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Neighbours Episode 1453 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1453
Australian airdate: 12/06/91
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 27/05/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Melanie is sorting through the replies to her personal ads into "likely" and "unlikely" piles.
TOBY: Take my advice, Melanie - be ruthless.
MELANIE: Well, thanks, Tobe - I'll try!
Joe convinces Melanie to get her grandfather's chair valued. Toby is looking for someone to give him soccer hints, so he goes off to ask Todd.
Helen is fed up - the family is in shambles. Jim is fed up of Paul's impossible behaviour over his will and Glenn.
JIM: You know what he's trying to do, don't you. He's trying to get me to choose between him and Glenn...well, I won't have it!
Jim continues to rant that he won't give in to Paul on the subject of Glen.
Gemma is off to work at the zoo, having got over her fear of the animals. Madge says she's lucky to have a friend like Adam who cares about her. Harold is still grumpy and keeps saying that "nothing matters".
Todd is having his breakfast.
JIM:(awkwardly) Todd...have you heard about...Lucy and Glen?
TODD: Um, yeah. Yeah, I have.
JIM:(sharply) How did you find out?
HELEN: Jim...
JIM: How did you know?
TODD: Josh told me. He caught on to it ages ago. He's been really stressing about it.
HELEN:(shocked) Josh knew all the time?
TODD: Yeah, well, Glen and Lucy told him there was nothing to it. But he knew better than that. And when we all went off to the guesthouse together...he really freaked out. Leaving Lucy and Glen alone like that.
HELEN: Todd...did Josh cut the fanbelt in the car?!
TODD: I don't know.
JIM: Why would he do that?
HELEN: To delay us getting here. To stop...
TODD: Look, Helen, I don't know about any of Josh's scheme, but I'm just glad we got it out in the open so we can deal with it now.
JIM: Yeah, you're right, mate. And we will. We'll deal with it as a family.
Jim and Helen know Todd is right. Helen is off to the hospital for an x-ray.
Ramsay Street
Cody asks Adam if he's got any more hot dates with Caroline planned. He offers her a lift, but she wouldn't be seen dead in his car(!)
Todd comes up and offers to walk to school with Cody. She is still angry with him though and walks off.
Joe, Melanie and Toby try to load Melanie's grandfather's chair into the ute, but it's full, so they tie it on the back.
A man gives up his seat for Helen in the hospital waiting room. They get to chatting about their injuries. When the man is called, it turns out that his name is also Daniels - Michael Daniels.
Coffee Shop
Harold is still in a fed-up sort of mood. Todd comes in and orders a chocolate gateau to give to Cody, who is sitting at one of the tables, as a peace-offering. He tries to persuade her to get back together again.
CODY: Listen, sleaze-bag, if you think you can buy me - think again!
Todd sits there dejectedly.
MADGE: Sorry - no refunds!
TODD: What am I going to do, Mrs B?
MADGE: Todd, if I had the answer to everyone's problems, I wouldn't be serving behind this counter. I'd set up a booth in Ramsay Street - I'd make a packet!
Todd consoles himself by eating the chocolate cake!
Michael Daniels has finished his appointment and gets talking to Helen again. They chat further and realise that they are related - Michael is Bill Daniels' cousin. They laugh and say what a small world it is.
Joe and Melanie are showing Madge the chair. Harold comes up and says that he's seen a similar chair advertised for $4,000! Melanie's not sure that she wants to sell though, it's got sentimental value. Harold rolls his eyes. Madge looks at him with worry.
Todd has come round looking for Cody, but only Adam is there. He mentions that Glen and Gemma have split up and Adam pricks his ears up at this(!) Adam advises Todd that the way to Cody's heart is to make her laugh.
Coffee Shop
Helen comes in and Madge has a moan about Glen dumping Gemma. Helen plays the situation down - young people are always splitting up(!)
Madge tells Harold that he used to be fun to be with - he saw the bright side of everything and always had a kind word. Now he's lost his faith, he's unbearable to be around.
MADGE: You're just not the same man anymore. I tell you something, I don't like the person you're becoming, I don't like him at all!
Cody comes in and closes the door and shrieks when she finds Adam's skeleton hanging up behind the door. It's covered in notes like, "I'm feeling empty without you", "I'm a shadow of my former self" and "Let's get down to the bare bones of our argument!" Cody rolls her eyes and Adam tells her to give Todd a break. She picks up the phone.
CODY: Listen, bone-head. I don't like your skeleton, and I don't like your jokes, so just drop dead!
Todd puts the phone down in despair and tells Toby it was a wrong number(!) They head off to play soccer.
Ramsay Street
Todd and Toby get their football stuck in a tree. Todd climbs up but slips and is left hanging there. Toby frantically calls out for help, but Cody, who is walking by, thinks Todd is messing around and walks on by.
TODD: Tobe, get help, I can't hang on!
<<1452 - 1454>>
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