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Neighbours Episode 1561 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1561
Australian airdate: 11/11/91
UK airdate: 06/11/92
UK Gold: 26/10/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Brad sees Glen in the street. Glen says he's bored of his lack of work. Brad is getting on well in the surf shop, although there's no sign of the surf-board thief yet. Glen teases him about being in love with Paige the owner. Brad scoffs - although he admits that he does like her.
Gaby is fuming that Glen was having lunch with another woman. Pam tells her not to jump to conclusions - it might have been a business lunch, just like Glen said. Gaby doesn't think so - Glen is a builder's apprentice! Gaby agrees to be cautious - but Glen had better have some straight answers ready!
Helen is making lunch and Glen comes in to help her with it. He tells her the doctor says he can go back to work in a couple of days. Helen says she's heard that Glen has had another job offer, but he evasive about it.
Lucy comes in and tells them that she's been offered the job at the ad agency. Helen is pleased, but thinks Lucy should consider going to University. Lucy is determined not to go to university - she'd rather go out to work. Glen is a bit surprised that Lucy isn't happier about the position she's been offered - she's a bit downcast.
Gaby is heading off to cover evening shopping at the boutique. She tells Pam that she's decided not to bother talking to Glen - he can come and find her at work if he wants to talk.
Brad comes in - he's looking all dreamy and explains that he bumped into Paige outside the newsagents. He walks off dreamily to his room! Pam isn't sure about Paige - she's quite a bit older than Brad.
Helen tells Lucy that she'll still have to do well in her exams - she mustn't slack off on her study. Emma comes around to ask Lucy about the ad agency. Lucy awkwardly tells her that she's been offered the job. Emma is pleased for her and hugs her. Lucy tells her they didn't say anything about Emma's advert. But Emma is pleased that at least one of them got a job. Lucy looks guilty.
Glen has come to see Gaby and tells her there's nothing to be jealous about. Gaby insists she's not jealous and does trust Glen. But finally she drags it out of Glen that he has had an offer of a modelling job. It turns out that it's for a chainsaw commercial - but he has turned it down, he doesn't think it's for him. They chat a bit further and Gaby finally agrees to forgive him. They hug and kiss.
No.26, the following morning
Lucy is on the phone to Jim, telling him about her job offer. When the call is over, Helen tells her again that she should consider going to University. She suggests a celebratory dinner tonight though - they could invite Emma and some other friends. Lucy says she'd rather make it just family.
Glen tells Gaby that she could do some advertising flyers for the boutique. He looks closely one of Gaby's customer's names - Elizabeth Taylor. Gaby says it's just a coincidence, and she and the customer have a laugh about it when she comes in. Glen says he's got an idea.
Doug and Pam are washing up. They chat about Brad. Pam would like to meet Paige to see what she's like.
Brad comes out and Pam suggests inviting Paige around for dinner. Brad isn't keen, but finally agrees - at least it'll be cheaper than a restaurant(!)
Outside Lassiter's
Helen and Lucy see Glen and Gaby at a table. Helen has come around to the idea of the advertising job - she must have been really good to be selected. They invite Glen and Gaby to their celebratory dinner tonight.
Gaby tells Helen that her business is having problems and she's having to branch out into more affordable clothes. Helen and Lucy suggest finding a famous customer, so that people will want to copy their style. It seems this was Glen's idea as well, but Gaby doesn't think the idea will work.
Brad warns Pam and Doug not to embarrass him in front of Paige by acting like parents(!) He goes off to get ready.
The phone rings and Doug answers it - it's Paul. It's good news - Felicity Brent has paid up what she owes on the guesthouse.
DOUG:(swinging Pam around) We're rich!
The Boutique
Glen is on the phone to a newspaper pretending to be an American agent for Elizabeth Taylor(!) He asks them not to tell anyone that Elizabeth Taylor shops at Gabrielle's! After the call, Glen says the paper will run the story - and when they ring to check up, all Gaby has to say is that she "can't comment and promised complete discretion". Just then, the phone rings!
Gaby and Glen have arrive for Lucy's celebratory dinner. Lucy and Helen ask her about Elizabeth Taylor, but Gaby says she has to respect her client's privacy(!)
The phone rings and Brad answers it. It's Paige - she can't make it to dinner as "something's come up". Brad is very disappointed.
Doug is already spending the money from Felicity, but Pam wants to keep it in their savings account for security.
Everyone is drinking a toast to Lucy and her career in advertising. There's a knock at the door and it's Emma. Lucy looks guilty and says how talented Emma is. Emma says she was just kidding herself - she's decided to give up on her dream. Lucy feels very guilty and starts to cry, running out of the room.
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