to.
Gaby is not impressed!
Ramsay Street - Outside Number 22
Rick and Debbie walk up the driveway. Jonathon is sitting outside waiting for them. He yells for Sarah and she comes out. Rick compliments her. Jenny comes outside and is surprised to hear that they're going out.
RICK: First day of the holidays, Mrs Lim - time to rage!
JENNY: (concerned) Rage?
Sarah tells her that they're just going into town to the movies. Jenny is very worried about them staying together and being back early. Rick tries to point out there's four of them, so it's not just him and Sarah. Jenny pretends that's not what she meant, but Jonathon points out that's exactly what she meant!
Jonathon tells her that he'll be there to keep an eye on Sarah and she'll be fine. Jenny says she can't be blamed for worrying, and sends them off with best wishes.
Coffee Shop
Julie walks in and is stunned to see Annalise behind the counter.
JULIE: What are you doing here?
ANNALISE: What does it look like? I work here.
JULIE: You mean Stephen and Phoebe have actually given you a job?
ANNALISE: Yes, why not?
JULIE: Why not?! You're totally incompetent, that's why not!
ANNALISE: Well, they don't seem to think so, do they?
JULIE: Well, they couldn't have consulted Philip, could they?! It's disgraceful you being here after he sacked you!
ANNALISE: Well, that is none of your business! And if you think you're going to get rid of me that easily, then forget it!
Julie storms out, glaring at Annalise as she goes.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Gaby is sitting at her desk working. Philip is on the phone, happily dealing with a client. We can hear the blind on the main door rattling as it's banged shut, and then Julie walks in, interrupting his call. She starts angrily going on at him about the fact that nobody did any shopping whilst she was away as he's trying to wind the call up. Gaby looks on, amused.
PHILIP: (to the phone) Can you hang on? (covers the phone) Julie, I'm on the phone.
JULIE: Well, I'm talking to you!
Philip asks his caller if he can ring him back in five minutes. He asks Julie what the crisis is and she repeats the point about there being no food in the house. Philip rolls his eyes and points out that he's very busy.
JULIE: So am I! I have a lot of shopping to do! Now what do you want for dinner?
PHILIP: Er, don't worry about dinner; we're going out for dinner.
PHILIP: Yes, with Jack Parker. Paul's business associate from Hawaii.
JULIE: Philip, tonight's not really a very good night.
PHILIP: Well, tonight it is.
JULIE: Well, can't you put him off?
PHILIP: (anxiously casting a look in Gaby's direction) No, I can't... Can we talk about this later?
Gaby smugly grins.
JULIE: We'll talk about it now!
PHILIP: (to Gaby) Can you finish that at your own desk?
GABY: (smirking) Probably.
PHILIP: Would you mind doing it then, please?!
Gaby leaves them to it. Julie shuts the door.
JULIE: She's getting a bit above herself, isn't she? You want to put your foot down.
PHILIP: (standing up) I *am* putting my foot down - about this dinner. We are going.
JULIE: You may be. I'm not!
PHILIP: Yes, you are! You're my wife! And you'll be there! That's all there is to it.
Julie looks very taken aback.
Coffee Shop
Gaby is sitting with Wayne. She invites him to the dinner with Jack Parker. Wayne is stoked at first, but when he realises it's a business do and he's got to be on his best behaviour, he's not as happy!
WAYNE: I hate business dinners. I never know what to say.
GABY: You don't have to say anything, you just have to be my escort.
Wayne refuses to go. Gaby pleads with him, saying that it's really important to her. Wayne agrees, but still isn't happy about the 'best behaviour' thing.
Number 30
Helen and Jenny are sorting Phoebe's washing. Jenny confesses to Helen that Sarah and Jonathon have settled into living in Australia far better than she has. Helen wonders if Jenny feels that she can be happy in Australia and Jenny thinks she can be - she's happy that the children have taken to it so easily.
Philip yells that he's outside and Helen calls him in. He comments on them doing Phoebe's washing and Jenny talks about how terrible Stephen's accident was. Jenny makes her excuses to do her own washing. Philip calls her back to apologise for Debbie's behaviour. Jenny accepts what he says and leaves.
Philip sighs heavily and Helen wonders what's wrong. Philip says that Julie is acting very strangely. Helen says she hasn't noticed too much - she could be a bit tired. Philip brushes the idea off and says that there's more to it.
PHILIP: I don't know, she's withdrawn one minute and she's biting my head off the next! There's a business dinner on this evening...I practically had to force her to come with me! You know what she's normally like - she wouldn't miss one of those things!
HELEN: Well, she's had a hard time emotionally, Philip. Give her a chance - I'm sure things will improve.
Philip's about to speak but the washing machine bangs. They go to investigate and Helen says the washing machine breaking is the last thing Phoebe needs.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is working. Jack Parker comes in and invites Annalise to dinner. Annalise is pleased when she hears that it's going to be a classy place and she can get all dressed up. Jack says he wants to introduce Annalise to some business friends of his. Annalise says that business isn't her scene - she feels left out.
JACK: Not with these guys. You know them.
JACK: Yep, Gaby Willis, Philip Martin and their respective partners.
ANNALISE: (mischievously) Oh, really? Well, well, aren't they going to be surprised to see me there?
Number 30
Wayne is looking at the washing machine. He reckons it's stuffed and as the motor is burnt out, they might as well buy a new one. Helen thinks that it's going to cost her a fortune. Wayne is confused - it's not her machine. Helen protests that she feels it's her fault (as she was using it) and points out that Stephen and Phoebe haven't got the money for a new one.
WAYNE: I've got an idea.
HELEN: Hope it's a good one!
Wayne says that everyone's been talking about how they want to help Stephen and Phoebe - and this might be their big chance.
Number 32
Philip comes out of the bedroom dressed up for the dinner. He calls Hannah over.
PHILIP: Hey! What do you think?
HANNAH: Very handsome!
PHILIP: (yelling) Come on, Julie - hurry up! (to Hannah) You think the tie's all right?
HANNAH: (tidying Philip's tie) You're only going out for dinner.
PHILIP: (worriedly) Oh, it's a bit more than that, Button. Mr Parker's going to decide on who's going to run the hotel - me or Gaby. Everything's got to be perfect.
HANNAH: I bet he picks you!
PHILIP: Oh, thanks, Button. At least someone has some faith in me! (yelling) Come on, Julie!
Julie emerges.
PHILIP: Wow indeed. You look great.
JULIE: Thanks. But just remember, Philip, I'm only doing this because you forced me to.
PHILIP: (sighs) Come on, Julie, don't be like that. I feel my chances are improving by every minute!
Philip puts his hands on Julie's waist.
PHILIP: You in this sexy outfit, we're going to knock Parker's socks off!
Julie is not happy and bristles when he touches her.
JULIE: I wish you wouldn't talk like that in front of Hannah.
Julie stalks into the living room. Philip shrugs at Hannah and they roll their eyes at each other!
Number 26
Wayne and Helen arrive home and are chatting about Wayne's fundraising idea. Wayne was involved in a previous fundraiser where they sold off male slaves who had to do the female's bidding for a 24 hour period. Wayne thinks they should easily get enough money for a new washing machine. Helen thinks they just need to find some willing slaves and Wayne goes to ring a few of the boys.
Helen pulls him back and says that he's supposed to be getting ready to go out with Gaby. Wayne had forgotten and goes to jump in the shower. He passes Annalise, who's dolled up the nines, and wolf-whistles at her. Helen compliments Annalise and Annalise tells her that she's going out with the same guy as a couple of nights ago - and she gave his money back to him. Helen is proud of Annalise.
There's a knock at the door and it's Jack. He thinks she looks fantastic and he invites her for a drink before dinner. Helen wishes them well.
Philip, Julie and Gaby are sitting together. Gaby is stressing about Wayne not having arrived. Philip looks tense.
PHILIP: I wonder what he's like.
GABY: Who?
PHILIP: Jack Parker!
GABY: Probably some overbearing pompous Yank. Only topic of conversation is stocks and shares.
PHILIP: Well, in that case, you and him should get on just fine!
GABY: I beg your pardon, what's that supposed to mean?! You're the one-
JULIE: Will you cut it out?! It's bad enough having to be here without listening to all of the backbiting.
GABY: Don't tell me. Tell your husband!
They glare at each other. Philip wonders if Jack will come alone. Gaby reckons he'll definitely bring someone - after all, he asked them to bring along partners.
PHILIP: American companies don't encourage that.
GABY: Wives?!
PHILIP: (rolling his eyes) Taking them on business trips.
GABY: Yes, they do!
PHILIP: Not in my experience.
GABY: *Your* experience?
PHILIP: (losing his temper) Now wait just one second!
JULIE: Philip!
Philip composes himself.
Number 22
Jonathon, Sarah, Debbie and Rick all arrive home. They rave about how great the movie was and think they should do it again. Rick suggests tomorrow! Jenny comments that they seem to have had a good time and Sarah apologises for being late home. Rick apologises - it was his fault that they missed the bus.
Jenny tells them it's fine and invites them all for dinner. Debbie offers to help, but Jenny tells them to enjoy themselves. Raymond arrives home and says he's got some good news - they are moving at the weekend as their new house is ready.
Rick and Sarah look gutted.
Wayne arrives and explains that he was on an errand of mercy. Gaby isn't impressed as she'd told him how important the dinner was. Philip bitches that for someone who wants to run a hotel, she doesn't do a great job of managing her social life. Gaby snaps that her social life is none of his business! Gaby looks up and she's surprised to see Annalise.
ANNALISE: Hello everybody. Mind if I sit here?
GABY: Most definitely! What are you doing here, anyway?
ANNALISE: I'm having dinner! Just like you!
PHILIP: (agitated) Well, can you go and have it somewhere else?! We're expecting someone.
ANNALISE: (beaming) Yes, I know. Me! (Jack stands behind her) And Jack Parker. Jack, meet my friends!
Philip and Gaby look rattled.
<<1957 - 1959>>
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