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Neighbours Episode 1498 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1498
Australian airdate: 14/08/91
UK airdate: 11/08/92
UK Gold: 29/07/98
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mr Brewster's garden
Joe says they'd better take the body down to the cop shop but Todd says they can't move a murder victim. Lights come on in the house and Mr Brester comes out with a torch and shines it into their faces.
MR BREWSTER: What the hell do you think you're doing?
JOE:(scared) Er...I'm a gardener. I'm working next door. And I have been for the last few days. I just left my tools somewhere...I thought they might have been here.
Mr Brewster doesn't believe them and orders them into his house.
Madge is reading a library book and is cross that someone has ripped the last page out(!) Harold is calculating their finances and reckon the rent on the house and revenue from the Coffee Shop will allow them to be quite comfortable when they're away. He still won't tell Madge what her surprise is.
Mr Brewster's house
JOE: Mate. You won't get away with this, you know. We have a lot of friends.
Mr Brewster is not impressed and says he's going to lock them both in the cellar and then call the police.
JOE: *You're* going to call the police?
JOE: Pull the other one. You murder your wife and then you arrest us for trespassing?
MR BREWSTER: Murder? (He laughs.) So that's why you've been digging up my garden.
JOE: Too right.
MR BREWSTER: Well, you're right about one thing. She's recently departed alright. But of this house, worse luck, not off the planet.
Joe wants to know what he buried and Mr Brewster says it was all his wife's possessions like clothes, wigs etc. Joe apologises for jumping to conclusions. Mr Brewster says he can't bear to think of his wife with another man and Joe sympathises. They agree not to take the matter any further. And after a few sharp words, Joe and Todd depart.
Paul tells Christina that he's thinking of going into domestic real estate and he's looking at a set of units. Apparently Caroline has missed out on her unit due to the temporary loan to Adam.
Joe is awkwardly explaining to Jim that Mr Brewster didn't really kill his wife and he is sorry for nearly getting Todd into trouble. Joe tells Josh that the hair was a bit of a shock and Josh asks if they're absolutely sure it was a wig. Josh says it might not have been - they just took Mr Brewster's word for it. Todd and Joe look suddenly sober and wonder if it really was a wig?!
(The following morning)
Jim has had a letter from his solicitor about his and Beverly's divorce - the decree nisi has come through. Todd really misses Beverly but allows that she and Jim weren't made for each other.
Ramsay Street
Harold is showing Madge her surprise - it's a camper-van! Madge is shocked and doesn't look very pleased(!) Harold shows her around and Jim comes over for a look too. He notices that Jim is looking a little down and Jim tells him about the decree nisi. Now his solicitor wants to see him for some reason.
Inside, Madge is a bit more impressed as she inspects the bunk beds. They get in the front to give it a test drive.
Coffee Shop
Joe and Sky are in the Coffee Shop. Sky is the best-behaved child I have ever seen, bless her, and sits happily on her own drawing a picture.
Josh and Todd come in. Todd explains that Mrs Kirkwood is on holiday and it's a bit boring at the Coffee Shop for her. Josh offers to take her shopping with him for a couple of hours.
Madge, Todd and Joe wonder if they could cheer Jim up a bit and Joe suggests a party. Madge isn't sure it's appropriate.
Joe is shopping with Sky in the trolley. She keeps taking things off the shelves and putting them in the trolley. Josh keeps putting them back. Josh then accidentally knocks over a display of bread with his trolley(!)
At the till, the woman checks his bag and it's full of items. Sky must have put them in.
The Office
Paul shows Christina the photos of the units - Paul wants to buy them and sell them off individually, but he'll need an investor to spread the risks. Christina tells him that they're having a get-together for Jim tonight at the Waterhole. Paul doesn't look very up for it, but she eventually talks him round.
Josh is explaining what's happened with Sky and the lady on the till is very understanding. At that moment, Sky runs off and Josh accidentally starts to lead away another child with blonde hair who happens to be nearby. The mother shouts at him and the till lady brings Sky back.
JOSH: That was a mistake. The whole afternoon has been a mistake.
Madge is putting up a banner that says "Happy Divorce Day, Jim" which seems a little inappropriate. Harold thinks so too, but Madge and Joe say that Jim isn't even religious, so it doesn't matter. Harold asks Joe if Melanie is coming, but apparently she's tied up with Simon.
Jim comes in and Joe shakes his hand. Jim looks up and sees that banner and stares in shock.
JIM: Thanks. No thanks.
He walks out.
Todd is reading a magazine when Josh and Sky come in. Josh is totally frazzled and says that Sky nearly got him arrested!
JOSH: I'm never having kids!
Jim comes in looking rather fed up. Todd asks how it went with the solicitor but Jim just says, "OK".
Madge is a bit worried that she's upset Jim. She also tells Joe that she doesn't want to leave her life in Erinsborough to go out around Australia in a campervan. Joe thinks she's crazy - the open road is like heaven with an annexe!
JOE: Ramsay Street will still be here when you get back.
MADGE: Yeah, I suppose you're right.
Christina and Paul come in and they explain to them that Jim has left. Paul asks Madge if she can swing her some council approval on some units he's looking at, but she tells him to go through the proper channels. He also says that he's got a partner, but he won't tell them who.
No 26, evening
Harold has come around to say hello. Jim is drinking alone and looking very upset. Harold apologises for Madge's party, saying it wasn't one of her better ideas. Jim says it's OK - he just wasn't feeling sociable.
JIM: Almost five years, the marriage. Cost just $300 and a letter in the mail to finish it.
HAROLD: Come on. Put it behind you. Look to the future.
JIM: Bev was very civilised about it, she offered to pay for Todd's maintenance.
Harold says that Todd *is* Beverly's nephew, but it's reminded Jim that neither Josh or Todd are part of his family, who are scattered.
JIM: Helen's gone, even Glen's moving out.
HAROLD: You can't hold people to you, Jim. They have to make their own lives.
JIM: All that's ever mattered to me is my family. Now I've lost them. Where do I go from here, Harold?
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