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Neighbours Episode 1562 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1562
Australian airdate: 12/11/91
UK airdate: 09/11/92
UK Gold: 27/10/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Emma follows Lucy into the living room and tries to console her. Lucy starts to confess, but then bottles it and goes off to bed.
In the kitchen, Helen thinks all this is very strange, as do Gaby and Glen. Helen resolves to talk to Lucy in the morning.
No.22, the following morning
Paul and Christina have slept in this morning and they're going to spend the day together. Last night they tried out another route to the hospital and shaved another minute off(!) Christina has a bit of a back-ache this morning.
Gaby is waiting anxiously for the local paper to arrive and Glen tells her not to stress. Doug is off out, but Gaby has decided to open the boutique today, just in case there's some Sunday trade. Doug wonders what happened to Brad's girlfriend Paige last night. He's worried that Brad will get hurt with an older woman involved.
Glen comes in with the paper and he and Gaby read through it. The article is in about Elizabeth Taylor.
Helen asks Lucy what the matter is, but she still can't bring herself to confess.
Doug pops over to see Paul to pick up Felicity Brent's cheque. Christina tells Doug that she still has another week to go before the baby is born. He mentions he's heard that Elizabeth Taylor is staying at Lassiter's, but Paul doesn't know anything about this. Paul gets a bit cross and says he'd better go to the hotel to check it out.
Heather from the Ad Agency's house
Lucy has come to see Heather about her advert and ends up confessing that her advert got mixed up with Emma's. Heather is glad that she's come clean now, before things went any further. Heather thinks Lucy couldn't succeed in advertising anyway - she's far too honest! She tells her to send Emma to see her tomorrow.
Business is booming and Gaby has already sold two outfits. Paul comes in and congratulates Gaby on an excellent promotion. He still hasn't twigged that it wasn't the real Elizabeth Taylor. Glen and Paul snipe at each other a bit.
Lucy arrives home to find Emma having a cup of tea with Helen. She confesses what's happened with the adverts, telling Emma that the job is hers. Emma is cross that Lucy didn't confess straight away. Lucy apologises profusely but Emma is very disappointed in her - she thought Lucy was a true friend.
Gaby has done more business today than the rest of the week put together. Just then, the local Elizabeth Taylor comes in and laughs at the situation. She agrees to keep the truth hidden. Gaby gives her her dress for nothing - she's had a terrific day's business and it's all thanks to her.
Paul comes back ranting that noone has seen Elizabeth Taylor at the hotel. But Christina tells him that the baby is coming - contractions are coming every four minutes. Paul tries not to panic and takes her out to the car.
Outside No.22
Christina is nervous about the birth. Paul bustles her into the car, and reverses out on to Ramsay Street.
PAUL: No need to panic. Just remember your breathing.
They drive off.
Helen brings Lucy a sandwich to help her with her study. Lucy is very upset about the way she treated Emma and thinks she's lost her as a best friend. She's also upset that the advert agency said that she had no talent. Helen tells her that at least she told the truth eventually. Lucy says she'd better tell Dorothy the truth too.
Glen and Gaby are cashing up - Gaby is pleased to have got more than half a dozen new commissions. Doug comes in and asks if Elizabeth Taylor is as gorgeous in person as on the screen. Gaby confesses that Elizabeth Taylor is from Elliot Park! They agree not to tell Paul. Doug says he was listening to the radio on the way over and there have been 37 confirmed sightings of the real Elizabeth Taylor in Erinsborough! (!)
Paul's car
Christina is trying to breathe through the contractions, which are coming every three minutes. Then she starts worrying that she hasn't called Caroline yet. Just then, the car engine turns off - they've run out of petrol after doing all the trial runs!
CHRISTINA: How could you?! What are we going to do?! Great. My baby's going to be born in a car!
<<1561 - 1563>>
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