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Neighbours Episode 1452 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1452
Australian airdate: 11/06/91
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 26/05/98
Writer: Timothy Daly
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy is relieved that they told Helen about the situation but Glen doesn't think he'll ever be able to look Helen in the eye again.
Just then, Jim storms over.
JIM: My car's in the car park Lucy, go and wait for me.
LUCY: But why, what's wrong, Dad?
JIM: Don't argue just do as I say!
LUCY: But why?
Jim rants at Glen for betraying his trust.
JIM: Don't you have any sense of decency?
GLEN: Nothing happened!
JIM: I don't know what you call "nothing"!
GLEN: Paul's got it all wrong.
JIM: Not according to Helen, he hasn't!
Lucy tries to reason with Jim, but he won't calm down and ends up punching Glen. Then he bustles Lucy off to the car.
Joe is telling Madge off for changing his personal ad to make him sound like a culture vulture. Madge and Melanie reckon it'll be fine.
TOBY: Dad, what's a culture vulture?
Joe demands to know exactly what was written in the ad.
JOE: What's this about me being "well-travelled"?
MADGE: You've been to Europe.
JOE: I visited Mum in London! In her hospital room!
MELANIE: You had a stop-over in Athens, didn't you?
JOE: Oh, yeah, lovely Athens airport! For an hour!
Melanie reassures Joe that he's more sophisticated than he thinks, but he reckons he's never raved about wine in his life(!)
MADGE: Joe - you've got to catch your fish before you fry it!
MELANIE: And she did answer your letter, didn't she.
Joe is slightly mollified - as long as he doesn't have to talk about wine and art.
JIM: How long has this been going on?!
Lucy is silent as Jim rants at her. Eventually she says that Jim isn't listening to her - nothing happened. Jim won't believe her.
JIM: You have always managed to win your grandmother over, but you won't pull the wool over my eyes!
Helen sits down in despair while Lucy tells Jim it was all her fault - she was the one that led Glen on.
Melanie tells Joe that she didn't mention Toby and Sky in the ad.
TOBY: I could be your younger brother.
MELANIE: I'll say they're mine!
JOE: No, I draw the line at denying my own kids! It's ridiculous!
Melanie eventually talks him round.
TOBY: The way I see it, Dad, you don't have much choice!
Jim, Helen and Lucy are having dinner when Glen comes in. Helen offers him some food, but he goes straight off to his room.
Glen's room
Glen is packing his stuff when Lucy comes in. She reports back about the screaming and yelling. She's horrified that Glen is leaving.
GLEN: Jim will never forgive me for something like this.
LUCY:(desperately) He will!
GLEN: Lucy, get real! He'll always be watching, wondering. Things will never be the same again around here. Lucy, it's done! I'm out of here.
Robinsons - kitchen
Lucy is trying to get Helen and Jim to stop Glen leaving, but Jim thinks it's for the best. Lucy begs Helen to help, but she says she has no say.
HELEN: This is your father's house. It's up to him to ask him to stay.
From Jim's face, it looks like a bit of a long shot(!)
Melanie is coaching Joe in wine and arranging some nibbles for him and his date. There's a knock at the door.
MELANIE: I'll get out of your way.
JOE: No, you stay. I want your help on who I am!
Melanie reluctantly agrees and sits down with the kids. Joe answers the door to Miss 29 - her name is Fiona Longley. Joe introduces himself as "Joseph Mangel"(!) He also introduces Melanie and "her" kids!
Fiona looks at Melanie's grandfather's chair and says it looks quite a good antique, much to their surprise!
Lucy has come to tell Paul that he's got it all wrong about her and Glen. It wasn't completely innocent, but it wasn't what he thought. Paul is pleased to hear that Glen is leaving(!)
PAUL: Even if I was mistaken, he is bad news!
LUCY: He's not, he's family!
Lucy begs Paul to be reasonable, but he won't listen.
PAUL: Look. I don't like Glen. I don't know what your relationship is with him, but it's not healthy, so I don't see why I should help you to hang on to that! As far as I'm concerned, the sooner he gets out of Ramsay Street, the better!
Robinsons - Glen's bedroom
HELEN: You don't have to go, you know.
GLEN: Why wait to be thrown out?
Helen says that if he stayed she'd try to help them to work everything out, but Glen says it's best to make a clean break. Helen urges him to keep in touch.
GLEN: Look, er, thanks for everything. I appreciate everything you've done for me. More than I've shown.
HELEN: Yes, I know.
Glen picks up a photo of him with the Robinsons and puts it in his bag. Then he picks up his stuff and goes to the door.
Living Room
GLEN: Bye, Helen.
HELEN: Bye, Glen. Jim...
But Jim does not respond.
GLEN: I'll see you later, then.
He walks out.
When Glen has gone, Helen tells Jim that he's making things worse and tearing the family apart with his stubbornness.
HELEN: You can't afford to be so judgemental, it's not as if you haven't made comparable mistakes!
JIM: If you are referring to my being unfaithful to Anne, I don't think it's a fair comparison.
HELEN: Jim...
JIM: No!
HELEN: You and Glen have come a long way these past few months. Do you want to let him walk out of your life? And like this?
Ramsay Street
Glen is still packing his things into his car when Jim comes out.
JIM: I can't deny I wasn't shocked about what happened between you and Lucy, I was. But I haven't really given you much of a chance to explain. So...there must be something we can do?
GLEN: I don't know.
JIM: Look, all I do know is that I want you to stay.
GLEN:(getting into his car) It's too late for talk.
JIM: Couldn't we at least try?
GLEN: Look, things will never be the same again. For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I just wish the whole damn thing had never happened.
He drives off.
Joe is trying to be cool in front of Fiona and evading questions about his business. Fiona says she has to get going despite it still being early.
FIONA: Look it's been really nice meeting you...
JOE: Yeah, I know. I'm not your type, right?
FIONA: To tell you the truth, I'm just not in to fancy restaurants or fine wines. I'm sorry if the letter gave you the wrong impression. I'm more of a home-body really. My sister sort of pushed me into this. She even wrote the advert.
Joe is gobsmacked and immediately confesses that he hasn't been honest either - the kids are his.
FIONA: I didn't really want to meet someone with children. I mean, I'm not sure I like children all that much. One day, maybe I'll want my own, but...
JOE: Oh, no, you get to know us really well and...
FIONA: No, I think I'm pretty boring. Well, thanks anyway. It's been really nice meeting you.
She get a pair of flat shoes out of her handbag and changes out of her heels! Then she wishes Joe luck with his other replies on her way out.
JOE:(to Melanie) Strewth, other replies? What other replies?!
Lucy is crying on the sofa. Jim says he tried to get Glen to stay but he couldn't.
JIM: He'd made up his mind.
HELEN: Well, I asked him to keep in touch. We might be able to talk things out later.
JIM: I don't know. I don't think we'll ever see him again.
Just then, Glen comes in through the back door!
GLEN: Don't you know it's rude to talk about people behind their backs.
Lucy jumps up and hugs Glen.
GLEN: I only got about a block away before I started thinking about what I was doing. You're the only family I've got so I thought I'd better try and sort some things here.
JIM: Well...if you're willing to give it a try, I am.
Melanie is trying to cheer Joe up - he and Fiona weren't very well suited because she didn't like kids. Joe says that he's never pretending to be something he's not again, and also he's not doing a personal ad ever again!
JOE: If a woman wants me, she's going to have to take me the way I am, warts and all.
They turn the conversation to Melanie's grandfather's chair and Joe reckons it might be worth getting it valued.
Jim has come to apologise to Paul for ranting at him before - Helen confirmed Paul's story about Glen and Lucy. Paul accepts his apology and asks what's happened with Glen. He's shocked to hear that Glen is staying with Jim.
JIM: I talked him into giving us a chance to start again.
PAUL: What?!
JIM: They've given me their assurance that they have this thing under control.
PAUL: Oh, and you believe them? Dad! How could you let him back into the house after what he did?!
JIM: Sometimes things look a lot worse than they really are.
PAUL: Oh, and you believe Glen's word over mine, do you?
JIM: I came here to apologise to you Paul, not to discuss this with you.
PAUL: Nothing's new is it. None of us count for anything since the golden boy turned up.
JIM: That's not fair.
PAUL: Oh, and letting him back into the house is? I'll tell you this much. As long as he is there you won't see me coming around. In fact, I don't want anything to do with this family as long as you condone what he did! You may have gained a son, Dad, but you've lost this one.
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