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Neighbours Episode 1497 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1497
Australian airdate: 13/08/91
UK airdate: 10/08/92
UK Gold: 28/07/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh comes in and tells Todd excitedly that he's back on the football team - the new guy is hopeless. But Todd is more interested in telling Josh that he and Joe saw a bloke top his wife(!) He relates the story about the hole and the phone conversation. Josh is skeptical and thinks it's a bit unlikely.
JOSH: I mean, murdering your wife, burying her in the garden...it's not really the done thing!
Todd is in earnest though, so Josh advises him to go to the police - after all, not reporting a crime is a crime in itself.
Outside Wilf Turner's house
Adam and Caroline are just dropping Gaby off dressed in her lawyer get-up.
ADAM: Gaby...good luck.
GABY: Thanks. (to herself) I may need it...
Wilf Turner's front door
Gaby knocks on the door and it's opened by Wilf Turner himself. She introduces herself as Doug's legal counsel.
WILF: Lawyer, eh? Thought there was a smell in the air. Alright, state your business, a man hasn't got all day.
GABY: It concerns an outstanding account of $12,000 for work my client did on a house for you. I'm here to collect it.
Wilf laughs and says that if Doug want to take him to court he can - he doesn't pay for shoddy workmanship.
GABY: You're referring to the alleged crooked wall.
WILF: Nothing "alleged" about it.
GABY: I don't know whether you realise this but the matter has gone beyond a simple court action to recover debt.
WILF: You're wasting your breath.
GABY: As far as my firm is concerned, our client has carried out his part of the contract. Apart from the one technicality. You told my client an architect would be inspecting the wall. To out knowledge, this check was never made. Nor is it likely to be, is it Mr Turner?
WILF: What are you implying?
GABY: The house Mr Willis built for you has been sold and you are in receipt of the money. Meantime, with your debt to my client outstanding, he and his family have suffered substantial financial hardship. Now, we intend to collect the outstanding payment, along with interest accrued plus costs and damages. You will also be liable for court costs. Of course, all of this can be avoid.
WILF: There's only one thing to say, isn't there? See you in court!
He slams the door. Gaby looks dejected.
Harold is taking his diet very serious and Madge is proud of him. They explain to Joe that Harold is sub-letting the Coffee Shop while he and Madge formulate some plans.
Madge sees Adam and Caroline through the window and worries that they're on again, although Gemma has only just got on the bus. Harold tells her not to interfere.
They get to talking about Simon.
MADGE: You know, you'd think I was crazy, but there were times I used to think about you and Melanie together.
JOE: Me and Melanie?
MADGE: Mmmm. Oh - I know, it's crazy.
Todd and Josh come in through the back door and catch Melanie and Simon kissing. They've come to see Joe, but he's not there. Josh has met Simon before through his Dad's newsagency. Todd asks Melanie to tell Joe that they want to talk to him about Mr Brewster at Elliott Park, and Simon pipes up that he knows him. He was in Simon's hardware shop this morning buying a spade. He also bought some building material to build a "small patio".
Gaby comes in and tells Adam that Mr Turner called her bluff. She's very disappointed but Adam tells her she gave it her best shot. He says they'll just have to come up with a Plan B. There's nowhere else to turn.
GABY: We've got to do something, Adam. I just don't know what.
Joe comes in late and Simon has gone. Melanie is off to bed, but before she does, he apologises for being such a grouch lately - he just didn't want to see her hurt again. He has to admit that Simon seems OK and if Melanie is happy with him, so is he.
JOE: As long as you're happy - that's all that counts.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Gaby is telling Caroline what happened with Wilf Turner. Madge and Harold are off for a walk and go over to introduce themselves to Gaby. They ask if DOug and Pam are coming home soon, but Gaby is evasive. Madge has a word with Caroline and grills her for details about the Willises. Caroline won't tell her anything.
Todd and Josh are updating Joe about Todd's telephone call to Mr Brewster - he said that Mrs Brewster had gone, and wouldn't be coming back. Also about Mr Brewster in Simon's shop asking questions about concrete. Joe thinks Todd is getting carried away, but Todd thinks they should go to the police before Mrs Brewster is interred under a patio.
JOE: You've got to be be pretty sure of your facts before going to the police.
JOSH: What are we going to do? Ask him? 'Did you kill your wife and bury her in the garden?'
Joe says they need evidence.
JOE: Someone needs to look in that hole.
They look at each other uneasily. They agree to meet up after school.
Coffee Shop
Caroline is telling Melanie about her unit - she likes it. Melanie says she might be better off having a place of her own - it's a bit different now that Simon is on the scene. Adam comes in and tells Caroline that he and Gaby are at the end of their tethers - they'll have to take Caroline up on her offer. She looks a bit disappointed (about the unit) but agrees. Adam kisses her on the cheek and Madge and Harold glower from the kitchen(!)
Joe tells Todd and Josh that they'll have to go round to the house tonight with a shovel - but they can't get sprung trespassing. Joe says that he needs Josh to babysit. Josh is a bit disappointed, but agrees. Todd says he'll be OK for an excuse - Jim is going out.
JOE: Look mate, I won't be late. It depends on...what we find, in the hole.
TODD: Never seen a dead body before.
JOE: No. I hope you don't break your duck tonight.
Wilf comes round looking for Doug. He tells Adam that a lawyer has been round to see him today. He says there's no need to call in the big guns - he always intended to pay eventually. He doesn't need a big court case. He takes out a cheque, but at that moment Gaby comes out of her bedroom.
ADAM: Gaby, no.
GABY: Mr Turner.
WILF: Hi, Miss Martin. Doing house-calls now, are we?
Melanie and Simon are slobbering all over each other (yuk). Joe and Todd are just off, dressed in dark clothes(!)
Simon says maybe they should make the most of the empty house. Melanie tells him that she's not ready yet. She does care about him though. He says it's no big deal and he'll wait as long as she wants.
Wilf, Adam and Gaby are sitting in the living room. It seems that Gaby has told Wilf that she's Adam's girlfriend and he's bought it!
GABY: I'm practically part of the family!
WILF:(to Adam) You've done alright young fella! (to Gaby) You looking for any more cases?
GABY: I only take on cases I can win, Mr Turner.
WILF: She's a spitfire alright!
He takes out the cheque and hands it over.
WILF: Quits now?
ADAM: Quits. And thanks for this, Dad's going to be rapt!
WILF: Anything to avoid trouble.
When he's gone, Adam and Gaby hugs each other.
A few minutes later, Caroline pops around with the money, but Adam says they don't need it anymore. Gaby says they do - the cheque will take a few days to clear. Caroline says that'll be fine.
Madge gets off the phone to Gemma and tells Harold that she's told her about Adam. Harold tells her off. Apparently Gemma didn't take it very well.
MADGE: You're late home. Have you got a note?
Harold says he hasn't, but he has got a surprise for her - but not until tomorrow morning.
Mr Brewster's garden
Joe and Todd climb over the fence and start digging(!) All the house lights are off so they don't think they've been spotted.
TODD: Joe. Reckon she's down there?
JOE: How would I know?
Just then his spade hits something. They bend down and see blonde hair.
TODD AND JOE: Awrghhhh!
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