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Neighbours Episode 1369 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1369
Australian airdate: 14/02/91
UK airdate: 17/02/92
UK Gold: 29/01/98
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam is up bright and early on a Saturday morning, much to Doug's disgust(!) Cody is still in bed having stayed up late at Christina's hen night. Pam tells Doug that Harold has propositioned her - Vera in the Coffee Shop is off for a few weeks and wants Pam to fill in. Doug isn't very pleased. Pam says she's looking forward to being a useful, hard-working member of society.
Toby and Joe are dressed up to go round to see Sky at Eric's house - they're going round for lunch. Toby tells Joe that he had a dream about Sky - she was in a hot-air balloon and it floated away. They chased it, but the balloon got higher and higher and then floated off across the sea. Joe looks a bit concerned for Toby.
Garden of Number 30
Ryan is lazing in the pool on an air bed. Dorothy is not impressed and thinks he should be looking for a job. She takes her pool-cleaning net and tips his airbed over, getting Ryan soaked in the pool!
Coffee Shop
Pam is filling in at the Coffee Shop this morning. Melissa and Josh come in and offer to help show her the ropes (they used to work there).
Doug comes in and moans that Pam didn't make him breakfast this morning. She tells him he can have breakfast at the Coffee Shop but he'll have to pay.
DOUG: How's she doing?
JOSH: Oh, great. You'd think she'd been doing it her whole life.
PAM: I *have* been doing it my whole life!!
Joe and Toby are back - Eric and Sky weren't there. Toby is very disappointed and is worried that they've gone away, like in his dream. To cheer him up, Joe suggests that they go fishing. Toby is pleased, but still wishes they could have seen Sky.
JOE: I know mate, But there'll be other times.
He does not look convinced.
Joe invites Doug to come fishing with him and Toby, but he's working out costs for the renovations of the guesthouse. Doug says he might have some work for Joe once the project starts.
Coffee Shop
Pam gives Josh and Melissa a couple of milkshakes on the house for helping her out. Ryan comes in and sits with Josh and Melissa. They start talking about Mr Gibbs again and Josh tells Melissa to stop believing the rumours about him. She gets really worked up and Josh tells her to calm down and leave things to Dorothy.
Toby asks Joe if he thinks the Jensens have already moved to New Zealand. Joe decides to phone Eric to see if he's back. Mrs Jensen answers the phone but hangs up on Joe straight away.
TOBY: What's going on, Dad?
JOE: Wish I knew.
Ryan tells Dorothy that Melissa has been talking about Mr Gibbs. Dorothy thinks Melissa is determined to cause trouble - the accusations against Mr Gibbs are completely unfounded. Dorothy thinks she'd better have a chat to Melissa.
Pam comes in and Doug moans at her for not coming home to prepare dinner. I expect he lost the use of his limbs. She's brought some stuff home from the Coffee Shop for him but he just moans that he hasn't got a hot lunch. Pam takes him into the kitchen and shows him where the oven is - he can find out how to work it himself(!)
Joe and Toby are just off on their fishing trip. Toby wants to ring the Jensens again. Joe says they mustn't worry too much - the Jensens are just trying to settle Sky in. Soon they'll be moving to New Zealand.
JOE: I guess they figure, the less she sees of us now, the less she'll miss us. You with me?
TOBY: You think she'll forget about us when she's in New Zealand?
JOE: Of course not! How could she forget about us?
Toby looks a bit happier and takes his fishing kit out to the van. While he's gone, Joe picks up the phone and rings the Jensens again, but there's no answer.
Doug finds a magazine about nursing. Pam tells him that there's a lot of vacancies for nursing and tells Doug that she's thinking of going back. Doug is horrified and says she's been out of the profession for 20 years, and besides, she's got too much to do running the house. Pam tells Doug she's just thinking about it at the moment, but hopes that Doug would support her if she did decide to go back.
Dorothy has called Josh and Melissa around. She gets straight to the point and tells Melissa to stop gossiping about Mr Gibbs. Melissa moans that Dorothy hasn't done anything about the situation yet. Dorothy points out the damage that gossip can to to people's lives and career and wants them to stop. Josh readily agrees. Melissa agrees too but she's very clearly not happy about it.
Joe and Toby are about to head off when there's a knock at the door - it's Eric Jensen.
JOE: What the hell are you playing at? You've got a nerve, mate.
TOBY: We came to see Sky and you weren't there.
JOE: I thought we had an arrangement!
ERIC: Look, I'm very sorry.
JOE: Oh, that's supposed to make it OK, is it?
ERIC: Things just got really difficult.
JOE: You didn't even call us!
ERIC: Can I come in?
JOE: What for?
ERIC: We need to talk.
JOE: We can talk here.
ERIC: It's about Sky.
<<1368 - 1370>>
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