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Neighbours Episode 1477 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1477
Australian airdate: 16/07/91
UK airdate: 13/07/92
UK Gold: 30/06/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen, Josh and Lucy are clearing up when Todd comes in. He tells Josh that he's broken up with Cody. Josh is rather surprised, but he thinks that Cody won't go through with the exchange programme. Todd isn't convinced and mopes off to bed.
Josh asks Lucy for a goodnight kiss and she reluctantly kisses him.
Cody is eating a banana sandwich when Doug and Pam come in. She tells them that she and Todd have broken up. Pam tells Doug to put the kettle on(!) She tells Cody that she's made a brave and sensible decision. Cody isn't convinced and mopes off to read a book.
The phone rings and Doug answers it - it's a reverse charge call from Brad. He's very excited to hear from him, and writes down a number for him.
DOUG: He's in Bargee! He stopped off on his way across the Pacific.
Apparently Brad will arrive home this tomorrow afternoon.
Number 32
Toby is bored. Joe suggests that he drops him off at his mate's place. But when he hears that Joe and Glen are doing a job on Mrs Livingstone's house, he decides to go with them instead.
Cody and Doug have made a "Welcome Home Brad" banner. They wonder if he's changed much while he's in America. Cody is sad that she won't see much of Brad - he's coming home and she'll be leaving!
Josh and Todd's bedroom
Josh is messing about on his computer while Todd lies on his bed, depressed. Lucy suggests that they go down the mall. She tries to tell Todd that the pain of break-up goes away after a while. Also that she doesn't think Cody was the right girl for him(!) She offers him a shoulder to cry on, but Todd says he just needs some time to himself.
Mrs Livingstone's house
Toby is sitting looking thoughtfully at the house while Glen and Joe get on with their work. Glen goes over to ask what he's waiting for. Just then, a girl comes out with some drinks and Toby stares at her. Toby obviously knows her and is quite smitten with her(!) He ends up dropping the drinks on the floor!
Pam and Doug are just off to the airport to pick Brad up. Cody is still moping around.
Josh and Todd's room
Lucy and Josh are back from the mall. Lucy tells Todd that she has some good news - she saw Emma down the mall and she was asking about Todd. Todd tells her he doesn't want to go on any dates.
TODD: Thanks, but no thanks.
Lucy finds one of Josh's dancing skirts and he claims that it's Todd's(!) Josh suggests that he and Lucy go out tonight after his work. She doesn't look very keen.
Mrs Livingstone's house
Glen asks Toby if he likes Sarah. He thinks Toby should ask her out, but TOby says he isn't brave enough. But Glen talks him into it. Toby goes to the door and knocks, rehearsing his line "Hi, Sarah, would you like to come to the movies with me?" But when she answers he bottles it and runs off!
GLEN:(laughs) Takes after his old man!
Josh tells Todd that he and Lucy are going to be a big item soon. But Lucy overhears and isn't pleased. She tells him off, and also gives him the earrings back.
There's a knocks at the door and it's Cody looking for Todd. Lucy tells her that Todd and Emma are back on(!) Todd comes out and Cody gives him some of his things back. It's a very awkward conversation.
Later at the Willises
Pam and Doug are back from the airport - Brad wasn't on his flight. He hasn't called either.
Toby is writing "Sarah 4 Toby" on his notepad. Joe sees and Toby is embarrassed.
JOE: Chasing women at your age! You little devil!
Todd asks Lucy if Emma really is interested - he's willing to go on a date with her after all. He might as well move on with his life.
Josh is just off to work. Todd quizzes him over what he does for work, but Josh is evasive. Lucy apologises for being hard on Josh, but he says she was right. Lucy says that she likes Josh, but just as a friend. He's disapointed, but appreciates her honesty. He tries to give her back the earrings saying they don't match his clothes(!) but she says to keep them until her birthday.
Outside No.32
Glen sees Toby moping with Bouncer outside No.32. He is sympathetic about the Sarah situation. He tells Toby that they'll work something out. He suggests he comes over to the Robinsons for a chat.
A bloke called Jay has turned up, claiming to be a friend of Brad's from the States. Apparently they were lined up at Customs in Bargee to board the flight back to Australia when Brad was nabbed by officials in uniform.
JAY: They took Brad out of the boarding line and hustled him away.
PAM: Do you know what they wanted with him?
JAY: No. But it looked heavy. Real heavy.
Pam and Doug look very worried.
<<1476 - 1478>>
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