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Neighbours Episode 1522 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1522
Australian airdate: 17/09/91
UK airdate: 14/09/92
UK Gold: 01/09/98
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad gleefully gets some matches out of the cupboard under the sink and threatens his jacket with them(!) Before he can commit coaticide, he answers the door to Toby. He's come to ask Brad for some basketball tips, but becomes interested in the impending coat barbecue. He points out to Brad that he'll need a plausible story to cover how the coat came to be incinerated. Brad realises that he's right, and changes his murder weapon of choice to the iron - he's going to "accidentally" scorch it instead. Toby wisely tells him that the coat was a gift from his mother. Brad gets the guilts as Toby continues to stare at him.
BRAD: Alright, alright! Looks like I'm stuck with this for life!
Joe hides Melanie's engagement ring in a box of chocolates, and then calls her in. He gives her some flowers, and then the box of chocolates. Much to Joe's dismay, she decides not to open them, and instead, give them to Chrissie(!) In the end, Joe is forced to tell her there's a surprise in the box.
JOE: It's a bit mingy compared to the one Simon bought you...
MELANIE:(touched) Joe, it is beautiful. It's gorgeous. It's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.
He does so.
JOE: I really love you, Mel.
MELANIE: I really love you, too.
They kiss, with a slight unwanted slurping sound effect(!)
Dorothy has taken the day off work to have photos taken on the "campaign trail" and is chatting to Helen and Jim. She refuses to kiss babies and quite right too. Toby has coincidentally got the morning off school too (to go to the dentist) so Dorothy says they can rope him in too. (What about the dentist?!)
When everyone has gone, the phone rings and Helen answers it.
MADGE: Helen, it's me.
HELEN:(delighted) Madge! What a pleasant surprise! How are you? - having a wonderful time, I hope.
MADGE:(crying) Helen, something terrible's happened.
HELEN: What's wrong?
MADGE: One minute he was collecting shells on the rocks and the next...
HELEN: Harold?
MADGE: He's drowned, Helen! He's dead!
Madge sobs down the phone and Helen is speechless with shock.
Joe and Melanie are trying to have a nice, quiet pash when there's a knock at the door - it's Helen.
HELEN: I'm afraid something terrible has happened.
She explains that Madge hasn't been able to get hold of them, because the phone has been engaged.
HELEN: There's no easy way to say this. Harold has been swept off some rocks. They mounted a full-scale search. There's very little hope.
Pam is just finishing painting the frame of her bedroom door when Brad comes in, wearing his hated jacket. (I really don't know what he's so upset about there have been far worse fashion crimes commited in the show.) He seems to have given up on jacket murder and decides to give Pam a hand with a few odd-jobs, much to her surprise(!). Pam nips out to the hardware store, and when she's gone, Brad brushes past the lintel and covers his arm in wet paint.
BRAD: Oh no, she'll kill me!...(realising)...but it was an accident!
The Park
Dorothy, Toby and Bouncer are posing for photos when Joe and Melanie come up. Joe calls to Toby to keep playing with Bouncer. The camera focuses on Toby, and in the background we see the adults talking about the terrible news about Harold.
Presently, Jim and Dorothy depart, and Joe and Melanie walk up to Toby.
JOE: You don't have to go to the dentist today.
TOBY: Why not?
JOE: Toby...there's been an accident. A really bad one...with your Granddad.
TOBY:(shocked) He's OK, isn't he?
JOE: No, mate. He was on some rocks, and he was washed off...and he's still missing.
TOBY: Granddad can't drown! He's a great swimmer! He saved my life, remember...in the flood!
MELANIE: Tobe, this is different.
JOE: They've been searching...
TOBY: He can't drown. He can't!
He runs off.
Joe and Melanie are sitting in the living room, but Toby has locked himself in his bedroom. He's been crying for a long time.
Finally, Toby emerges and says he's OK. He looks at Harold's pool trophy then picks it up.
TOBY: Granddad was the greatest pool player in all of Erinsborough.
JOE: He sure was.
He decides to go and play in the park with Bouncer for a while.
When he's gone, Joe worries that Toby is bottling things up - just like when Noelene was killed. He'll try talking to him again later.
Pam comes in and Brad "sadly" confesses about his coat. He protests that it's Pam's fault for not telling him about the wet paint.
PAM: I suppose I should have told you.
BRAD: Yeah, and I really loved that jacket. But these things happen. Shall we chuck it?
He sounds rather hopeful, but Pam says it's a perfectly good jacket. She'll give it to a charity shop.
PAM: Oh, what a shame!
BRAD: Yeah(!)
Toby comes back and goes straight into his room to get something. When he emerges, Joe tells him that it's OK for a bloke to have a good cry if he wants. But Toby is all cried out he says, so he's decided to have a look at his Heroes Project. He shows it to Joe and Melanie - it's full of photos of Harold. Joe looks rather alarmed.
JOE: Toby. I'm worried about you, mate.
TOBY: Why? I'm OK.
JOE: Look, you've had a big shock, you know, we all have. But we've got to get in touch with the truth, you know. It doesn't matter if it hurts us.
TOBY: I know. I know Granddad's not coming back. That's why I was crying before but...then I remembered what he told me.
MELANIE: What did he say, Tobe.
TOBY: Well, when he was in hospital after his heart attack, everyone was at Mrs Daniel's wedding, but I was there with him. And then he told me he nearly died and almost went to heaven, and how good it was. Then he said he'd never be afraid of dying, cos he always knew where he was going. And now he'll be with Kerry. And he'll be happy now, won't he Dad?
JOE: Yes, mate.
TOBY: I'll really miss him, but I'll never forget all the fun that we had together.
They all hug.
A motel
Madge answers the phone to Joe - she looks awful. Joe is still really stunned and devastated. He tells Madge that he and Helen will catch a flight up tomorrow - no question about it. Madge is relieved. Joe suggests Madge sees a doctor, but she's already spoken to one.
MADGE: Joe, I'm scared!
JOE: We'll be up there before you know it. you just try and get some rest, alright?
MADGE: Thanks for calling.
JOE: We'll see you tomorrow. Bye.
Joe puts down the phone and tells Jim, Helen and Dorothy the plan. Jim wants to fly up to Madge as well, but Helen says just she and Joe will be enough - anyway, he'll be helping Dorothy with the election.
Joe tells Melanie that he's catching a plane in the morning - and reminisces that the first plane he ever went on was with Harold. He was terrified, but Harold talked him through it. They laugh, but their laughter turns to grief. They hug each other and Joe tells Melanie that the kids think of her as a mother already.
MELANIE: I'm going to miss you.
JOE: I'm going to miss you, too.
Brad is polishing when Pam comes in. Pam is rather shocked at his efforts and suspiciously asks him what he's done or what he wants. Brad says he's hurt - he was just trying to make Pam's life easier. Pam says she's got a surprise for him - it's a replacement jacket! Brad thanks her through clenched teeth(!)
Jim has brought the newspaper around to show Dorothy. The photo is good, but the story is less good - it's basically a character assassination of Dorothy and Madge, based on quotes from Felicity Brent. There's worse to come though - Jim has got a flyer in his letterbox with slurs about Dorothy's good name.
DOROTHY: It's obviously a full-scale smear campaign. Why?!
JIM: Dorothy, you're respected in the community. People won't believe this rubbish.
DOROTHY: You don't believe that any more than I do. I'm finished, Jim! Not just the election, my career, my reputation...everything!
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