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Neighbours Episode 1523 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1523
Australian airdate: 18/09/91
UK airdate: 15/09/92
UK Gold: 02/09/98
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim and Dorothy are both upset about the slurs on Dorothy's character - they're sure that Felicity is behind it, but they don't know how she would have got the information. Dorothy thinks someone must have shopped her. The election is tomorrow - she has no chance to respond.
Jim and Helen are packed and ready to fly up North to see Madge. Paul calls in with a note for Madge from Christina and tells her to send condolences from all of them. Before Helen goes, she warns Paul and Glen to behave themselves while she and Jim are both away (Jim is off to Japan tomorrow). They tell her not to worry - they've reached a truce. They tell Jim the same thing and Paul suggests a game of squash later. Then they can all meet up at the Waterhole tonight.
Gaby is having some time off as Caroline is minding the store for her. Doug tells her she should call in on Glen - he's heard that he really likes Gaby. Gaby plays it cool, but is obviously pleased.
Polling station
Dorothy and Jim are outside the station doing some last-minute canvassing.
DOROTHY: Well, I've cast my ballot! At least that's one vote for me(!)
Jim thinks Dorothy is still in with a chance and so does Paul who has just turned up to vote. Paul tells Dorothy to think positive.
Madge's hotel
Joe and Helen have arrived. They both hug Madge tightly. Reverend Richards is also there. They all sit down together to discuss proceedings - the search has been totally called off. Now it's just a matter of keeping a lookout for "the body". Helen passes on the condolences of the entire street and gives Madge Christina's letter. Madge reads it and starts crying again.
MADGE: I just kept imagining...I should never have left him alone!
HELEN: Oh, Madge, you shouldn't torture yourself. Harold wouldn't want you to suffer.
Apparently if Harold isn't found, the police will wait two months and then pronounce Harold officially dead at a coroner's inquest.
Madge asks Helen and Joe for news from Ramsay Street, so they tell her about the election and also Joe reveals that he's asked Melanie to marry him.
MADGE: That's wonderful news.
JOE: Yeah. Harry would have approved, I reckon. Living right and proper.
MADGE: Yeah. Yeah, he would have been thrilled.
Madge and Reverend Richards have arranged a short service for this evening down at the rocks where Harold disappeared. Madge starts to cry again.
Doug and Pam have been to vote. Gaby is hanging out and Doug teases her about Glen. Pam looks a bit stricken and says that she saw Glen earlier and told him he was unwelcome. Gaby is upset with both her parents for getting involved. She stomps off to have it out with Glen.
Gaby storms in and shouts at Glen for discussing her with her parents. She tells Glen that she'll never go out with him. He counters that he hasn't actually asked her(!)
Rocks where Harold disappeared
REVEREND RICHARDS: And so goodbye, to a devoted husband, father, grandfather. A man active in the Church. Singer in the choir. Scoutmaster, guiding young people. I know Harold enriched the lives of all of us who knew him.
JOE: Hear, hear....Sorry, Reverend.
REVEREND RICHARDS: It's OK, Joe. Perhaps each of you would like to say a few words.
MADGE: Well, I knew him so long. From schoodays. I didn't really appreciate him then. Even later when we were married I didn't know how lucky I was. I know, now. He was special. He was the proudest man I ever knew. Our time together was so short.
HELEN: All of us who knew him felt the same. He was a true and loyal friend. Can't be replaced. We'll never forget him.
JOE: Yeah...um. I'm not really good at this. But I go along with all that. (Emotional) There was more to him. He'd get under your skin sometimes. But he saw me through some tough times. Losing Kerry. Looking after Sky and Toby. I'll always be grateful that Harold was an influence on my son. I hope Toby grows up to be half as good a man as Harold. I was proud to have known him.
Reverend Richards gives them some rose petals and they scatter them on the rocks. The petals rest on the water and start to float away.
MADGE: Bye, Harold.
The Waterhole
Jim, Paul and Glen are having a quiet drink when Dorothy comes in. She's been elected on to council after all - by about 55 votes. At least now she has a chance to help to save the school. Jim is chuffed and goes off to buy a bottle of champagne.
While Jim and Dorothy are at the bar, Glen and Paul start to bicker. They really dislike each other, but are determined to put on a show until Jim has left for Japan.
Madge's hotel room
Helen wants Madge to come home to Erinsborough with them, but Madge has to stay at the hotel - Harold's son David is on his way up. Anyway, she can't face going home just yet. She'll hang out with David for a few days, and then maybe go up to Scott and Charlene's. Charlene is pregnant and maybe Madge could help her out for a bit.
Joe is going to take the campervan back to Erinsborough for Madge - she could never have faced that. Madge hugs Joe and Helen goodbye.
Jim, Paul and Glen come in and Jim puts some coffee on for them. Jim is looking forward to his trip and is pleased that Glen and Paul have made up. Jim suggests that Glen gives Paul a hand to put up some shelves in the nursery tomorrow. Neither Glen or Paul look too keen.
<<1522 - 1524>>
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