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Neighbours Episode 1414 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1414
Australian airdate: 18/04/91
UK airdate: 20/04/92
UK Gold: 02/04/98
Writer: David Phillips
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Colin Burker:Robert Alexander
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Jeremai
Harold tells Dorothy that he suspects that Colin has embezzled Church funds.
Dorothy sits down heavily and tells Harold he's just jumping to conclusions - Colin does have a black mark in his past, but it doesn't mean he's gone back to his old ways.
DOROTHY: It's a mistake. It has to be.
HAROLD: It's hardly likely.
He explains that the bank has told him that the Fund for Homeless Children account is empty. Nothing has been transferred between accounts - the money has been withdrawn, and Colin's signature was on it.
DOROTHY: What are you going to do?
HAROLD: I should contact Reverend Richards, but I can't reach him. The police will have to be contacted.
Dorothy says that Colin is a bit late home and asks Harold to wait and give Colin a chance to explain - just a couple of hours.
HAROLD: Oh, I suppose at this late stage it won't make any difference. You will contact me if he should return home?
DOROTHY: *When* he returns.
DOROTHY: Thank you, Harold.
Dorothy looks very worried.
Jim and Helen are catching up with Rosemary's news. She says she's met Glen but hasn't had a chance to form an opinion yet. She's glad that Glen seems to be settling in at the Robinson house though. Helen tells Rosemary that she's decide to pursue legal action about her ankle.
Melanie rushes in and tells Helen that one of the Home James limos has had a prang - but she's managed to juggle the bookings successfully.
MELANIE: That hotel, honestly. It's like the vibes are all out of sync with it, or maybe it's the Chakras.
HELEN:(confused) Chakras?
Rosemary explains about energy centres.
HELEN: Well, the chakras must have taken a beating when Paul threatened everyone with dismissal.
JIM: You're kidding!
HELEN: You know what Paul's like...I suppose he thought it would spur the staff on!
MELANIE: Well, everyone over there is really edgy, I've told Reception to put all the Yanks they find into the new wing, just in case one of them's the Efficiency spy.
ROSEMARY: Well, I'm in the old wing, Melanie, and it seems perfectly alright to me.
MELANIE: Well, it *was* perfectly alright. The air-conditioning has just died and can't be fixed for four days. At the moment, Lassiter's is an unmitigated disaster area!
Pam is sewing while Doug cooks sausages for dinner - again. Doug has been doing some handyman work and Pam is about to rush off to her taxi shift. Cody and Adam come in as she is leaving and moan that it's sausages for dinner again(!)
ADAM: No offence, Dad, but the tucker around here hasn't been very imaginative lately.
Cody wants to visit her granddad if he's that sick that he can't drive the car. Doug tells her he's not having visitors at the moment.
Harold is upset about the Homeless Children's money going missing.
MADGE: What she must be going through.
JOE:(surprised) That wasn't a note of sympathy, was it?
MADGE: What if it was?
JOE: I thought you'd be cheering to see old bossy-boots knocked off her perch!
MADGE: I went through all of this when I was married to Fred, I know how it feels. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. And Dorothy isn't quite that yet.
Harold says he'll have to call the police - he can't wait anymore. But before he can, Reverend Richards calls and Harold tells him he has some bad news.
Colin finally arrives home and Dorothy tells him they'd better have a talk. She explains the events of the day.
DOROTHY: Colin, Harold checked with the bank over the Church funds.
COLIN: Of course he did, who wouldn't? I bet he got a shock when he found out the money was gone.
DOROTHY: You took it?
COLIN: I did. After I'd convinced the Reverend Richards that we can get a better rate of interest elsewhere. That's why I'm late. The manager of the building society insisted on shouting a few drinks to celebrate the acquisition of such respectable clients.
Dorothy is very relieved.
COLIN: You didn't doubt me, did you, darling?
DOROTHY: Of course not, I knew they were wrong.
COLIN: That's all I really need, you know. Your belief in me.
They start kissing and lie down on the sofa.
(The following morning)
Harold pops around for a word with Colin. The Reverend Richards has told him what happened and he's come to apologise.
HAROLD: I don't know what else to say except that I am sorry.
COLIN: Once my past is known, I expect to be mistrusted. Now and then, people show a little faith which makes up for it (kisses Dorothy on the cheek)
HAROLD: I am dreadfully sorry.
COLIN: There's no hard feelings.
He leaves for work.
DOROTHY: Colin might have let you off the hook, Harold, but I haven't. Please leave.
Cody and Adam are messing about over breakfast but Pam and Doug are in a bad mood and tell her to keep it down. Cody starts talking about her birthday party - she wants to invite "everyone" - 60 or 70 people. Pam and Doug tell her there's no chance.
CODY: But I could help with the...
Cody then starts talking about her present and says she'll make a list. Doug tells her to keep it reasonable.
Dorothy is ranting at Helen.
DOROTHY: I told you about Colin in confidence. And you couldn't wait to spread it around the neighbourhood!
HELEN: Dorothy, I didn't.
DOROTHY: Don't make it worse by denying it!
Jim hears the commotion and comes in.
JIM: No need to ask what this is all about! Half the street can hear!
DOROTHY: This is between me and Helen, Jim, if you don't mind.
JIM: But you're wrong. I was the one who told Harold about Colin.
DOROTHY: I am not about to make a distinction between who loaded the gun and who pulled the trigger!
JIM: But Helen didn't tell me anything, it was a friend of mine who happened to go to University with Colin.
DOROTHY:(to Helen) In that case I owe you an apology. (to Jim) I don't have to ask why *you've* gone out of your way to smear my husband, you've been biased against him since he arrived.
JIM: I think the Church has a right to know who they're employing - mind you, I didn't expect Harold to launch a Royal Commission about it.
DOROTHY: Come on. How often have you warned me to keep Colin at arm's length?
JIM: As a friend.
DOROTHY: I had friends. Now I have my husband. It seems as if I'm going to have to choose between the two, doesn't it?
She storms out, slamming the door behind her. Helen tells Jim to give her time to calm down, but Jim says she's right - he should have kept his mouth shut.
The Office
Melanie and Madge are talking about the Efficiency expert. Melanie reckons the expert will behave like an idiot to put them off the scent. Rosemary comes in and says her TV is on the blink.
MELANIE: I'll put it on the maintenance list, but don't hold your breath - this place is just falling apart today!
ROSEMARY: Madge, what's this place like these days when you don't have mystery experts lurking?
MADGE: Laid-back, the way I like it!
Cody is making up her birthday list and Doug tells her not to ask for the earth. Pam staggers in from her taxi shift, very tired.
DOUG: Alright, we're listening.
CODY: OK, well, I've narrowed the birthday list down to one single item. A horse!
PAM and DOUG: A what?!
The phone rings and Adam answers it, while Pam and Doug tell Cody to get real - who will pay for the feed and vet's bills.
CODY: You won't give me my party, you won't give me my present, why don't we just forget it's my birthday, that's what you want, isn't it?!
But Adam is off the phone now and interjects.
ADAM: Hold it. I've got a message for you, mum. Granddad says he's fixed the brakes on the cab and you can pick it up whenever you want.
CODY: Is he feeling better?
ADAM: According to him, he was never sick.
CODY: Of course he was sick, why else would Mum be driving a cab.
ADAM:(to Pam and Doug) So what's the *real* story?
Harold is wandering round beating himself up about the incident with Colin - he's just glad that he didn't call the police. He's going to keep consulting the Encyclopedia of Sport tonight for a sport that suits him. He's thinking about fencing as a bloke in the choir does it, and he can ask him about it.
DOUG: Well, now you know.
CODY: We're poor!
Pam and Doug explain that it won't be forever as the trade will pick up and Pam will be nursing again soon, but there's three possibilities at present - Paul buys them out of the guesthouse, if he doesn't, they lose the house in Ramsay Street, or perhaps lose everything.
Cody hugs Pam and says it isn't fair - they went through this with the old house too. She tells them not to worry about her birthday. Adam asks about Brad and Gaby - will they have to come home? They think Brad is covered by his scholarship but they don't know about Gaby yet.
ADAM: It may not look like it at the moment, but this family's a real winner. We'll make it.
Melanie and Joe are having a chat when Rosemary comes in. Joe has been talking about frog-racing and Rosemary says that it's not really the right image for Lassiter's(!)
MADGE: If Paul knew half the things that went on behind his back, he'd be prematurely grey!
They all laugh.
Dorothy has made a candlelight dinner for Colin. Colin tells her that he was honest with Reverend Richards when he took the job and the reverend decided to trust him - and it was the Reverend's idea to keep his past confidential.
DOROTHY: Time for me to be honest, Colin. When Harold made those accusations, for a moment I thought you'd done it.
COLIN: So this is what this is all about. Salving your conscience?
DOROTHY: Guilty as charged.
COLIN: You have a right to distrust me. You're the one I hurt the most. I mean what I say. A man can change, but he needs something - or someone - to give him a purpose. I just thank God that I've got you back.
Madge is telling Joe and Rosemary about Harold wanting to take up fencing. Melanie rushes in and says she's got everything - a room with phone-calls to Chicago - it must be the Efficiency Expert! Madge takes a look.
MELANIE: Madge, what's wrong.
MADGE: I know this room number, I've just charged two drinks to it. Haven't I, Rosemary?
ROSEMARY: I'm afraid so, Madge.
MELANIE: Rosemary? It can't be you?
ROSEMARY: Nothing personal, Melanie, just doing my job.
MELANIE: But we told you everything...all of us.
JOE: ...Frog races...
MADGE: Come on, it's a practical joke, isn't it? You're not really the Efficiency Expert?
ROSEMARY: Yes I am, guys. And you're right - you have told me *everything* I needed to know.
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Harold Bishop, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1414
Harold Bishop, Dorothy Burke

Jim Robinson, Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1414
Jim Robinson, Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1414
Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop

Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1414
Dorothy Burke

Colin Burke in Neighbours Episode 1414
Colin Burke

Dorothy Burke, Colin Burke in Neighbours Episode 1414
Dorothy Burke, Colin Burke

Harold Bishop, Colin Burke, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1414
Harold Bishop, Colin Burke, Dorothy Burke

Cody Willis, Pam Willis, Adam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1414
Cody Willis, Pam Willis, Adam Willis, Doug Willis

Dorothy Burke, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1414
Dorothy Burke, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1414
Helen Daniels

Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1414
Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson

Madge Bishop, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1414
Madge Bishop, Rosemary Daniels

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1414
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Pam Willis, Cody Willis, Doug Willis, Adam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1414
Pam Willis, Cody Willis, Doug Willis, Adam Willis

Pam Willis, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 1414
Pam Willis, Cody Willis

Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel, Rosemary Daniels, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1414
Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel, Rosemary Daniels, Melanie Pearson

Dorothy Burke, Colin Burke in Neighbours Episode 1414
Dorothy Burke, Colin Burke

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1414
Madge Bishop

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1414
Melanie Pearson

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1414
Rosemary Daniels

<<1413 - 1415>>
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