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Neighbours Episode 1505 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1505
Australian airdate: 23/08/91
UK airdate: 20/08/92
UK Gold: 07/08/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Harold is telling Joe that Brenda will be sub-letting the Coffee Shop but that has nothing to do with the discount on the campervan, honest!
Madge tells Joe that Toby said he was feeling lonely. He is defensive.
At a table, Doug sits down with Glen and Karen and offers Glen an apprenticeship. He's chuffed and accepts.
Lucy is on the phone telling the agency that she's quite modelling - she's had enough. Jim comes out and tells her that he's proud of her of making a go of modelling without letting her schoolwork slide.
There's a letter from Adam from Gemma and he's very excited. He opens the letter and his face falls - it's a break-up letter. She thinks Adam and Caroline are back together and she won't put up with it. Apparently Madge rang and told her.
ADAM: That interfering old...
He tells Doug that he and Caroline are just friends, but Gemma won't listen to him now. He goes off to see Madge.
Jim comes in and says he has some news - they'd both better have a beer.
Madge is wondering how she can help Joe to find a girl - he'll be even more lonely when Melanie goes.
Just then, Adam arrives.
ADAM: Why did you tell Gemma a whole lot of rubbish about me and Caroline? She's now broken up with me! Is that what you want?!
MADGE: Gemma has a right to know what's happening.
ADAM: There is *nothing* happening, Madge, not between me and Caroline, we're just good friends, that's all!
MADGE: Oh yeah? Well it didn't look like that when I saw you kissing in the Coffee Shop!
ADAM: Ah! So that's it!
Adam explains that he kissed Caroline for another reason entirely. He pours out the story about Brad being in jail. Caroline lent him the money to get him out and he gave her a kiss out of gratitude. He asks Madge and Harold to keep this to themselves - Brad was set up.
ADAM: Look, I care a lot for Gemma. And I know she feels the same about me. So can you imagine how she'll be feeling right about now? Probably about as rotten as I do!
HAROLD: You should never have interfered, Madge.
MADGE: Yeah, well I thought I was doing the right thing...Adam, I really am sorry.
ADAM: Yeah, well that doesn't do me a lot of good.
He walks out.
Jim has told Doug about the guesthouse water issue. Jim thinks Paul can salvage something from the deal, but they'll all lose out.
No.24, the following morning
Jim is philosophical about the guesthouse - but he's more worried about Doug's finances. Jim asks Lucy to come to Glen and Karen's wedding later, but she says she can't miss school.
The phone rings and Glen answers it to Alf Daniels, calling for Jim. He's a relative of Michael's.
Lassiter's Lake
Lucy is telling Joe that she thinks Glen's making a huge mistake. Joe is surprised to hear that Lucy has quit modelling. She says she's had enough of it, but she's scared to admit it to Jim. Joe says there's no need to feel stupid - Jim isn't one to gloat: he just wants Lucy to be happy. Anyway, he'll find out sooner or later.
They chat about Joe's lack of love life and he reckons it's too late for him.
Jim gets off the phone after a long conversation with Alf Daniels. Apparently he only just got the wedding invitation because he was away. But in the course of conversation, Alf told Jim that Michael doesn't have a sister. Jim is confused because Michael definitely pointed out a sister, Louise, in a photograph one time. But Alf says that Louise was Michael's wife. This is the first they've heard of a previouswife - Michael claimed to be a bachelor.
Coffee Shop
Doug is moping at a table. Madge is still banging on to Harold about why Brad was arrested. He tells her to leave it, and to butt out of Joe's love life too.
Adam comes in and sits with Doug. He's also looking very depressed. Doug tells Adam that the dam is definitely being built - Doug is worried about finances now: he had to spend a lot to get Brad out of jail. Adam assures Doug that he's not a failure, but Doug thinks he is.
Glen, Karen and Jim are wondering why Michael wouldn't say he was married before. Jim says that Michael did almost get cold feet after the bucks night - maybe that was why.
GLEN: It's pretty bad of Michael to lie to Helen. I mean, what sort of marriage is that, based on lies?
JIM: If he *was* lying...it means the whole marriage is fraudulent.
GLEN: Can't be...can it? I feel like flattening the guy!
KAREN:(suddenly) What right have you to sit in judgement on Michael. He might have good reason for what he did, he mightn't be able to help it. You just don't know!
Glen apologises for Karen to Jim - apparently she said it was just hormones. Glen and Jim have got suits on, and Karen comes out in a nice beige dress. Jim has got her a posy of flowers. He takes a few photos before they leave. They don't exactly look delirious with happiness.
Glen tells Jim that he can't take the apprenticeship with Doug - he can't afford the drop in salary. Karen looks rather guilty.
KAREN: It's all a bit false, isn't it.
GLEN: How do you mean?
KAREN: Our wedding. Do you think we'll ever love each other?
GLEN: Maybe. But even if we don't, we can make a go of it.
KAREN: There's still time for you to change your mind if you want.
GLEN: Look, I want to do the right thing by you and the baby. We like each other, don't we? I reckon that'll be enough.
KAREN: A lot of marriages don't even survive on love.
GLEN: We'll be alright.
Madge has come around to talk to Adam. He hasn't been able to get through to Gemma on the phone, but Madge has and she's talked to Gemma. She hasn't quite convinced her. Therefore she's bought Adam a return ticket to Newcastle to convince Gemma in person - it's the least she could do. Adam is very grateful.
He puts on the newly-repaired TV and "Dream Date" is on. Madge suddenly looks thoughtful.
Joe is acting out a rabbit story for Sky when Madge calls around. She tells him she's got the solution to all his problems - Joe could go on "Dream Date"! He might win a holiday and meet a girl as well. Joe isn't keen but Madge is insistent.
MADGE: What have you got to lose?
JOE: Not much, I guess!
Registry Office
Jim, Lucy and Glen are waiting for Harold, who is to be their other witness. Finally he arrives. He's quite cheerful which is in stark contrast to Glen and Karen. Jim tells Glen and Karen that he's booked the bridal suite at Parkside Pacific for them tonight as a treat. They are very grateful. Then they are called in to the hall.
The room looks a bit strange with just the four of them, the registrar and dozens of empty chairs.
REGISTRAR: I'd like to start by saying a few words about the responsibility of marriage. I believe there are three things that are necessary to make a happy marriage. Love, trust and complete honesty from either side. Now I'm sure that you have looked deep into your own hearts before deciding to make this commitment. Knowing this then, I'd like to ask you to repeat these vows.
GLEN:(to Karen) Are you alright?
KAREN:(faintly) I can't. I can't go through with this.
She rushes out.
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