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Neighbours Episode 0514 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0514
Australian airdate: 18/06/1987
UK airdate: 26/10/1988
UK Gold: 20/10/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Charlene and Henry are having breakfast. Charlene is talking about the Cinderella dress and how much she wanted it. She doesn't know what she's going to do. Henry assures her that Madge will be able to make something just as special. Madge hurries out of the bedroom and tells Charlene she will have to do the shopping as Mrs Mangel is starting back at work and Madge has agreed to be her chaperone!
Mrs Mangel's
Mrs Mangel shows Madge into the living room and asks her for information on her 'high position' at Lassiters. Madge tells her that she does have some responsibility but makes it clear that doesn't mean Mrs Mangel is in anyway in charge of her. Madge says they are of equal standing and both answer to Paul.
Paul arrives and asks Jim for a game of squash. Jim says he thought he'd be at home with his 'new wife'. Paul replies that Gail wanted to do some housework and wanted Paul out of the way. Seeing that Jim is a bit distant, Paul starts to talk about the wedding and says that he and Gail just wanted a small event with no fuss. Jim says the wedding is his business but he's worried about how Julie and Hilary will react. Paul says he'll talk to both of them. Jim tells Paul he's happy he has found a lovely girl and doesn't understand why he had to hide it.
Mrs Mangel's
Mrs Mangel is writing notes about the job. Jane answers the door to Harold who asks her if he would be able to move back in. Mrs Mangel is alarmed when she realises Harold is at the door and tells Madge how horrified she was when she caught Harold in her house! Harold gives Mrs Mangel some flowers but she shuns him and Jane is left to take the flowers from him.
Harold explains to Mrs Mangel that he is a worthy man and Madge backs him up. Madge goes to leave but Mrs Mangel asks her to stay as she thinks the presence of another woman would help such delicate matters. Harold explains how he nearly returned to Queensland but realised he had made good friends in Erinsborough and didn't want to leave. He asks Mrs Mangel if he can move back in and she says she will think about it.
When he leaves Mrs Mangel comments that Harold seems like a very nice man, and Madge thoughtfully agrees that he is.
Ramsay Street
Scott runs over to help Charlene who has dropped the groceries on the street. He tells her about Paul and Gail getting married and Charlene tells her she already knew thanks to Rob. Charlene thinks Paul and Gail had the right idea - at least Gail didn't have to fork out for a wedding dress. Madge joins them and helps them in with the groceries.
Paul and Jim arrive back from their game of squash, which Jim won. Jim tells Paul that he understands his reasons for keeping the wedding quiet but reiterates how upset Julie will be that she missed his big day.
Scott thinks it's weird that Paul is playing squash the day after his wedding. Jim says they have to accept that Paul and Gail just wanted a small wedding and says they will make up for it with he and Charlene's wedding. Scott says Charlene hasn't been happy about the wedding since she lost out on her dream dress. Jim says to ease their worries he will be paying for them to have a honeymoon - providing it's nowhere exotic.
Madge promises Charlene she will sort her out a nice dress. Charlene tells her it's a shame she and Harold couldn't have sorted things out. Henry tells Madge and Charlene that he is going out and doesn't say where he is going. Charlene thinks it's unfair that Madge didn't interrogate Henry, but Madge tells her she will understand one day.
Paul and Gail's
Paul is on the phone to Julie who is clearly giving him a hard time about not being invited to the wedding. Gail is making dinner and overhears the fraught conversation Paul and Julie are having. Paul gets off the phone and sees the effort Gail has made for lunch. He tells her she doesn't have to cook for him. She says it's not big deal and is a bit thrown by the obvious tension. Paul tells her he feels like this is her territory and says he feels like he can no longer talk to her. He says he thought the personal stuff wouldn't faze him but it has. Gail says the important thing about this business deal is that they are friends, and she is sure that they are. Paul thanks her and joins her for lunch.
Mrs Mangel's Front yard
Jane takes Mrs Mangel to the rosebush where Len's ashes were supposedly scattered. Mrs Mangel bends down and starts talking to the rosebush much to the horror of Jane.
Ramsays' Backyard
Scott tells Charlene about Jim offering to pay for the honeymoon. Charlene is thrilled and says Jim is terrific. She says the only problem now is the wedding dress. Jane arrives and tells Scott and Charlene how much she hates lying to Mrs Mangel. Charlene thinks it's ok so long as it keeps her happy.
Mrs Mangel's Front yard
Mrs Mangel is talking to the rosebush. Madge sees her from across the road and gives a puzzled look.
Madge tells Jim how she just saw Mrs Mangel talking to the rosebush - she is sure she's finally flipped! Madge apologises to Jim about getting so touchy when he offered to pay for the wedding She says if the offer still stand she would be grateful if he could pay for the champagne and the drinks. Jim says he would be happy to help and asks Madge to make sure Julie and Hilary get invites to this wedding.
Paul and Gail's
Paul asks Scott if he could work on some design ideas for the lake area at Lassiters. Scott agrees to get it and says he needs the extra cash. Paul apologises to Scott for not telling him about the wedding. Gail says they wanted to keep the fuss to a minimum. Scott says it's ok so long as Paul and Gail are happy, besides thanks to the impromptu wedding he now has a terrific sister-in-law.
Scott calls Charlene but she isn't pleased to hear from him. She tells him Henry hasn't been home all night and is hoping to get Madge to church before she realises Henry's bed hasn't been slept in. They arrange to meet later to look at some travel brochures.
Madge emerges from her bedroom and Charlene tries to hurry her off to church. Henry arrives home and whilst Charlene tries to cover for him, he admits he has been out all night. Madge and Henry have a conversation about work and Charlene wonders how Madge knew where Henry was. Henry goes to the laundry and comes back with a box. He hands it to Charlene and when she opens it she finds her Cinderella dress. Madge explains that they put it on lay-by and Henry worked all night to earn the money to pay for it. Charlene is absolutely thrilled.
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Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0514
Charlene Mitchell

<<0513 - 0515>>
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