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Neighbours Episode 1387 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1387
Australian airdate: 12/03/91
UK airdate: 12/03/92
UK Gold: 24/02/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen tells Caroline that Paul has made Melanie acting manager while the twins are squabbling.
The Office
The twins sulk and Caroline threatens to resign. Christina finally agrees to go along with it, but Caroline storms off.
MELANIE: Uh-oh! I really hope this works out.
HELEN: So do I. You've asked my to stick my neck out an awfully long way!
Pam and Doug are playing draughts (bless their wholesome little hearts) and talking about Cody's reverting to her old personality. Adam unexpectedly comes in through the front door. He tells them he's decided to give up medicine.
DOUG: That's not a very rational decision.
PAM: What happened with Andy was a one-in-a-million tragedy! You know that.
ADAM: It just proves what I've suspected for quite a while. I can't hack that sort of thing happening every day for the rest of my life.
Pam protests that there are so many rewards with medicine, but Adam reckons he hasn't got the required detachment to take the bad times.
DOUG: Don't throw it away. Give yourself more time.
PAM: Your father's right. YOu've got it out of proportion - you're being too emotional.
ADAM: I'm the one one who knows how I feel. And it's not for me.
Caroline has come around to see Helen. She reckons that Melanie hasn't got the expertise to run the company, but Helen doesn't agree - and it's only temporary, Melanie can ask for help if she want to. Christina comes in and says that Melanie has called her and Caroline in today - on a Sunday. Caroline threatens to leave again, but Helen reminds her that she should show loyalty to Paul. She advises them to make the best of it.
Dorothy and Ryan are decorating the kitchen and chatting about military history. Ryan drops hints about Jim and makes a few digs about the evening Jim slept over. Dorothy tells him there won't be a repeat of the situation.
The Office
Melanie tells the twins that she's re-opened the gift shop, and also she's got a big lunch on in the Brasserie. She tells them it's an emergency - she needs them to step in as waitresses.
CAROLINE: You expect us to be waitresses?!
Melanie gives them some uniforms, but they refuse, saying they'd be a laughing stock. Melanie tells them to put away their pride and get on with it.
CHRISTINA: ...Well I'm not above doing a little bit of waitressing, and if it'll help Paul...OK. Caroline?
CAROLINE:(firmly) No way. Absolutely no way.
Pam and Doug are upset that Adam is dropping out of Uni. They tell him that he'll have to get a proper job and think about a different career now. They want him to choose something that he'll be happy doing. Doug tells him that he'll have to pay rent. Adam is fine with this, and goes off to meet a friend.
PAM: Well, that didn't go as we intended. What do we do now?
Doug just shakes his head.
Outside Lassiter's
Christina is waitressing and Caroline is heckling her. Melanie and Helen peep out of the office. Caroline is still talking about resigning, but then starts showing Christina how to collect plates properly.
Ryan suggests getting Jim to help with the decorating. Dorothy explains that Jim is being very silly about the whole Arab evening thing. She thinks Jim is being very immature.
DOROTHY: History repeats itself. Put your trust in someone, and they let you down. Badly.
Doug and Pam are still upset the Adam is dropping out of University. Doug says to give it time though - Adam might change his mind. Adam comes in and says he's interested in working with Doug.
ADAM: What about Willis and Son? What do you say? I've heard it a million times, you could do with the help. Here I am!
PAM: Are you sure you're not just making a snap decision, love?
ADAM: No, it's what I want, Mum. (To Doug) So what do you say, boss?
Outside Lassiter's
Melanie comes over and tells Christina to get back to work, but she moans that her feet are killing her. A guest comes over and tells Caroline how marvellous it is to see the hotel manager mucking in when needed. The twins chat about how silly they've been to each other and apologise - they both got too big for their boots.
CHRISTINA: I will never be rude to a waitress again!
CAROLINE: Nor will I!
Christina suggests going home and drinking champagne in the spa!
Dorothy and Ryan are still painting. Dorothy is making snide comments about "men" and Ryan picks her up on it.
RYAN: Wouldn't have anything to do with Uncle Colin, would it?
DOROTHY: Must you spoil a pleasant Sunday?
RYAN: You always freeze over when I mention his name.
DOROTHY: Could we talk about something else, please?
RYAN: That's what you always say. Look, I'm family and just I want to know why you feel this way.
Dorothy admits that she loved Colin very much, and he had a lot of good qualities - honesty, courage, dependability... At least, she thought it did, but love is blind. Time hasn't healed all wounds - she's still cut up about their break-up. She accidentally paints over some tiles and starts scrubbing it off.
Doug is despondent at Adam wanting to work with him, even though he always dreamt of it when Adam was born. Pam talks about how wonderful at medicine Adam is.
PAM: Great bedside manner.
DOUG: Just like his old man(!)
He kisses Pam. Neither of them think that Adam is doing the right thing - by the time he qualified, he'd be more emotionally mature anyway. Doug suggests a drink at the hotel to cheer them up.
Outside Lassiter's
Melanie tells the twins that they have to wash the dishes and reels off a list of dirty jobs. Caroline eventually realises that they've been had. Paul didn't really ring - Melanie and Helen just wanted to stop the twins fighting. Caroline says that Melanie has done a good job, and they have been taken down a peg or two, quite rightly.
CHRISTINA: I think Melanie needs a dip in the pool!
MELANIE: No way!
She runs off, and the twins chase her, screaming!
Ryan thinks Dorothy should get things sorted out with Colin once and for all. She tells him to leave it - she should have divorced him years ago, but never got around to it. But she's not ready to stir up old ghosts.
Outside the Waterhole
Helen is telling Pam and Doug about them tricking the twins and they laugh. They talk about reverse psychology and Doug gets an idea.
DOUG: That's it! He thinks working for me is going to be a breeze. Well. I'll show him!
He reckons he'll soon have Adam back in the medical profession!
<<1386 - 1388>>
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