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Neighbours Episode 1519 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1519
Australian airdate: 12/09/91
UK airdate: 09/09/92
UK Gold: 27/08/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Simon Hunter: Fredrick Whitlock
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh's eyesight starts to come back. Lucy comes in and tells him she'll be there as long as he needs her, so he doesn't tell her the good news.
Gaby tells Caroline that she's spent more on marketing for the opening of the boutique than she planned - now she has little left for the models. But she has an idea - she'll ask Lucy to do the modelling: she is the Lassiter's girl after all. Also, maybe Caroline could do some modelling. She's not keen though - she is the manager of Lassiter's after all. But finally she agrees. Doug and Glen continue doing carpentry work on the shop.
Simon comes around to see Melanie, but Joe tells him askwardly that she's spending the night at her sister's.
SIMON: Well, I guess there goes dinner! Still, what's one night out of a lifetime together. How did the holiday go?
JOE: Oh...mate, really OK.
SIMON: Good. I hope you behaved yourselves! Though to tell you the truth, I was a bit browned off at first about you and Mel going away together. Especially since it was a Dream Date thing. Seemed a bit off you, know? But if I can't trust Mel with you, who can I trust her with?
Joe closes the door behind him.
JOE:(to himself, guiltily) Oh, mate.
He sighs, deeply.
Lucy helps Josh into the living room and Todd suggests they listen to the book on tape that Brad and Todd made for Josh. Just then, Gaby comes around and snipes at Glen for not being at the boutique (he's just popped home for something to eat). Gaby asks Lucy to be a model for the boutique and she excitedly agrees.
Pam, Doug, Adam and Brad are having dinner - in fact, it's Adam's last dinner with them, he's all packed and ready to go and join Gemma. Gaby comes in and starts sewing, but Pam wants her to have dinner with them so that they're all together.
Paul is surprised to hear that Jim is going to Japan for six weeks, but pleased for him. Christina isn't sure Jim will take the job with all the problems going on at home.
Caroline comes in and tells them that she's going to do some modelling for Gaby at the Boutique. Paul tells her that he can't let her do it - it would compromise her position as manager of Lassiter's. Caroline looks shocked, but Paul tells her he was only joking - he thinks she'll be a great model. Christina looks a bit put-out.
No.26, the following morning
Josh and Lucy are having breakfast, but then Hamish calls for Lucy. She goes off to talk to him. Josh is a bit put-out and says it's the sort of name you give to a pet rabbit.
Lucy comes back and says that Hamish wants to take her out tonight after the Boutique opening, but will Josh be alright on his own? Josh says he doesn't think so, so Lucy says she'll put Hamish off.
When Lucy has gone, Josh takes some toast and absent-mindedly spreads jam on it.
TODD:(shocked) Josh, you can see, that's fantastic!
JOSH: Shhhh. It starts coming back yesterday, it's almost normal.
TODD: Why didn't you tell us, mate?
JOSH: I did. I've told Helen and Jim, but I don't want Lucy to know yet.
Todd is not impressed but Josh reckons he only needs a little bit more time and Lucy will be his(!)
TODD: If you don't tell her, I will, mate.
Doug and Glen are still working on the Boutique when Joe comes round. He tells them about Simon coming around and they reckons it's Melanie's responsibility to tell him. Gaby comes in and snipes at them for chatting. Glen rolls his eyes.
Coffee Shop
Paul and Caroline are in a good mood and talking about business. Christina is feeling a bit left out. Gaby comes in and has a moan about Glen and then asks Caroline to try on the outfits. Paul gives Caroline the rest of the afternoon off. Christina looks put-out at their camaraderie again.
CHRISTINA: You do make a great team. Sometimes I wonder whether you married the right twin.
Paul looks shocked and asks if there's something bothering Christina. She says that he and Caroline are as thick as thieves lately.
PAUL: I suppose that incident in the bush did bring us closer together. Come on. You are the one that I love. Let's not be silly about it.
He kisses her, but she does not look convinced.
Brad is pleased that Josh has got about 80% of his sight back. Lucy comes in and fusses over Josh. Todd blows Josh's cover and makes Josh confess. She's excited, but is cross when she hears that it starts to come back last night. She goes off to make a date with Hamish.
Gaby and Caroline are setting up chairs for the grand opening. Paul comes in for a word with Glen - he thinks Jim might not go to Japan if there's strife at home, so he wants to call a truce for a few weeks. But it's just for Jim's sake, he still hates Glen.
Simon has come round to see Melanie again and Joe looks very uncomfortable.
JOE: Look, mate, you'd better sit down.
SIMON: You don't mind me waiting?
JOE: I've got to tell you something. Um...you and Mel aren't getting married.
SIMON: Don't tell me she's had an attack of the butterflies already.
JOE: Not exactly...
SIMON: What do you mean?
JOE: While we were away...um...Mel and me, we got together.
SIMON: Yeah, and?
JOE: No, I mean we got together. You know, her and me. I love her and she loves me.
SIMON: You'd better be kidding!
JOE: No, mate. It's just the way it happened. I'm sorry.
SIMON: Nah, I don't believe you. And I won't until I hear it from Melanie.
JOE: Yeah, you will. I just wanted to tell you first to take the heat off her a bit.
SIMON:(angrily) That's just great, isn't it! I mean, your timing's perfect! You really know how to stab someone in the back, don't you?!
JOE: It could not be helped.
SIMON: Nah. You've been living together for how long? But you wait until she's engaged to me before you move in on her.
JOE: That's just the way it happened, mate. I'm sorry.
SIMON: You're sorry?!
He stalks out and slams the door behind him.
The boutique opening is in full swing. Gaby is compereing and Caroline and Lucy are modelling. Lucy unfortunately rips her dress on a sticking out nail and Gaby looks very angry with Glen and Doug.
Josh is sorry for deceiving Lucy and is ready to apologise. She comes in and tells Todd that the show was a big success apart from her ripping the dress. She pointedly ignores Josh. Josh apologises to her and asks her to forgive him. She agrees. Then she goes off to get ready for her date with Hamish.
Gaby is totally over-reacting to the dress ripping at the end. She glares at Glen and then shouts at him for sloppy workmanship. Glen finally flips and starts shouting back.
GLEN: Me and your father worked our guts out to get this finished on time and not a word of thanks from you. And if you'd given us more time to get the job done in the first place, before the opening, we wouldn't have had to cut corners and your precious dress wouldn't have been ruined.
GABY: Oooh, hope you're not going to hit me.
PAM: Gaby!
GLEN: That's it, isn't it. You don't like me because you think I'm a thug.
GABY: As a matter of fact, yes.
Glen just walks out.
DOUG: You went too far, love.
GABY: Oh, I don't know. He gave as good as he got. Seems there's more to Glen than meets the eye.
She smiles.
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