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Neighbours Episode 0536 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0536
Australian airdate: 20/07/1987
UK airdate: 25/11/1988
UK Gold: 21/11/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Paul and Gail's
Paul and Gail are still kissing until warning buzzers go off in their head and they both break away. Paul is startled and Gail apologises. He says it's just as much his fault as it is hers and says he just needed someone to hold on to. They both vow to not let it happen again as they decided they would not get emotionally involved. Paul tries to make small talk and says at least they convinced Lucy. Gail tells Paul she still feels responsible for the Udigawa deal falling though. She says perhaps they are jumping the gun; perhaps the deal isn't off. Paul says he could tell by the tone in Mr Udigawa's voice that it was off and says he is flying back to Japan today.
Helen is on the phone but can barely hear due to Lucy playing her flute. Jim notices Helen is distant after her call. She has been asked to go on a painting exhibition to the Bungle Bungles! Helen says she can't go as she has so much to do and she's not too keen on the idea of camping. Jim says if he were her age he wouldn't want to go either. Helen snaps back and says she can't go anyway because there is too much to do with Home James.
Ramsay Street
Jane and Henry are still delivering leaflets to promote his gardening business. He thanks her for her help and says he wouldn't have got as far without her. Jane tells Henry he should ask Paul and Gail if they want their lawns mowing. Henry says he is about to and Jane asks if he can pass Rob's letter to Gail. Madge yells from the balcony of No 24 and tells Henry there's a phone call for him.
MADGE: Henry you're wanted on the phone
HENRY: Who is it?
MADGE: Some young girl you can't stop giggling, Melanie or someone
Paul and Gail's
Helen arrives and asks Paul if he would help Jim cut down the gum tree in the backyard of No 26. Paul says that's fine, as he and Gail weren't doing anything. Helen apologises for not being able to make the dinner party. Paul says he has lost the biggest deal he has ever tried to negotiate and is worried that Rosemary may arrive and start breathing down his neck. Helen is sure that won't happen just because of 'Rob's drunken behaviour'. Gail looks upset and Helen apologises for her lack of tact. Paul says what's done is done and goes to help Jim. Gail has a light bulb moment and calls Lassiters. She asks if Mr Udigawa has checked out yet and when she is told that he hasn't she asks to be put through to his room.
Henry is on the phone to Melanie. Madge is mimicking everything he says and moaning about the mess in the house. As Henry tries to talk, Madge asks him who Melanie is and says until he pays the phone bill he can't spend all day on the phone. Henry arranges to meet Melanie later in the evening. He tells Madge he met Melanie this morning when he agreed to mow her fathers lawns.
HENRY: Mum if you're ever looking another job they're always on the lookout for prison officers
Robinson Garden
Jim thanks Paul for his help. Paul tells him he is imagining every branch is Rob! Jim tells Paul about Helen's trip. Paul thinks a holiday would do Helen good and says Jane could look after Home James whilst she's away. They agree they should do some careful planning and prove to Helen that she's not indispensable.
Lucy is showing Jane her pictures of the Bungle Bungles; she collected them for a geography project at school. Helen says the light there is amazing and would make for some great paintings. Jim comes in and tries to convince Helen to go on the trip. He tells her they will all cope in her absence. Helen says she would love to go and notices the braces on Jims work overall are broken. She asks how he can expect to look after the household if he can't even look after himself. Jim tells Lucy and Jane that it's time for operation Bungle Bungle.
Paul and Gail's
Gail is painting her nails and Paul realises she hasn't defrosted dinner. She tells him it's fine as there is some left over curry in the fridge. He looks and says it isn't really enough for the both of them. Gail tells him she won't be eating at home as she is going out to dinner. Paul thinks Gail is getting back at him for going out with Crystal but she assures him she isn't and asks if he minds. He tells he doesn't mind her going out and tells her to be careful, Gail says she will be, just like he was with Crystal.
Mr Udigawa arrives and Gail thanks him for seeing her at such short notice. Gail apologises for Rob's behaviour and explains the business he has spent years building up is about to go under. She tells him Rob wasn't himself and says that it wasn't Paul's fault. She stresses how hard he has worked on the project and asks him to reconsider not signing the deal. Mr Udigawa tells Gail she has got things wrong. The reason he faltered on the deal was not because of Rob, but because of the lack of respect and honour Paul and Gail showed him when he arrived at the house.
Gail is stunned and Mr Udigawa lectures her about the importance of parents. He says if Paul can't be loyal to her father then how does he know he will be loyal to him. Gail assures him that Paul's loyalty would never be questioned but Mr Udigawa is unconvinced. Gail goes to leave but Mr Udigawa stops her. He says last night he was worried but tonight Gail has shown him how much love she has for Paul and Rob and because of that he will reconsider and sign the contract.
GAIL: Oh Mr Udigawa, I could kiss you
Gail asks Mr Udigawa if he would tell Paul the good news. Mr Udigawa agrees and says not only is Gail a clever woman but a discreet one as well.
Jane and Lucy do the washing up whilst Jim and Helen talk in the living room. Operation BB is well under way! Helen asks Jim about the garage. He tells her he has thought about downsizing so that Rob and Charlene can keep their jobs.
Paul and Gail's
Gail arrives home and tells Paul that Rob has gone. Paul assumes that Gail went out with Rob but she tells him she hasn't seen him, she went to the hotel and he was gone. Paul says Rob has probably gone to stay with his brother but Gail is worried. With the state he was in last night she's worried what he's capable of.
Henry is cleaning the pool and tells Madge about his date with Melanie. He had a great night. Jane arrives and asks what time Scott and Charlene are arriving home. Madge says they will be back around lunchtime and says they sound like they have had a great time. Jane asks Henry how he got on with Paul and Gail yesterday. Henry says he didn't have time to see them. Jane asks about Robs letter and Henry realises he forgot to deliver it.
Paul and Gail's
Paul and Gail are still in their nightclothes and Gail is looking worried. Paul asks her how she is and she says she is worried about Rob. Paul assures her Rob probably just wants time on his own. There's a knock at the door and Gail runs to answer it. It's Henry. He gives her the letter and apologises for forgetting. Gail reads the letter and Paul asks what's wrong, Gail says it's too late. Thanks to Henry it's too late.
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Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0536
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Mr Udagawa in Neighbours Episode 0536
Mr Udagawa

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0536
Gail Robinson

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