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Neighbours Episode 1555 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1555
Australian airdate: 01/11/91
UK airdate: 29/10/92
UK Gold: 16/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Todd is waiting for Fred to come on the "Amiga Talk" (which appears to be some kind of primitive Telnet) and Lucy is watching. Todd can't understand where he's got to. He explains to Lucy that lots of people use false names, like call signs.
Lucy tells Todd that she's got her eye on a guy but she won't tell Todd who it is. She also needs his help with the advertising campaign.
TODD: Not more market research, Lucy. I'm sick of answering questions about soft drinks.
The phone rings and it's Emma. Lucy tells her there's no way she's going on a blind date with Emma's cousin, she's waiting to be asked out by "BW". Todd earwiggs on this and chuckles.
Christina is still trying to track down Paul, but just then he comes in. She tells him that Caroline has rung from New York. He keeps interrupting her, so she puts her hand over his mouth while she blurts out the story - Caroline is coming home - Rosemary sacked her for divulging information to Paul. She'll be home on Monday expecting her job to still be there, so hopefully Paul hasn't signed the contract with Martin Tyrell.
She finally takes her hand with. Paul tells her that Martin has signed and he can't get out of this contract - it's watertight. He says there's no way that Martin will back out of the contract as he's already burnt his bridges at Parkside Pacific. Christina is not pleased and reminds Paul that Caroline put her job on the line for him by ringing him about the Daniels Corporation financial situation. Paul says he's grateful, but there's nothing he can actually do.
Brad is on the phone to the police about the garage robbery. Guy comes by very happy and tells Brad that he got the job as the Recreation Officer. They chat about the garage robbery - apparently the police think it must be someone he knows - noone else would know they were there.
Caroline has arrived home. She's upset about getting sacked by Rosemary, but is looking forward to picking up where she left off at Lassiter's. Christina tries to explain, but Caroline won't let her get a word in.
The Office
Caroline is doing her job as usual when Paul arrives at work. He thanks her for what she did for him with Rosemary. Caroline says she can't wait to get back to work. Paul is forced to explain that her position has been filled. She looks upset, but says she understands. She's surprised that Paul has snatched Martin Tyrrel from Parkside Pacific. Meanwhile, she'll have to start looking for another job.
Todd is on the computer again looking for Fred. Brad comes to see him. Brad is moping about his business being finished. Todd says he has a way to cheer him up - a chick with the initial "LR" fancies him.
Brad looks confused.
TODD: She lives in this street.
Brad still looks confused.
TODD: Brad, in this house!
The penny finally drops. Brad looks pleased and says he'll wait for Lucy to make the first move(!) Todd tells him to be more aggressive.
TODD: She's at the Coffee Shop. You've got to march in there and say, "Lucy Robinson! I want to take you out!"
BRAD: Where?
TODD: It doesn't matter, you've just got to go in there an take charge.
BRAD: Yeah. "Lucy Robinson! I want to take you out." "Lucy Robinson! I want to take you out."
He heads off to the Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop
Lucy is doing market research with Guy. Dorothy comes in and tells Lucy to get back to school. As she approaches the door, Brad comes in.
BRAD: Lucy Robinson! ...hi.
She leaves.
The Office
Caroline has lined up three interviews, but they say she's over-qualified for them all. Paul tells Caroline he's been thinking - he wants to make her "Special Projects Manager" Paul assures her it wouldn't be a backward step - he's got some big ventures coming up and then she wouldn't be limited to the hotel industry. She'd be answerable to him and not to Martin and she could make of the job what she wanted. She is finally talked around, but doesn't look overly convinced.
Brad tells Todd that he's not sure he's interested in Lucy after all. He has written her a note.
BRAD: "Dear Lucy. I like you heaps. Do you want to go out some time? B.W."
Just then, Lucy comes through the front door.
TODD: Yeah, well, it's going to have to do.
When Lucy goes to the kitchen, Todd grabs the note and puts it in Lucy's folder. Brad makes a swift exit.
LUCY: God, he's acting weird today.
Just then, Fred signs in to "Amiga Talk".
Todd explains that this means he wants to meet Fred.
Fred obviously doesn't like this and logs off.
Brad is quite panicked to see Lucy at the door. She tells him she hasn't interviewed him for her Market Research yet though, much to his relief. Lucy picks up a half pendant and Brad explains that he found it in the garage - it might belong to the thief.
Just then, the phone rings and Brad takes a message, "Ring the bank about account". Meanwhile, Lucy has found Brad's not in her folder. She bundles up her thinge and rushes off, telling Brad she has more important things to do.
Lucy comes in, raging about Emma. She tells them that Brian Watson has asked her out - he signed his note "BW". She asked the bloke about it but of course, he didn't know anythign about it. She thinks Emma played a trick on her. Brad is forced to admit it was him.
LUCY: How did you know I liked Brian?
BRAD: I didn't, it was a joke, I'm sorry.
LUCY: You rat! I have been made a laughing stock because of you!
TODD: Lucy, hang on...
BRAD: Let's just leave it there, Todd.
He slopes off.
LUCY: How could he do that, I have done nothing to him!
Todd admits his part in it - he thought B.W. was Brad Willis - it was Brad who wrote the note.
LUCY: So this was all your idea?
She pauses for a moment and then picks up a chocolate cake and rubs it all over Todd's face.
LUCY: Creep!
Christina is pleased that Paul has found a job for Caroline. She isn't convinced, she thinks it's a backward step, but there isn't a lot in the job market at the moment. She's not looking forward to watching Martin Tyrrel doing her job.
Paul comes in looking for Helen while Todd chats on the computer. He tells Paul about Fred, and that he's giving him the cold shoulder.
When Paul has gone, Fred comes online.
He hangs up.
is all that remains on the screen.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy has come to borrow an urn for a school function while Brad mopes at the counter. Lucy comes in and sits with him. She tells him that Todd has explained everything and apologises for shouting at him - it was all Todd's fault anyway. She tells Brad she's really flattered and she likes him, but only as a friend. Brad says it's a relief - he's been really stressed out and he's happier just being mates.
LUCY: Now we just have to get back at Todd. What about we get into his computer chat line and send death threats?
Suddenly Brad sees Guy's keys on the bar. On the keyring is a half pendant. Brad produces the one left in his garage by the crooks and it matches exactly.
<<1554 - 1556>>
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