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Neighbours Episode 1575 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1575
Australian airdate: 29/11/91
UK airdate: 26/11/92
UK Gold: 13/11/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Alister Smart
Guests: Ashely Denton: Steve Kidd
Tim Rollo: Len Le Mont
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug is not pleased when Pam tells him that Faye has arrived, and with a big suitcase too! Pam laughs about the green jelly falling on Faye, but just then, Faye gets out of the shower. She tells him off about the jelly and invites Doug to kiss her on the cheek. He does so, reluctantly. Doug asks her how long she's staying and she says indefinitely - she doesn't like living on her own, so she might stay a few months.
Brenda comes around to tell Christina that the cheque she wrote at the shop bounced. Christina covers by saying that Paul has been shifting money between accounts lately. Then she gossips about Dorothy's male visitors!
Dorothy comes round to see Helen, who is rather on edge about the bloke who followed Lucy. Dorothy says she's been the victim of a practical joke as well - someone put an advert in the paper for a man to share her house. Helen looks a bit shifty, but says she doesn't know for sure. Dorothy guess that Helen thinks it was Brenda.
Pam isn't happy that Faye is staying, but Doug feels he can't say anything - he's just going to hope that Faye is sick of them by the weekend(!) Doug is fed up that his lettuce has been eaten by snails - Toby was meant to be looking after the patch. Faye comes out moaning that dinner isn't ready yet and then mentions that she took snails off Toby and put them back in the garden. Doug groans at her that she's wrecked his garden.
Dorothy comes around to see Brenda. She feigns innocence about the advert at first, but then says it was just a bit of fun. Dorothy tells her that things are working out marvellously(!) and then walks off, leaving Brenda gobsmacked.
Lucy suggests that Christina hires a nanny, since she and Paul are rich enough. Lucy moans on that she has no money and says she might have a garage sale. Christina thinks that's a good idea and it would be a good way to de-cluter for her too.
LUCY: It must be wonderful to know you've got all the dough you need.
Christina remains silent.
Faye is criticising Pam's cooking of the meat (overdone). She says she's much more cultured that Doug as their parents were richer by the time she came along(!) Faye says she's surprised that Pam and Doug don't have any of her gifts on display, so Doug says they've got them locked away for self-keeping(!) Faye urges them to get them out and redecorate the room. Pam looks pained.
(The following morning)
Faye has already got some stuff out of storage and asks Pam, who has just got up, when her breakfast will be ready(!) Pam is not impressed.
When Faye has gone, Doug says he's spoken to Cyril and he chucked her out. Pam says that's no reason to let Faye ruin their lives, but agrees to put up with her for a little while.
Faye staggers back in with a hideous table-lamp and comments that the Willises don't seem to be a very close family with the kids coming and going. She was looking forward to a family breakfast.
FAYE: I wanted to get to know the children again.
PAM: Oh, I'm sure they remember you *very* well!
Coffee Shop
Dorothy comes in with a man and introduces him to Brenda as Tim. She also tells Brenda that Tim is now sharing a house with her(!) Brenda is utterly gobsmacked as Dorothy explains how Brenda has brought them together. Presently, she realises that the toasted sandwiches are burning in the kitchen and dashes off. Dorothy dashes off and tells Tim she'll see him at school - he's just another teacher helping Dorothy to play a joke on Brenda!
Brenda comes back from the kitchen and Dorothy keeps winding Brenda up about Tim being a great catch(!)
Helen gets a call, but the caller rings up. Lucy is worried - there have been a lot of odd phone calls recently for someone called Claire. Helen said that may be why Lucy has been feeling jumpy lately. Helen shows Lucy some flyers for her art classes and asks her to deliver them. Lucy agrees and Helen says she'll give her some money for doing it. But suddenly Helen gets worried - maybe someone is watching Lucy after all. Lucy says she was probably just being paranoid.
A road
Someone is taking photos of Lucy and she even sees the glint of a camera in the bushes. She calls out but noone replies. She starts to run, but falls and turns on her ankle.
Dorothy asks Doug to build a gazebo outside by the pool and shows him a sketch. Doug looks a bit doubtful, saying it will block the sun to his vegetable garden. Dorothy says he'll just have to move his garden, but Doug isn't impressed - his veggie garden was there first. Dorothy says she could find someone else to do the work.
The Park
Lucy gathers her stuff and a man comes over to her. She tells him that someone is following her, so he goes off to have a look. He doesn't find the bloke, but does find the camera. He suggests she comes home with him and his wife can put a bandage on her ankle. Lucy agrees and he helps her off.
Faye is mending the rips in Brad's jeams(!) She starts moaning on about Cyril and how he threw her out - after all, they are cousins and family should stick together!
Doug comes in moaning about Dorothy's gazebo. Faye decides to go and have a word with Dorothy to sort things out. Pam and Doug groan.
Bloke's house
The man opens his front door and invites Lucy in. She hobbles through, but there's clearly something dodgy about this bloke as scary music is playing! Suspicions are confirmed when lucy sees there's a life-sized portrait of her hanging up in the hallway!
MAN: Welcome home, Claire.
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