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Neighbours Episode 1506 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1506
Australian airdate: 26/08/91
UK airdate: 21/08/92
UK Gold: 10/08/98
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Outside the Registry Office
Glen chases after Karen but she just repeats that she can't go through with the wedding.
GLEN: I want to know what's going on!
KAREN: You're the nicest guy who I've ever met, I just can't do it to you.
GLEN: Do what?
KAREN: Marry you. Not like this. There's something I haven't told you.
GLEN: What?
But just then Jim and Harold come up.
JIM: The registrar's waiting. What should we tell him?
KAREN: Tell him the wedding's been cancelled.
GLEN: Hey, it's my kid too, you know.
KAREN: No it's not! It's not your child. That's why I can't marry you.
There is a shocked pause.
HAROLD: My word.
JIM: This isn't the place to talk about it. I'll drive you two home. Harold, could you tell the registrar what's happened?
Jim leads Karen off to the car, but Glen doesn't look in the mood to talk.
Madge has rung up Dream Date and entered Joe. He isn't very enthusiastic, but is going along with it. Dorothy calls over with Bouncer as he's been hanging out at her place again. Dorothy mentions that she might be offered a promotion to the regional office at work.
The Office
Caroline has had some interest on the lease at the boutique. Paul is still brooding about the guesthouse but Caroline says it was unforeseeable. It's worse for Doug though. Paul says the only thing he can do is try to offload the guesthouse before the buyer gets wind of it.
GLEN: You're sorry. What about me, I was ready to give up everything, change my whole life for you!
KAREN: I didn't let you go through with it, did I.
GLEN: Thanks a lot(!). Who is the real father?
KAREN: It doesn't matter.
GLEN: Dead set, you're not even going to tell me who it is?!
KAREN: What difference does it make, you don't know him!
GLEN: I still want to know! You waltz in here out of the blue, everyone bends over backwards to help you, then you say, "Oops, sorry, I made a mistake!" And you expect me to smile and say "Thanks for leading me up the garden path"?!
KAREN: It's not like that.
GLEN: OK then. What is it like? Tell me
KAREN: I can't. (to Jim) I'm really sorry for the trouble I've caused. You've been really good to me, much more than I deserved. I'll just er...get my stuff and go.
JIM: Have you got somewhere to go?
KAREN: I'll manage.
GLEN: Yeah, I bet you will. I've never felt so stupid in my whole life!
Paul comes in late from a meeting. Christina has gone for a lie-down so Caroline is taking care of dinner. She report back on the boutique situation and the interested party has agreed to the asking price. Caroline isn't sure who the company is though - the girl on the phone was quite evasive.
Madge and Harold come over with their last cheque for the Coffee Shop rent - they'll be leaving soon and Brenda will be taken over. Harold mentions the wedding and Paul looks interested. Harold tells him about Karen rushing off and it turning out that Glen isn't the father of her baby. Paul looks rather pleased(!)
CAROLINE: The poor things.
PAUL: Yes, tragic, isn't it(!) Still, I did warn him, I said she was after something!
Jim has told Karen she can stay the night and Glen is not pleased. Jim says that maybe they can talk more when they've both calmed down. He points out that Karen was a great help to Glen's mother when she was ill and is basically a decent person. Glen allows that this is true, but just glowers.
GLEN: I wish she was out of here and then maybe I could start putting my life back together again.
No.24, the following morning
Harold and Madge are having breakfast and Harold is moaning that Brenda is still in bed. Madge points out that it *is* her day off. Joe comes in and says Dream Date have rung - they want him to audition this morning and he's very nervous. Harold thinks he should wear a tie(!) and asks for a woman with "clean and sober habits".
MADGE: You just have to make a list of what you want in a woman.
JOE: I don't think that would make it on the air, Madge!
Karen is just leaving. She has left all the baby stuff Glen bought in the hope he can take them back.
JIM: Glen can't help feeling the way he does, you know.
KAREN:(sincerely) I know. I don't blame him.
JIM: If you'll just open up a little bit...tell him what happened, he might understand.
KAREN: I can't.
JIM: Don't you think he deserves it after all he was prepared to do for you?
GLEN: (coming in from the kitchen) Save your breath, Dad. She doesn't care, as long as she gets what she wants.
KAREN: That's not true, Glen, it wasn't for me.
GLEN: Rubbish! You make a mistake and expect everyone else to wear it. You're plain selfish.
KAREN: I wasn't being selfish. What I did, I did for the baby.
GLEN: Well the best thing for the kid would be to have his real father around. What happened to him, anyway, didn't fancy spending his whole life slaving for you? No, no, don't tell me, you don't know beacuse there's been so many of them!
KAREN: I was attacked! Now do you understand? He forced me!
The Office
Caroline is on the phone - the interested party in the boutique has been tracked down as Felicity Brent. Paul picks up the phone and gets straight on to Felicity. He tells her off for being silly and laughs at her down the phone.
PAUL: You're never going to get a foot inside Lassiter's!
Caroline warns Paul to be careful - Felicity won't rest until she finds a way to get back at Paul.
CAROLINE: That woman hasn't got an ethical bone in her body.
PAUL: Yeah, well, I'm not exactly the good fairy myself, am I?!
He suddenly gets an idea.
CAROLINE: I know that look. Someone's in for it.
PAUL: You bet they are. (laughing) Sometimes I'm so bad it scares me!
Coffee Shop
Jim and Dorothy are chatting about the aborted wedding. Apparently Glen and Karen are talking things through. Dorothy tells Jim that a senior inspector is visiting the school, and that's why she thinks a promotion might be on the cards.
Joe comes in from his audition and says it went really well. Apparently everyone at the studio was very friendly and there weren't any desperados there either.
Glen brings Karen a cup of tea and is looking very sympathetic. Karen explains that she was working at the solicitor's office and one of the lawyers used to flirt with her. One day he asked her to work back late and came on really strong. He forced himself on her. Afterwards, she told senior partner and he just said not to work back late anymore(!) She felt she couldn't go to the police as a lawyer would always win - his word against hers.
KAREN: Then I found I was pregnant. I was desperate, really freaked. That's when I thought of you. Please believe me, I never meant to hurt you.
GLEN: At least we didn't go through with it. Thing is, if you'd told me, I would have helped.
KAREN: Yeah, I know that now. I don't expect you to forgive me.
GLEN: I already have. We're friends. Friends help each other out.
KAREN: Yeah but...
GLEN: Hey. Alright?
KAREN: Alright.
GLEN: I'll give you as much help as possible.
Dorothy meets Ted Francis the senior inspector - they know each other from a previous school they taught in. Dorothy mentions that enrollments have been down at Erinsborough High, but it's better in a way as they have a much healthier teacher-student ratio.
Jim and Glen have asked Karen to stay on at the house. Jim makes Glen promise not to go and punch out the lawyer in question - they are seeing the police specialist tonight. Apparently it's going to be a hard case to win though.
GLEN: That guy is going to get what's coming to him, one way or the other!
Coffee Shop
Madge is on the phone to Felicity Brent telling her how much she dislikes Paul. Also, telling her that Paul is in financial trouble and is going to have to sell of some of his assets to survive - including the guest-house in the mountains. Then we see that Paul is right there, laughing his head off.
MADGE: Lovely chatting with you! I'll keep you posted!
She puts the phone down.
PAUL: Excellent, Madge!
MADGE: Hook, line and sinker!
Dorothy has just finished giving Ted a tour of the school (I've never seen so much of it!)
TED: It's such a shame. Dorothy, this isn't a routine inspection.
DOROTHY: Aha. I suspected as much.
TED: The thing is...damn, there's no way to break this thing gently.
DOROTHY: I'm sorry, Ted, you've lost me!
TED: The State Government in its wisdom has decide to sell off several of its assets. We've been asked to look at our priorties, rationalise, and make recommendations.
DOROTHY: What's this got to do with Erinsborough High?
TED: Looking at the bigger picture, it's felt that the Elliott Park and Anson's Corner schools are sufficient for the educational needs of this area.
DOROTHY: Ted, stop beating about the bush.
TED: They're closing down Erinsborough High. I really am sorry.
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