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Neighbours Episode 0551 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0551
Australian airdate: 10/08/1987
UK airdate: 16/12/1988
UK Gold: 12/12/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Mike is on the phone to Des and gives Megan the good news about Jamie. He announces that Daphne and Jamie are coming home the following day. Megan thinks they'll have the house to themselves tonight, as surely Des will be out celebrating his last night of freedom. Mike tells Megan that Des would never cheat on Daphne, as he's crazy about her. He says she and Des are not the cheating kinds.
Mrs Mangels
Mrs Mangel has just got up and looks worse for wear. She tells Harold the sleeping tablet didn't help her; she's been up all night. Harold tells her she is doing the right thing by having the medical check up. However Mrs Mangel isn't convinced until Harold tells her he has a surprise for her. He's rented a video player for the both of them. Mrs Mangel is not interested; she has no desire to watch sex and violence. But Harold only has classics lined up and Mrs Mangel is suitably excited. She confesses to being rather taken with Ronald Coleman.
Charlene thinks that Madge is treating she and Scott like kids. She wants to cook Scott's breakfast and look after him. Madge doesn't see the point of having two people in the kitchen making the same meal but Charlene insists. Madge tells them the good news about Jamie and says it's all down to Beverly.
Jim is telling Beverly about the streets affection for her. She is touched and apologises for having to leave dinner half way through. Jim asks Beverly out again but she is distracted by her mail. She agrees to meet him tonight but when Jim leaves she glances back at the letter and throws it in the bin.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Scott and Charlene talk about their parents. They don't know what to call Jim and Madge; their respective in laws. They agree to talk it over with them. Mike arrives and introduces them both to Megan. Charlene is less then welcoming and Megan leaves to go to an appointment.
Mike: She's pretty isn't she?
Charlene: I've seen better
Mike asks them both to make her feel welcome but Charlene says just because Mike wants to forget about Jane doesn't mean that she has to.
Beverly has done some tests on Mrs Mangel and says they will be back in a few days. She wants to send her for an ECG (heart examination) this afternoon but Mrs Mangel says she has to wait in for a delivery. Beverly insists she take the tests and asks her to take some time off work to rest. Mrs Mangel explains that she needs to earn a living but Beverly convinces her that she needs to rest. However she refuses to give her any more sleeping tablets and says she will teach her relaxation techniques.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Charlene and Mike are still bickering about Megan. Jim arrives and Charlene asks him if he can make the family conference tonight. He says he can't as he's taking Beverly out and asks Charlene if there's a problem. She explains that calling him 'Mr Robinson' seems a little formal but 'Jim' seems too informal. Jim agrees it's tricky and tells her he has come to look at her as a daughter, so if she wants to call him Dad that will be fine by him.
Megan returns and tells Mike she wants to put a deposit on a flat. Charlene asks Mike about the flat and is surprised to hear Mike is moving out of Ramsay Street. Mike says he hasn't told Des and Daphne yet.
Jim collects Beverly from the surgery. She looks very glamorous and tells Jim she spent the last few hours pampering herself. As they are about to leave Beverly's receptionist takes a call from a Dr Armstrong in Adelaide. Beverly sternly tells her to inform him she is out.
Ramsay Street
Mrs Mangel watches as a van drives into the street. It's the deliveryman with the video player. She tells him off for being late and asks him to take the video player inside - carefully. As they depart someone on a motorbike watches them enter the house.
Mrs Mangels
Harold is struggling to connect the VCR. He is amazed by the machines capabilities. Mrs Mangel has changed her mind about the video and says she will go to bed instead. She talks about her hospital tests but Harold is a bit distracted. However he agrees with Beverly about the relaxation techniques and tells Mrs Mangel she should give it a try.
Scott and Charlene are still discussing what to call their in laws. Charlene tells Scott it would feel weird calling Jim 'Dad' and Scott agrees. He says he has never called anyone else Mum apart from his Mum and feels it would be strange. Henry tells Charlene that their Dad is never around so it wouldn't matter if she called Jim 'Dad'. Charlene thinks that Fred still cares and reminds Henry about the cheque he sent for the wedding. Henry tells her that it bounced and says Madge covered it with her own money.
Harold comes over and tells Madge about the video he has rented for he and Mrs Mangel. Madge is furious. She tells him the street has been ignoring Mrs Mangel to try and stop her from being horrible, and now he has ruined it by treating her to a gift. Harold explains that Mrs Mangel is lonely and says he doesn't want to make her any unhappier.
Mrs Mangels
It's pitch black in Mrs Mangels house and all that can be heard are the clear sounds of a break in.
Harold is looking at Madge's video player and telling her old and terrible it is compared to his new one! Jim arrives after his date with Beverly and wants to join in the family conference. Charlene tells Jim she'd like to call him 'Dad', and Scott tells Madge he can't imagine anyone coming as close to a mother figure as she, so from now on he'll call her 'Mum'. Henry breaks the sentimental moment by calling Jim 'Uncle Jim'!
Mrs Mangels
The intruder is rifling through Mrs Mangels things. She emerges from her bedroom and turns on the light. She calls for Harold but gets no answer. She places her hand on the sofa and as the camera pans down we see the intruder is lying on the floor next to her.
<<0550 - 0552>>
Charlene Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0551
Charlene Robinson, Jim Robinson

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0551
Harold Bishop

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0551
Nell Mangel

<<0550 - 0552>>
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