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Neighbours Episode 1354 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1354
Australian airdate: 24/01/91
UK airdate: 27/01/92
UK Gold: 08/01/98
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam gets a crank phone call claiming to know where Cody is.
Adam grabs the phone but the caller hangs up. Pam is beside herself with worry, but Adam explains that he's had a few crank calls - it's just nutters using the telephone number on Pam's posts.
The phone rings again and Adam answers it this time.
Coffee Shop
Melissa is telling Dorothy about her summer holiday when Josh comes in. He says he's a bit bored because he's run out of money - but he has a plan. He's heard that Lassiter's are running a training scheme for waiters and wants to join up. Dorothy is impressed and says she'll tell Ryan about it, and Melissa wants to come along too.
Mary's back garden
Joe and Mary are chopping wood when Toby rushes out.
TOBY: Dad! Quickly! I thought you said nobody knew we were here!
JOE: Where's Sky?!
He rushes off and sees Sky is at the side of the house - with Harold. He's managed to track them down.
JOE: G'day Harold.
Harold explains that he recognises Mary's voice eventually, did some detective work and found an address.
JOE: Guess I'm not as smart as I thought I was.
HAROLD:(calmly) No, not lately.
They go into the house for a talk.
JOE: Harold...you understand why I had to do this?
HAROLD: Of course I do! ...Doesn't make it right though.
Adam has been grocery shopping - chocolate biscuits and frozen pizza! Pam has rung the Missing Children's helpline for advice and feels better now. They offer quite a lot of services for runaways, like message services and transport. Pam is sounding a bit more positive now.
A farm somewhere
Todd is stacking hay and Cody is brushing a horse. She loves her job. But then she starts coughing - she thinks she must have got bronchitis (she used to get it as a child). The farmer approaches and chastises Todd to get back to work. Cody continues to cough.
Mary's kitchen
Joe, Mary and Harold are having a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Joe explains that the kids love it here, and Mary likes having them there too. It was Kerry's dream to bring the kids to the country, and he can get work here too.
HAROLD: Joe, I love that little girl as much as you do, and it would break my heart to think we'd never see her again, but the law is the law.
JOE:(shouting) Then the law stinks, Harold! Look...if I have to let go of Sky then I have to let go of Kerry, too. And I can't do that. I just can't, and they shouldn't expect me to.
HAROLD: Alright. What happens if next time it isn't me that drives up that driveway, what if it's the police? Now you can only hide a child for so long before somebody starts getting suspicious.
JOE: Well...I'll deal with that if it happens.
HAROLD: Oh really, how? By running away again?
JOE: I don't know...I haven't thought about that...I haven't thought that far ahead!
HAROLD: Joe...you've got to give her back, it's the only chance you've got of living a normal life.
JOE: What's normal about losing her. What's normal about them taking her away from me?
MARY: She's doing real fine here. She's got a lovely glow in her cheeks.
Harold sighs.
HAROLD: Nevertheless, she has to go back. And I'm going to stay here until you give me a definitely promise that she goes back to her father.
JOE: Harold...that's exactly who she thinks *I* am.
A farm somewhere
Cody is walking the horse, trotting him around in a circle. Todd and the farmer are chatting about how much Cody likes horses. As they get in the van to take the hay away, Cody becomes giddy and faints. Todd rushes over to her.
Coffee Shop
Josh and Melissa approach Paul who is having his lunch. They ask him if they can go on his staff training scheme - for a part-time job on nights and weekends. He tells them to have a word with Melanie who is organise it. He warns them that Klaus the head waiter has extremely high standards though.
A farm somewhere
Cody has come round now and insists she's OK. The farmer tells her he can't let her carry on with her job - he can't have a sick kid working for him. He wants to take her home, but Cody insists on going on her own.
Mary's house
Joe has finally agreed to take Sky back. He settles Toby and Sky into the combi as they say goodbye to Mary.
JOE: I've mucked everything up.
MARY: You're a good man, Joe. You'll do me.
They hug.
Mary gives Joe a picnic basket.
JOE: I owe you, Mary. I'll never forget it.
He gets into the combi and reverses out of Mary's drive.
Dorothy has come to tell Paul that she's very impressed at the idea of a waiter training course. She'd like Ryan to join the course - he hasn't joined the police force yet and might need some casual work. Paul asks Dorothy to be a guinea pig for the course and flatters her that he trusts her judgement. She finally agrees.
A road
Joe is driving along, not too far from Erinsborough now. Joe explains to Toby that Harold was right in making them come back, and he mustn't blame Harold for anything that happens next with Sky. In the rear-view window a police car draws up, flashing its lights. Joe pulls over, nervously. He's hoping it's just a routine stop, but unfortunately the police have recognised him.
POLICE OFFICER: Are you Joseph Mangel?
JOE: ...Yeah. How d'you know?
A barn
Cody is still sick. She thinks Todd would be better off without her, but he won't hear of this. He wants her to see a doctor.
TODD: Think we've done the right thing? Running away like this?
CODY: Best thing we ever did.
A road
The police officers tell Joe that he'll have to hand Sky over. Joe goes to open the back of the combi.
TOBY: Dad, what are you doing?!
JOE: Mate, mate, we haven't got any choice now.
He gets Sky out of her car seat and explains to her that she's going with the police.
WOMAN POLICE OFFICER: Thanks. We'll take good care of her.
POLICE OFFICER:(to Joe) This may not be the end of it. So I suggest you go straight home, OK?
The police drive off with Sky as Joe and Toby look on, dejectedly. When they've gone, Toby sees Sky's toy dog, dropped on the grass.
TOBY:(holding up the toy) ...Dad?
JOE: Oh, mate, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
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