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Neighbours Episode 1368 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1368
Australian airdate: 13/02/91
UK airdate: 14/02/92
UK Gold: 28/01/98
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina is stressing out about her hen night. Caroline and Melanie laugh at her and tell her it'll be fine. They chat about Paul's bucks party and Melanie recounts the story of both Henry and Des's bucks' nights. Christina is horrified!
Madge comes in in tears and tells her that she thinks Harold is leaving her. Helen gives her a tissue and listens to her story. It seems that a travel agent has rung to confirm "Harold's airline booking." Helen reasons with Madge - there must be a logical explanation. Madge thinks Harold would rather throw their marriage away than forgive her for the old letters.
A grotty motel room
Todd lies on the bed, lonely. He gives Cody a ring and tells her he's doing well - that his job is doing well and the place he's staying in is nice. Todd asks Cody to come up and see him, but she says she can't run away again - it would break her parents' hearts. Todd asks after Jim and Helen and Cody tells him that Helen and particularly his mother in Adelaide are going out of their mind with worry.
Ramsay Street
Christina warns Paul not to get too drunk at his bucks' night. Joe says it's traditional to have a good send-off. Paul promises not to let things go too far. Meanwhile, the girls will be having their hen night at No.22 tonight.
Helen is on the phone to Annette (Todd's mother) trying to calm her down. Paul comes in looking for Jim, but he's not there. Instead, he asks Helen for a private chat about Glen - he's not exactly thrilled to have another brother at this late stage. He doesn't feel like a brother. Helen says that they just have to make an effort to bring Glen into the family - perhaps Paul could start by inviting him to his wedding. Paul baulks at this, saying it's immediate family only - but Helen counters that that's sort of the point(!) Paul says he'll talk to Christina about it.
A package has arrived by courier from Brisbane - for Harold. They're letters that Madge wrote to Edna after her wedding to Harold.
HAROLD: Why would Edna want me to read her mail?
GEMMA: Just do it, Uncle Harold!
Harold opens the letters and starts reading.
HAROLD: 'Oh, Mum, life's finally how I've always wanted it to be. Harold is the most wonderful husband, I can't believe how lucky I am to have finally found such a loving, caring man. Everything I've ever wanted...' Oh dear, I feel so silly.
GEMMA: There's more.
HAROLD: '...not only does he have all the qualities that really matter but...' Dear, oh dear! How could Madge write such intimate details to her mother?!
He laughs with embarrassment.
GEMMA: Well, I guess she couldn't help herself, tiger!
Gemma is pleased that her plan has worked - that's the proof that Madge is crazy about Harold.
HAROLD: You see, the only question is...how do I make it up to Madge?
The hen night has begun. All the gang are there, although Madge is still upset. She hasn't talked to Harold yet - she came straight to the party from work. Helen thinks she should go home and talk to Harold.
The twins' mother arrive and tell them off for having a boring, quiet party(!)
The Office
Paul has called Glen and asked him to come in. Glen thinks Paul is going to sack him, but instead, Paul invites him to his wedding - they are half-brothers after all. Glen says he doesn't want to - he wouldn't know anyone there. He appreciates the olive branch though and hopes he and Paul can be friends.
The party has livened up a bit - Cody and Melanie are dancing. Madge decides to head off home - she's not in the mood for a party and she can't put off talking to Harold any longer. As she's leaving, a stripper arrives(!) so Madge drags Cody off with her!
The stripper starts doing his stuff while all the girls scream!
Harold is re-reading the letters when Madge comes in.
HAROLD: I don't know how to say this...um...I have been a very stupid fellow...
Madge looks shocked - she thought Harold was going to say he was leaving her!
HAROLD: ...and I wouldn't blame you at all if you couldn't bring yourself to forgive me for the way I've been treating you.
He explains how Gemma brought him to his senses and shows her Edna's letters.
HAROLD: I realised just how much you really love me.
MADGE: Oh, Harold, you were never second-best! The best thing I ever did was marry you! So, does this mean you're not leaving me?
She explains that she knows about the air ticket and Harold starts to laugh - he bought two air tickets - so they could get away for a bit and sort things out. It's not too late - they can still use them and maybe take a second honeymoon. They hug, glad to be back on good terms.
Robinsons, the following morning
Cody comes in with a present for Todd for his birthday - Helen can keep it until Todd comes back. Helen has baked a cake for Todd - perhaps they could have a slice and then Cody could take some to Josh and Melissa. Helen gets out a single candle and places it on the cake, lighting it with a match.
CODY: No prizes for guessing what the wish will be.
Helen starts to cry and Cody comforts her.
CODY: Don't! Todd wouldn't want you to! Wherever he is, I bet he's having the best birthday ever!
Grotty motel room
Todd is just getting up for work. He looks very lonely. Then he takes a single muffin out of a bag.
TODD: Well, happy birthday.
Just then, a card is pushed under his door - it's from Cody!
CODY:(voiceover) 'A very, very, very happy birthday with heaps and heaps and even more heaps of love from me. I'll be thinking of you all day so - if you try - maybe you can tune in to what I'm thinking. Hope so! Love you for ever and ever love Cody'
Todd lies down on the bed and starts to cry.
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