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Neighbours Episode 1388 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1388
Australian airdate: 13/03/91
UK airdate: 13/03/92
UK Gold: 25/02/98
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug has got Adam out of bed at the crack of dawn and tells him he hasn't got time to have breakfast. He tells him he can start by loading up the ute!
ADAM:(grumpily)I don't believe it.
DOUG:(to himself) Get used to it, sunshine!
Harold is telling Madge off for cooking a greasy breakfast and says she'd be much better off with muesli. Joe, Toby and Sky come around. Joe talks to Harold and Madge quietly about Sky's 3rd birthday tomorrow - it's the first one since Kerry died and he's got plans. He's had a windfall on the horses and is going to spend it on a party. Harold and Madge promise to help out.
Ryan is taking his post office uniform back as the bloke he was covering for is back. Dorothy reminds Ryan that he'll have to get another job to make the payments on his military books(!)
Dorothy is in a bad mood - Jim seems to have given up cycling too so to avoid being seen with Dorothy.
RYAN: Well, he's no angel - otherwise there wouldn't be a Glen Donnelly.
DOROTHY: That's enough, Ryan.
Building Site
Doug and Adam have arrived. Doug tells Adam that his apprenticeship will be four year long - just like medicine. He introduces Adam to the building team and they laugh that Adam has given up medicine for this(!) Doug gets Adam shovelling sand and laugh quietly to himself.
Madge and Sky have come to return a book to Jim. Madge hints about Jim's love interest and advises him to "play hard to get". Jim rolls his eyes and says that he and Dorothy are just friends.
Ryan arrives to apologise to Jim - he's says he hopes he's not getting in the way of Dorothy and Jim's romance.
JIM: For the last time, there is nothing going on between me and DorothyNever in a pink fit would I think of having a relationship with her, is that clear?
A clown has turned up to see Joe. He's a rather old-looking clown and his name is Zig. He's come to show Joe his act - he's been doing it for over thirty years. Joe explains about the 3rd birthday party and Kerry's death. He produces a banjo and sings Old MacDonald and says he can do magic and ventriloquism as well. As it happens, he's had a cancellation so Joe books him.
JOE: I want this to be something Sky will really remember, you know? I want this to be the best birthday a kid could have.
ZIG: Don't worry. I'll give her a show she'll be telling her grandchildren about.
They shake hands on the deal.
Building Site
Adam is looking pretty knackered and is glad when lunch time comes. But Doug tells him it's his job to do the lunch room - that's what apprentices are for(!) Adam complains that he's stiff. Doug says he'll be counting bricks this afternoon - he thinks the supplier is ripping him off. Meanwhile, Doug is off down the pub for lunch!
Coffee Shop
Harold comes over for a chat with Jim and he's still missing Todd. They talk about Glen and Harold says it's not his place to moralise - he's more concerned with the present, and is there for Jim if he needs to talk. Jim doesn't know how to reach Glen - he's talking about moving away altogether. Harold understands - he and Kerry lost touch and it was such a waste of time.
Dorothy comes in for a sandwich and Jim makes a sharp exit. She rolls her eyes. Harold mentions that Madge told him that Ryan was around at Jim's this morning.
Madge is going through a storybook with Sky while Joe tells her that the birthday plans are well advanced. He whispers to her that he's booked Zig the Clown and according to word-of-mouth, he's the best. Sky overhears the word "Zig" and starts repeating it.
Building Site
Adam is still counting bricks and tells Doug he's three bricks short. Adam rolls his eyes and asks Doug how his lunch was. Adam didn't get a chance to eat his own - he was so busy getting everyone else's. Doug says it's time to knock off now, and says Adam can load up the ute. Then he gives him his pay which is $40 - the going daily rate for first-year apprentices.
DOUG: Don't spend it all at once. You'll be giving your mother food and board out of that!
Dorothy arrives home and finds Ryan doing some gardening - there was no work at the post office She asks him what he was talking to Jim about this morning and Ryan says he was just finding out if there was any chance of him and Dorothy getting together(!) Dorothy's unhappy when she hears that Jim isn't at all interested, but her face is impassive as she stalks off angrily into the house.
Adam is aching all over.
ADAM: I've got aching muscles I didn't even know I had, and that's after two years of anatomy!
He says that at least he knows he's done a day's work and can switch off and do other things - not have to worry about study or exams.
ADAM: Yep. It'll do me.
Doug looks rather put-out.
Toby comes in and Joe shows him all the stuff he's got for Sky's party. He observes there's an awful lot of lollies and Joe says maybe they should knock some off today(!)
Just then, Zig comes to the door, smothered in a cold. He tells Joe he's going to have to give Sky's party a miss. Joe is gutted, but he can see that Zig isn't at all well.
Dorothy has come to see Jim about Ryan's visit.
DOROTHY: He told me that you wouldn't consider going out with me, "not in a pink fit" were your exact words I think!
JIM: Oh. That was rather un-gallant...
DOROTHY: Don't flatter yourself, Jim. Pompous, insecure, middle-aged men hold very little interest for me!
Dorothy continues to rant that Jim only goes out with girls half his age and given his history, she's had a lucky escape.
DOROTHY: I wouldn't go out with you. Not if you were the last man on Earth!
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