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Neighbours Episode 1482 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1482
Australian airdate: 23/07/91
UK airdate: 20/07/92
UK Gold: 07/07/98
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Pam and Doug are walking along. They are both still worried about Brad, and Pam isn't sure about Cody going overseas now. Doug assures her that Brad can turn a lost passport into an international incident!
Number 32
Toby has been on his date with Sarah and claims it was "the worst night of his entire life". Doug comes in and Toby explains to him that Sarah's whole family turned up and he hardly got the chance to speak to her! Toby decides to go and see Harold, but Joe tells him he is in hospital "having tests". He plays down the severity of the situation.
JOE: It's like I always say - there's nothing wrong with Harry that a good steak wouldn't fix!
When Toby has gone to school, Joe tells Doug that it's touch and go with Harold.
Joe has come to see Harold and bumps into Pam there. Madge is looking terrible having been there all night. Pam goes to find out what's going on. Madge is very upset about the row she had with Harold after Lou Carpenter. Joe tells her she didn't cause the heart-attack - if you're going to have a heart-attack you will.
Paul is starting to organise Michael's bucks party. Helen explains that it's only going to be a small wedding and there's probably no need for a bucks party. But Jim and Paul won't hear of this - a bucks party is compulsory! Paul tells Helen that Lassiter's will do the catering.
Harold is stable at the moment. Joe offers to go and open the Coffee Shop - he's quiet in the gardening business anyway.
MADGE: But you don't know what to do!
JOE: I can make a sandwich, what else do I need to know?!
The Office
Joe comes in and tells Melanie that he's taking over the Coffee Shop for a bit. He's going to try to get Gemma to help. Melanie asks Paul for a bit of time off to help run the Coffee Shop during peak times. But Paul refuses.
Joe takes charge and sends Melanie out of the room while he has a word with Paul. He starts telling him how much PRIDE he takes in his work (the cradle) and how hard it is for someone else to take credit for it.
PAUL: You mean, you'd tell Chrissie?
JOE: Oh, no. Only if I thought...you weren't being grateful.
Paul relents and agrees that Melanie can help at the Coffee Shop!
Coffee Shop
Melanie and Joe have got their pinnies on and are wiping down the tables and generally getting things ready.
DOUG: Well, well, well. Are you two the best they can do in an emergency?!
There's still no sign of Brad. Melanie says that Paul has some contacts in Foreign Affairs and he should try asking him to pull a few strings.
Pam tells Madge that Harold is still having a lot of tests, but the crisis is over. He has regain consciousness and the worst is over. Madge is very relieved.
The Office
Doug comes in to ask Paul about the Foreign Affairs department. He says he does have a mate working in Foreign Affairs, so he'll have a word.
Harold's hospital room
Madge is visiting Harold. She tells him how sorry she is for upsetting him about Lou Carpenter - she's cancelled Lou's visit.
Helen and Jim are relieved about Harold's improvement, but he won't be up and about in time for Helen's wedding. Apparently Dorothy is organising Helen's hen night and Helen dreads to think what it will involve(!) Also Helen and Michael are planning their honeymoon in Greece, Italy, London (to see Nick) and New York (to see Rosemary). They'll be away just over a month, so Helen will leave moving into Michael's house until they get back.
JIM: We're going to miss you, you know.
HELEN: I'm going to miss you too. Will you be able to cope, Jim? I've been in charge of this family for the past eighteen years!
JIM: And now you're getting time off for good behaviour. I'm not saying that your leaving won't leave a great big hole in our family life - it will. This place will never seem the same without you. But we'll manage - we will.
Jim assures her that they'll all be fine.
JIM: You are happy, aren't you?
HELEN: Yes. I think I'm probably happier than I've ever been.
Paul comes round to tell Doug and Pam that he's found out that Brad is safe and well, but he's in jail. Paul gives her the number of someone in Foreign Affairs to call.
Madge has come to visit Harold again. He's sitting up in bed now. He tells Madge that he was technically dead for a few seconds. He reckons he was floating in the air and he could see Dorothy trying to resuscitate his body below. He made the decision to come back to his body and live on.
HAROLD: I knew I couldn't leave you alone. So I came back.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jim is giving Joe and Melanie an invitation to the wedding. He asks if they'll be bringing partners, but neither of them has anyone to ask.
JOE: Looks like we're stuck with each other again!
MELANIE: Well since you asked so nicely, I'd be delighted!
He also invites Joe to the bucks party. Michael's best man, Charles, won't be arriving until the morning of the wedding, though.
Toby comes up and tells Joe that Sarah is ancient history - there's a new girl in the class called Candy and he thinks he's in with a chance!
Doug eventually manages to get through to the bloke in Foreign Affairs.
DOUG: They've found drugs in Brad's suitcase. He's in jail, charged with drug smuggling.
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