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Neighbours Episode 0526 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0526
Australian airdate: 06/07/1987
UK airdate: 11/11/1988
UK Gold: 07/11/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Daphne comes in counting and Des asks her who has upset her this time. She says it was Mrs Mangel and Des is pleased that Daphne has taken Helens advice and started counting to control her anger. Daphne says the counting came too late and tells Des she and Mrs Mangel have just had an argument outside. Des fears that will be facing another settlement but Daphne tells him this time he she has sorted out Mrs Mangel good and proper. Des asks Daphne what she has done and Daphne tells him she told her the truth about Lens whereabouts. Des is furious and starts counting! He says he will have to open a special account to pay off all the people whom Daphne starts fights with!
Mrs Mangels
Mrs Mangel tells Harold she has to ask him something. She tells him that Daphne has been teasing her and has told her that Len is well and alive. Harold tries to play the diplomat but Mrs Mangel sees through him and asks Harold how they all could have let her believe that Len was dead. She wants to know who the woman was that Len left her for.
Jane and Mike have brought Daphne a doll but she has trouble accepting it. Daphne tells them both what happened with Mrs Mangel and Bouncer, as she is about to reveal the rest Mrs Mangel arrives. Jane realises Mrs Mangel knows the truth about Len and she tries to explain she only lied to protect her. Everybody starts shouting which causes Bouncer to bark. Mrs Mangel is fixated by the noise and sight of Bouncer and she has a flashback to her fall before passing out. When she comes round she quickly remembers what Jane did and tells her she will never be able to forgive her for lying.
Jim is on his way to play golf but Helen is insistent that he stays to meet Hilary's friend Beverly. Jim doesn't want to sit around whilst Helen plays matchmaker and despite Helens pleas he goes to leave. As he opens the door Beverly is standing there and she introduces herself. Helen welcomes her in and tells Jim he must stay now that Beverly is here, but Jim says the only game he will be playing today is golf. Helen is left to make excuses to Beverly.
Ramsay Street
Jane and Mrs Mangel are heading home and Mrs Mangel is still furious at Jane for lying to her. Jane tells her she was just trying to protect her. Mrs Mangel is sure she has been humiliated and kicks the rosebush!
Helen and Beverly are having tea and Helen realises Hilary has told Beverly a lot about the family. Helen apologises for Jim's abrupt departure and says that they have all been under pressure since Scott and Charlene's wedding. Beverly says it sounds like it was a beautiful day and Helen tells her she is positive that Scott and Charlene have a happy future ahead of them.
Ramsay Street
Jim is loading up the car when Harold comes to see him. He tells him that Mrs Mangel has got her memory back and knows that Len left her for another woman. Jim asks Harold how the garage accounts are coming along. Harold seems reluctant to meet with Jim but agrees to have lunch with him the following day.
Honeymoon Express
Scott and Charlene are pushing Bertha up the drive of their hotel. They are met by the hotelkeeper who is surprised to hear they have a room booked. When she finds out they are the honeymoon couple she tells them she has a certain reputation to maintain and demands proof that they are married. Scott gives her Jims number and tells her to ring him to get confirmation of their marriage.
Beverly is looking at Helens paintings and they talk about Beverly's career as a doctor. She tells Helen she is in Melbourne working on a research project, Helen tells her she is sure Clive would be happy to help her out if she has any queries. They are interrupted when the phone rings and Helen has to confirm to the hotelkeeper that Scott and Charlene are indeed a married couple.
Honeymoon Express
Scott and Charlene are finally given a key to their room and the hotelkeeper seems kinder to them since her conversation with Helen. Scott dumps their bags and insists on carrying Charlene over the threshold.
Mrs Mangels
Mrs Mangel is still tense and doesn't want to leave the house to get some milk. She tells Jane and Harold she won't be able to hold her head up in public again. Harold says he will go to the shop for her but Mrs Mangel insists she pays as she feels she is being treated like a charity case. When she can't find her purse she gets upset and once again reads Lens letter.
Jim tiptoes in and Helen assures him that Beverly has gone. Jim asks if Beverly spent the entire afternoon asking about him but Helen tells him she barely mentioned him. Helen tells him that Beverly is here for work and warns Jim that Beverly is coming over for dinner the following evening. She tells him to be polite to her, as his rudeness today did not go unnoticed.
Mrs Mangels
Jane has found Mrs Mangels purse and gives it back to her. Jane apologises about the way things have turned out but Mrs Mangel is in no mood to listen. She starts tidying up the house and is sure that the rest of the neighbourhood will be laughing at her. She tells Jane none of the neighbours are her friends and now feels that she has turned on her too. Jane says it hasn't been easy for her sticking up for her when she treats the neighbours with such contempt. Mrs Mangel tells her if she feels that way then she should leave. Jane packs her things and goes, promising Mrs Mangel that this time she won't be back.
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Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0526
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young

Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0526
Beverly Marshall

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0526
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0526
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

<<0525 - 0527>>
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