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Neighbours Episode 1578 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1578
Australian airdate: 04/12/91
UK airdate: 01/12/92
UK Gold: 18/11/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Bob Landers: Bruce Kilpatrick
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina confesses to Caroline that she and Paul are broke.
Caroline tries to calm Christina, but she pours out the whole story about Paul's financial woes - if they can't pay off the loan, they could lose the house. Caroline doesn't think it'll come to that - Paul has money in other interests. In any case, she should leave things to Paul, there's nothing she personally can do. Christina starts to cry and says she's an unfit mother, but Caroline comforts her and says she's doing fine. Caroline is cross with Paul for not telling her in the first place. She tells Christina to go and have a decent night's sleep while she looks after Andrew.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy has come to buy a couple of chicken pies for her and Toby's dinner. They talk about Dorothy's mystery man and Brenda tells her she knows he's not real - Toby told her there was no man living at her house. Dorothy laughs and says it was just to get back at Brenda for putting an advert in the paper on her behalf. They agree they are now square. Then Brenda short-changes Dorothy, but she notices and calls her on it!
Apparently Jim has met an old mate and they're going to sail his yacht back from Japan to Australia together. Todd and Josh think this sounds great, but very exotic compared to washing the dishes in a suburb of Melbourne! Josh doesn't want to go out as Lucy is still very jumpy. Todd thinks Josh is still interested in Lucy, but he insists that he only thinks of her as a sister now. They chat about Christmas. Todd is going back to Adelaide for Christmas. Apparently Lucy is seeing a psychologist to help her work through the trauma. Josh suggests that they could decorate the room for Christmas a surprise, to cheer Lucy up.
No.22 - Garage
Christina and Caroline are having a garage sale. Caroline picks out some items from their childhood and Christina puts a few items back into storage. She's clearly loathed to part with anything. Josh is the first customer and says he can't believe that rich people are having a garage sale. He jumps on a set of Christmas lights and they haggle a bit, but when Christina hears they are to cheer Lucy up, she gives them to Josh as a gift.
Josh and Todd have decorated the tree and are about to turn the lights on. Josh has been dabbling with the lights' electronics to make them flash. Todd puts the angel on top of the tree, just as Josh turns the lights on. There's a bang and a flash, and Todd falls to the ground, unconscious.
No.22 - Garage
Business is slow at the garage sale. Brenda turns up for a look around. Caroline gives Brenda a cheque for the money Christina owes her at the shop. Then she sells Brenda a load of romantic novels for $10. Brenda reads from the book about "Sebastian" and they all giggle.
Todd is conscious again and lying on the sofa. He feels tingly and light-headed (and isn't down the hospital - why?!?!) The lights have fused and the angel on the top of the tree is blackened. Lots of the presents are ruined too. Todd looks at the carpet and realises it's burnt - he starts to panic.
TODD: Look at the tree! That's not Christmas, it's Ash Wednesday!
Josh says he's got an idea.
TODD: Just hit me with another 240 volts and finish me off!
JOSH: That won't be necessary. Christmas is not dead yet.
No.22 - Garage
A few customers are dropping by - the latest is Dorothy. She has a look around and looks at a bowl. Dorothy tries to haggle, but Christina snatches the bowl back and tells Dorothy she won't negotiate.
Josh and Todd have put the living room sofa over the burnt bit of the carpet. Josh says they'll get a new tree and decorations: they'll tell Helen it was all moth-eaten when they got it out of the garage.
The phone rings and it's Todd's father. He's in Erinsborough and wants to see Todd. Todd looks rather worried and agrees to meet his father at the Coffee Shop.
No.22 - rear balcony
Christina is relaxing in the spa and Caroline joins her. Caroline says Christina should borrow the money from her - they've always helped each other out in the past. Christina gratefully accepts. Caroline says that Christina doesn't need to hide things from her - being married doesn't change that fact that they're twins.
CAROLINE: We'll always be close. We will, won't we?
CHRISTINA: Of course!
Brenda is admiring the new tree and suggests they get some flashing lights. Josh says he thinks they're tacky(!) Brenda asks if something has burnt on the stove because she can smell it. Josh tells Todd to get some air freshener, but he says he has to get to the Coffee Shop.
Brenda tells Josh that she was shocked about what happened to Lucy. Apparently she and Helen are down at the police station now.
Coffee Shop
Todd come in and finds Bob (his father) waiting for him. He tells Todd that he's grown so much, but Todd isn't up for chit-chat. He tells his father that he's got a nerve turning up after costing the Robinsons their bail money. He's still on the run! Bob says he just wanted to spend Christmas with Todd - he figured he hurt Todd the most out of all the family. Todd says he's going back to Adelaide for Christmas and is suspicious when Bob tells him he's trying to get the money together to pay the Robinsons back.
BOB: Look, I know I don't deserve it mate, but it would mean the world to me. What about it, Todd? Give me a second chance, what do you say?
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