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Neighbours Episode 1373 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1373
Australian airdate: 20/02/91
UK airdate: 21/02/92
UK Gold: 04/02/98
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toby puts a toy in his bag in a shop without paying for it.
Toby tries to say that he doesn't want the toy anymore, but Joe says it's only fair because he's buying a colouring book for Sky. Toby manages to get the toy back out of his bag without Joe noticing. He looks very guilty.
The Office
Caroline comes in and finds the place very quiet. But not all that quiet as Jim is sitting in the inner office, making her jump(!) Jim has apparently come in to fill in for Paul. Caroline is not very pleased that Paul didn't tell her and isn't happy about having to work with Jim. She's hurt that Paul didn't trust her to handle thing on her won. Jim assures her he's just there as a back-up to get through the work-load. He says Caroline is in charge, and to prove it, he goes off to make her a cup of coffee!
Dorothy is moaning at Ryan for lounging around in his dressing-gown. He says he's looking for a job in the paper - he's quite interested in a job as a relief postman for the short-term. Dorothy rolls her eyes but tells Ryan it's his life if he wants to waste his education.
Doug wants Joe to work on the guesthouse with him, but he says he can't leave the kids for long stretches so soon after all the troubles - Sky particularly needs stability. Bouncer brings in the post and puts in on the table. They reminisce about Bouncer saving Mrs Mangel by answering the phone and Doug thinks Toby should write into the Erinsborough News - they reward acts of heroism! Doug offers to drop Toby off at the newspaper offices so he can enquire about it.
Helen is painting when Matt comes in quietly through the back door. He secretly gives Helen a Valentine's Day card for Gemma and asks her to put it on the breakfast table for her in the morning. Helen agrees and puts the card in her overall pocket.
Matt goes through to the living room to see Gemma. He sees her with a card and she tells him it's from Aiden - he sends her a Valentine's card every year. Matt is a bit upset but calms down in the end and apologises.
Gemma invites Matt to stay for dinner. Matt is still a bit shook up about Aiden sending a card and tells Gemma he's feeling a bit insecure - he hasn't seen a lot of her lately and wants her to move back in with him. Gemma says it's not very practical at the moment, and anyway, she's not really looking forward to moving back into a dump. She wishes they could find a flat of their own. Matt says maybe he could move back into Joe's for a while and save up some money for a bond. He's still not happy at them living apart then.
The Office
Caroline is being very prickly with Jim. It hasn't helped that a fax has come through from Donald Henson - he's coming to visit Paul, but of course, Paul is on his honeymoon. It's potentially a huge business deal for Lassiter's, but Caroline daren't tell Paul because he'll ruin the honeymoon for Christina and rush home. She'll have to handle it herself. Jim isn't sure that it's a wise move and Caroline is most offended. She resolves to handle the negotiations herself.
Coffee Shop
Doug and Joe are discussing some business issues. Ryan is at the counter when Dorothy comes in. Ryan's got a postman interview in half an hour, but Dorothy thinks he would be much better off going to University.
Toby rushes in and tells Joe and Doug excitedly that the man in the Erinsborough News said that Bouncer might be eligible - all he has to do is write in. Toby begs Joe to help him with some photos later, but Joe's mind is still on business matters. Toby looks rather dejected.
Matt is peeling potatoes badly when Helen comes in with Glen. She introduces him to Matt and Gemma and then invites him to stay for dinner. Gemma gets chatting to Glen and he tells her that he's got work as a barman at the Waterhole. He asks Matt to show him the ropes.
The Office
Caroline is making preparations for Henson's arrival. She accuses Jim of making things difficult for her because of her choosing Adam over him. Jim is very offended and tells Caroline that she's paranoid and letting her emotions getting in the way of business.
Glen and Matt are both peeling potatoes now and talking about The Waterhole. Gemma suggests a drive down to the beach. She and Matt invite Glen along, but he decides to stay behind and hang out with Helen.
Helen asks Glen if he's seen Jim - to give him a chance to explain. Glen says he doesn't feel he owes Jim any favours. Helen says that he should get in touch with his mother's family too, but Glen doesn't want to talk to them either. Soon he'll have to find a place of his own and make his own way. Helen looks a bit alarmed and says he'd be much better off with family.
The Office
Caroline is apologising to Jim for her outburst. Jim good-naturedly accepts her apology. Caroline just wants to show Paul she can cope - but she'll come to Jim as a friend if she needs help.
Dorothy comes in with the post - there's one for Ryan from OMHS. Dorothy opens it anyway and looks very alarmed.
Toby is composing his recommendation for Bouncer's bravery award. Joe comes in and tells Toby that he'll do Bouncer's mug shots.
Ryan comes in all excited - he got the postman job. Dorothy tells Ryan to sit down - she wants to talk to him.
DOROTHY: How dare do this to me, Ryan. How dare you!
Ryan looks at her in surprise.
<<1372 - 1374>>
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