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Neighbours Episode 1462 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1462
Australian airdate: 25/06/91
UK airdate: 22/06/92
UK Gold: 09/06/98
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
It's Glenn's 21st birthday so Todd is making him breakfast. Jim asks if there's anyone else he wants to come to his party, but Glenn thinks he's invited everyone that matters to him.
Gemma comes round with a present - it's a Paul Kelly tape. He is very pleased.
Cody hasn't had any sleep.
ADAM: What is this vision of beauty I see before me?!
Doug tells Adam about the fright he gave Pam, Cody and Todd at the guesthouse last night, but Cody claims she wasn't scared(!) Adam tells Doug that he's split up with Caroline. Doug wonders if it's because of Gemma, but Adam isn't sure if she's still keen on Glen or not.
Joe is moping about a bit when Harold comes to visit. He tells Harold that he's been having nightmares - seeing the woman lying in the road, but with Kerry's face. Harold advises him not to dwell on things, but Joe is worried sick that the police think he did it. Harold tries to get him to come to the party tonight. Joe reluctantly agrees to pop in and say hello.
Paul and Caroline are chatting about Christina - she'll have to take it very easy when she gets home. Caroline offers to take time off work to look after her, but Paul says he'll do it himself(!) Caroline asks Paul to be her partner at Glenn's party so she won't feel awkward around Adam, but Paul says that he's not invited.
Garden of the Robinsons
Todd, Jim and Glenn are setting up a table in the garden for the party. Glenn is pleased to be having a party, since he didn't have one for his 18th. Jim asks Glen what's happening with Gemma. Glen isn't sure yet, but he'd like to get back with her.
Todd comes round to see Paul, to invite him to Glenn's party. Paul is very defensive and Todd has to admit that Jim and Glenn don't know he's inviting Paul.
PAUL: This party is to celebrate Glenn's 21st, right?
TODD: Yeah.
PAUL: Well, I wish he's never been born. So rather than be a hypocrite, I think I might just pass on the festivities.
Cody and Todd are trying to think of a present for Glenn. They want to do something personal for him.
Just then, Glenn comes round to see Doug, to borrow a long extension cord. While he's there, he tells Doug that he's sorry about the stuff that happened at the guesthouse - he shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. They shake hands.
No 22, evening
Caroline is all dressed up for Glenn's party while Paul mopes around drinking on his own. Caroline tells Paul that he's being petty - Helen will be very upset if he doesn't come.
PAUL: Glenn is not part of my family. He never will be - understand?
CAROLINE: Fine. Sit here and feel hard done by.
When Caroline has gone, Paul pours himself another drink.
The party is getting going. Adam and Caroline chat a bit in the kitchen but seem to be coping in each other's present. They drink a toast to their friendship. Gemma comes up and Adam pours her a drink. Gemma's surprised to hear that they have split up. Actually, it's more like gob-smacked(!)
When Caroline has gone, Gemma asks why they've split up.
ADAM: Well, I thought I might live dangerously and take a chance on you.
Gemma seems quite happy at this.
In the living room, Joe is looking very washed out. Todd and Cody run off to organise their surprise for Glenn. Jim wonders why Helen isn't back from Mildura yet.
Cody and Todd give Glenn his present. It is titled "Your life in Ramsay Street". They've collected a load of stuff from everyone in Ramsay Street, like a glass from the Waterhole and a bone from Bouncer(!) There's some photos too, including one of him half-naked that Gemma look. He goes through to the kitchen to tell her off, but stops dead when he see that Adam and Gemma are kissing!
Gemma and Glen have a chat. She says she's not trying to get back at him - she really likes Adam. Glen had hoped that they could get back together one day, so he's a bit disappointed.
Jim tells Glen that Helen is running late, so he gives him some money for his birthday on behalf of Helen and himself.
Glen makes a speech. He thanks them all for what they've done for him since he's been in Erinsborough - especially Jim.
Paul is moping around trying to do some work. He has almost finished the drink decanter now and is looking very drunk.
PAUL: Happy birthday, little brother.
He drains his glass again.
Everyone is enjoying the party. Eventually Jim makes his speech and proposes a toast to "My son, Glen".
Harold comes to find Joe. Joe says that everything reminds him of what happened with the woman. Harold insists that Joe must stop torturing himself, but Joe still thinks he could be arrested.
Jim is pouring another round of drinks when Paul staggers in, drunk. Caroline tries to drag him off, but he's intent on being nasty to Jim and Glen.
PAUL: I believe you were married to my mother. That's more than you can say, mate.
Paul rants on and Jim advises him to go home. Paul throws his drink in Jim's face.
<<1461 - 1463>>
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