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Neighbours Episode 1577 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1577
Australian airdate: 03/12/91
UK airdate: 30/11/92
UK Gold: 17/11/98
Writer: Don Linke
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toby and Dorothy are talking about Lucy and hoping she's OK - wherever she was.
TOBY: If I had a bit sister, I'd want her to be just like Lucy.
DOROTHY: Mmmm, I bet you would!
Dorothy goes off to read a book in bed, and Toby asks to see some her slides of Africa, because he's decided he likes giraffes.
Helen has got Andrew down to sleep. Christina claims she's hopeless, but Helen reassures her - this is a "getting to know you" stage. She wishes Paul was back. Helen is still very worried about Lucy and thanks Caroline and Christina for coming over.
Josh comes in and asks if there's any news on Lucy. He's been out tracing the pamphlets Lucy was delivering, but he hasn't found anything.
The twins and Andrew arrive home to find the electricity has been cut off(!) Caroline rants that the electricity company has made a mistake. She goes to make a cup of coffee on the gas, but Christina says they're out of coffee. Caroline decides to go and buy some. Christina is silent.
Toby is looking at Dorothy's slides of topless African dancers when Dorothy comes in and surprises him.
DOROTHY: I think that's enough anthropological stimulation for one evening. Off to bed with you.
Toby scoots off, embarrassed.
DOROTHY:(to Bouncer) And you ought to be ashamed of yourself!
Scary Man's house
Lucy is tied to a chair so the scary man can get "one perfect picture" of her. Lucy begs him to untie her, but he refuses, saying it's taken years to find her. Lucy tells him he's a gutless loner, but the bloke just gags her.
SCARY MAN: Try and sleep. We've got a big day tomorrow.
Christina is staying over with Helen due to the lack of electricity. Andrew wakes up in the night crying, so Helen comes out and helps her to calm him. She encourages Christina saying she's coping really well, but Christina doesn't think she is.
No.30, the following morning
Dorothy tries to talk to Toby, but he runs off to meet his friend Ben.
Helen is on the phone to Japan, leaving a message for Jim to call her urgently.
Josh comes in and tells Helen he's had an idea - he reckons he's gone about tracking Lucy the wrong way. He's going to do the pamphlet route the other way, and take a photo of her with him.
HELEN:(looking at the photo) Oh, Lucy.
JOSH: She's very, very special to me too, Mrs D. I'm going to keep searching until I find her.
Various house
Josh is door-knocking and asking if anyone recognises Lucy. This goes on for some time, and a few of the people remember seeing her delivering pamphlets.
Scary Man's house
The scary man is trying to force-feed Lucy some toast, but she is still tied up and very distressed. Just then, there's a knock at the door, so Scary Man gags Lucy again.
It's Josh at the door. He shows him the photo and scary man is very short with him and slams the door in his face, saying he hasn't seen Lucy and he lives alone. As he's leaving, Josh sees Lucy's earring on the ground.
Back inside, the bloke tells Lucy to give up all hope of rescue, but Josh knocks again and forces his way into the house. He punches scary man and discovers Lucy in the back room. He unties her, then helps her out of the house.
Christina is moping around looking very depressed. The phone rings and it's Paul - she begs him to come home. Paul tells her to borrow money from Caroline - he can't come home quite yet.
Toby finally comes home and Dorothy tackles him about the African women. She tells him there's nothing to be embarrassed about - there's nothing wrong with healthy curiosity as it's all part of growing up. Toby says he already knows about sex from Joe. Dorothy suggests Toby could research the Malava tribe if he's interested in mating rituals, but Toby finds this less than palatable and goes off to take Bouncer to the park instead.
Lucy is so grateful to Josh for rescuing her, and Helen is overjoyed to have Lucy back. The phone rings and Helen answers it - it's Jim, who has got Helen's message. Helen tells him there's nothing wrong, she called to see how he was(!)
Christina is sitting on the settee in despair while Andrew screams. Christina says she doesn't know what to do, and there are no nappies left. Caroline says that she paid the electricity bill on her credit card, and Christina confesses that they're broke.
<<1576 - 1578>>
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