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Neighbours Episode 1554 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1554
Australian airdate: 31/10/91
UK airdate: 28/10/92
UK Gold: 15/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam and Doug are surprised that Rosemary has bought into Ramsay Street, but suppose she must have done it as in investment. Doug says he'll have to keep his eye out for work from Rosemary in case she wants some work done on the house.
Coffee Shop
Christina has been buying baby clothes and is showing them to Lucy. She's looking forward to the birth but is nervous. Paul has apparently been reciting the street names between their house and the hospital in his sleep(!)
Emma comes in to see Lucy and tells her excitedly that she's been to see the careers officer about getting into advertising. Lucy tells her she's just copying her. Anyway, there's an advertising agency who employs school-leavers and she went to see them. She's been given a mock advert campaign to work on, and Lucy can do it too. It's for a new soft drink called "Fizz". Lucy is excited.
Paul storms in looking for Rosemary. He's in a terrible mood. He tells Helen what Caroline said about Rosemary's business empire being on the verge of collapse.
HELEN: Oh, poor Rosemary.
PAUL: I'm sorry, but I'm a little short on sympathy for her at the moment!
Paul is more worried about his investment and Helen feels bad - she practically pushed Paul into the deal. Helen says Paul should give Rosemary a chance to explain and he storms off to the Brasserie to catch up with her.
Outside the Willises
Doug sees Paul storming out of his house and tells him that Rosemary has bought No.32. Paul is very shocked to hear this. He heads off.
Outside the Brasserie
Paul storms up to Rosemary and demands an explanation.
PAUL: What's going on? What is the situation with the Daniels Corporation?
ROSEMARY: Just what exactly are you talking about?
PAUL: Let's cut the bull, eh? Caroline called me and she told me it looks like the whole organisation is going to the wall!
ROSEMARY: Caroline did what?! How dare she?!
Rosemary is very angry that Caroline told Paul anything - her loyalty should be to Rosemary now. Paul says that Rosemary should be loyal to her own family!
ROSEMARY: I admit we've had a few problems. I mean, the US economy is going through the same slump as Australia's. Yes, we've had to pull our horns in. I mean, some of our partners are a bit nervous, but some of them are a lot worse off that we are.
PAUL: So why didn't you tell me this before?
ROSEMARY: There was no need to worry you unnecessarily.
Paul is not impressed - he has invested in Rosemary after all. Paul asks how Rosemary can afford to buy the Mangel house. Rosemary says she bought it for Helen with Helen's money.
ROSEMARY: Don't worry, I'll have us back on track in no time.
PAUL: I suppose I'll just have to take your word for it, then. But for the life of me, I can't think of one good reason why I should.
Pam is looking at a bank statement and thinks there's something going on - there's a deposit on it for $40,000. Doug doesn't know anything about it.
Coffee Shop
Pam and Doug have been to the supermarket and are now having a cup of tea. Pam says they'll have to tell the bank about the $40,000 mistake.
DOUG: Yeah, well, with the price of groceries today, it probably wouldn't get us much, anyway!
At another table, Lucy and Emma are going through some advertising ideas. Lucy suggests the slogan "Fizz iz". They can't draw very well, so Lucy thinks she'll get Helen to do hers for her.
Pam and Doug head off for lunch and Lucy asks if she can pop around and see Gaby later. Maybe Gaby could help Emma with her drawings - she is a designer, after all.
Garden of No.26
Helen and Rosemary are having lunch. Helen thanks Rosemary for bidding on the house for her this morning. She thinks it'll be a good investment. Helen asks Rosemary if she's spoken to Paul - she knows what's happening and Helen feels a bit alarmed too. Rosemary tells Helen that the company is in a bit of trouble and Helen is not impressed - if she'd known, she wouldn't have encouraged Paul to invest in the business. She feels responsible.
ROSEMARY:(crossly) Don't you tell me how to run my business, Mother.
Doug and Pam are dreaming about what they'd do if they had loads of money. Doug wonders if they could just wait until the bank come after them. Pam doesn't think it's a good idea.
Paul is telling Christina about his run-in with Rosemary. He's resigned though - the money's spent, no matter what he does. Paul hopes Martin will get business rolling in for Lassiter's soon. Paul has got indigestion and Christina tells him to relax. Paul says he just wants to be able to look after both her and the baby.
Garden of No.26
Helen is telling Rosemary off for being less than honest with a member of the family. She doesn't want them to part on bad terms though.
Lucy rushes up to say goodbye to Rosemary and tells her her car is waiting. As she's about to leave, her mobile phone rings and it's Caroline.
ROSEMARY:(with a face like steel) I'm glad you called.
Doug is trying to persuade Pam to sit tight with the money, but she isn't impressed - it doesn't seem right. Doug says that they don't owe the bank anything - they tried to throw them out of their house.
Just then, the phone rings and it's the police. They tell Doug that they've got no news about the stuff stolen from the garage. Doug is very upset that his tools were stolen as they're very expensive, but Pam says he still can't keep the money.
Helen has come over for a cup of tea and she and Christina are talking about the Rosemary/Paul situation. Christina thinks it'll all work out in the end. Helen admits that she was the one that bought the Mangel house. Christina is surprised.
The phone rings and it's Caroline.
CHRISTINA: You can't be serious. That's terrible, what are you going to do? Mmm. Oh, right, I will. OK, bye.
She puts down the phone and immediately rings Paul.
CHRISTINA: I have to stop him from signing this contract with Martin Tyrrel.
Outside the Brasserie
Paul and Martin are having a coffee and reading over his contract. He's made some amendments and Paul reads through them. He agrees to them. Then he takes out his pen and gives it to Martin to sign the contract with.
PAUL:(shaking his hand) Welcome aboard.
<<1553 - 1555>>
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