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Neighbours Episode 1478 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1478
Australian airdate: 17/07/91
UK airdate: 14/07/92
UK Gold: 01/07/98
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen has thrown her cane away and she's just heading over the Michael's. Jim is going to meet Michael tomorrow to work on his vintage car.
In the kitchen, Glen is advising Toby to just ask Sarah out. But he says he's too nervous.
Dorothy comes round to tell Madge that she's taking ping-pong lessons from a professional - he's a former Asian champion. Madge rolls her eyes and carries on practising with Joe.
Pam and Doug are wondering why Brad wasn't let on the plane. Doug doesn't think Brad's stupid, but Pam says he can be very thoughtless sometimes. Maybe his passport wasn't in order. Doug decides to ring the authorities in Bargee.
Michael's house
Michael is giving Helen a guided tour. They sit down for a chat and Helen brings up the subject of getting a new house together. Michael says there's no need - she can just move in with him. He doesn't want her to contribute financially, either. Helen looks rather concerned.
Glen suggests that Toby rings Sarah up. He finally agrees and dials the number. When he gets an answer, he blurts out that he likes her and wants to go out sometime. But it turns out that it's Sarah's mother and he quickly puts the phone down(!)
Doug is on the phone to the authorities in Bargee, but he keeps losing the connection. He decides to ring the Immigration Department instead. They hope desperately that Brad will just breeze in, unaware of the worry he's caused.
Glen tells Toby that they'll work out the problem with Sarah somehow. Toby heads off home, dejectedly.
Helen comes in, closely followed by Madge. Madge has got her an engagement present and tells her rather stiffly that she heard Helen's news on the grapevine. Helen apologises and they hug.
When Madge has gone, Helen tells Jim that she's a bit concerned about Michael - she's worried that he's set in his ways and she might be letting herself in for problems.
Number 32, the following morning
Toby is having breakfast and Joe notices that he is wearing rather strong aftershave(!) Glen comes in to see Toby and also notices the cologne(!) He advises him to go and talk to Sarah face to face, or to write a letter. Toby isn't keen in case she shows it to the kids at school. Finally, Glen suggests that he has a word with Sarah himself to test the water.
Coffee Shop
Madge is doing weights using a bag of rice(!) Doug and Pam come in and tell them how worried they are about Brad. They're waiting for a call from the Australian Embassy in Bargee now.
Sarah's house
Glen goes to the door to talk to Sarah. Toby hides in the car(!) Glen tells Sarah about Toby and that he thinks she's cute.
SARAH: Oh. I thought he liked my mother!
Glen explains that he's just breaking the ice for Toby and Sarah invites him in.
Michael's house
Jim and Michael are working on the engine of his vintage car. Presently, they go in for a drink, and Michael says how nice it will be to have someone in the family who talks cars.
Inside, Jim awkwardly tells Michael that Helen is a very independent woman. She likes to feel that she's paying her own way, and she doesn't like to be patronised or looked after. She won't play the part of a little woman. Michael looks rather shocked, but takes in what he's said.
Jim sees a photo of a woman in a frame. Michael says it's his sister, Louise, but they haven't spoken in many years.
Sarah's house
Glen is just leaving the house. He tells Toby that Sarah's more than willing to talk to him, so he should go for it. Toby is chuffed and gets out of the car. He knocks on the door. But all Sarah can talk about is Glen!
SARAH: He's dishy. I like older men!
TOBY: But...
SARAH: Sorry!
She closes the door.
Jim and Michael arrive back. Michael sits down for a chat with Helen, and tells her that he's not an inflexible man. He'll let her share any responsibility and he doesn't mind moving house either.
HELEN: Oh, we are going to be very happy. I can't wait to marry you.
MICHAEL: Neither can I.
Helen is much happier now and tells Jim that all her doubts have been put to rest.
Doug is frustrated with the Foreign Affairs people - they think Brad is still in Bargee, but they're not sure yet. Apparently things are diplomatically awkward - it could take a few days.
Number 32
Toby comes in and tells Glen that he's ruined his life(!)
GLEN: Oh, mate...
TOBY: I'm not your mate!
He stomps off.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy has got a new ping-pong outfit.
DOROTHY: I think I saw one in your size, Madge.
DOROTHY: Pardon?
MADGE: I see you've got a new bat.
DOROTHY: Well, professionally we call it a paddle.
MADGE: Well, watch out or you might be up the creek without one!
Dorothy reckons her spin-shot is close to perfect.
DOROTHY: I actually beat Mr Kwang this morning.
MADGE: Oooh! And on his 80th birthday, too!
Harold tries to change the subject by talking about Helen and Michael, but this backfires when Dorothy and Madge start to bicker over who will be Matron of Honour at the wedding.
MADGE: Oh, it's only a formality, of course it'll be me.
DOROTHY: Ha, ha, oh Madge! You're not presuming that you will be Helen's matron of honour?
MADGE: Who else would she ask?
DOROTHY: Well...
MADGE: Dorothy! You don't really imagine she's going to ask you, do you?
DOROTHY: I *am* her best friend.
MADGE: Twaddle. Helen and I were best friends when you were still digging up dead stuff in the Sahara.
Harold tries to steer the subject to archaeology, but it backfires again(!)
DOROTHY: Helen and I have long conversation on the subject, but it's a bit above your head, Madge.
MADGE: I know an old ruin when I see one!
Just then, Helen comes in.
MADGE: Oh Helen, you're just in time to settle it. All you've got to do is tell us which one of us you want to be your matron of honour!
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