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Neighbours Episode 0490 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0490
Australian airdate: 15/5/1987
UK airdate: 22/9/1988
UK Gold: 16/9/1994
Writer: ?
Director: ?
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Harold has come to condole with Madge about Henry's arrest. Madge says he's only been taken for questioning but Harold says it's tantamount to the same thing(!) Charlene is refusing go back to work until she knows what's happening with Henry. She tells Madge that Henry has changed in every way since he got out of jail, but Madge doubts him because he's so mysterious about where he was. Madge is upset at the thought of Henry going back to jail.
Scott says that Lucy has turned into a bigger brat than Bradley. She has locked herself in her room and Jim wants to give her a hiding(!) Helen tries to play peacemaker, saying that Lucy has had a lot of changes in her life over the last few months, and she'll come round. Anyway, she'll have to come out when she's hungry!
Madge is going down to the police station to see if she can find out more. Harold invites himself to come along and so does Charlene. Charlene has a go at Harold for not supporting Henry. Harold says that they can't forget Henry's past. Charlene asks him how he'd like it if everyone dwelt on him and Mrs Mangel getting drunk for evermore and Harold is forced to admit that he wouldn't. They open the front door to find Henry there! Charlene hugs him.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Des tells Mike that he should go back to Uni. Mike wants to withdraw some money from his trust fund to buy a bike he's seen. But Des isn't sure - Mrs Mangel was right when she said bikes could be dangerous. Mike says that he'll get his permit and do things properly.
Mrs Mangel comes up and tells them that Henry has been arrested. She embellishes it as much as she can and says that you can't expect much from someone like Henry(!)
Charlene is quizzing Henry. He is still evasive about where he was at the time of the robbery, but eventually admits he was with a mate from prison. The mate helped Henry while he was in jail, so Henry wanted to help him out in return by giving him some money.
The Coffee Shop
Mrs Mangel reads in the paper about another school being damaged by fire. She also moralises about motorbikes. She's just calling Henry a thief when Charlene comes up. Charlene has a right go at Mrs Mangel and says she's a nasty old woman who enjoys making up lies about people. She threatens her that if she says one more word about Henry, she'll tell the world about Mrs Mangel and Harold getting drunk! Mrs Mangel is left speechless for once(!)
The Robinsons are chatting about Lucy. Scott in particular is fed up but Jim tells him just to sing the Welcome Home song he composed through Lucy's door. Jim says he's never have let Lucy go abroad if he'd known she'd come back like this. Helen says Lucy is hitting puberty. Scott comes back and tells them that Lucy didn't appreciate his song.
Outside Lucy's bedroom door
Jim knocks on Lucy's door but she gives him the silent treatment. He tells her she'd better be out by the time he gets home from work.
Harold tells Henry that he'd better tell the truth about where he was last night. But Henry says the police won't take the word of ex-crims, and it's not a crime to help a mate out of trouble. He says he wouldn't have survived without help, and he wanted to do the same for his mate (Benny).
Lucy's bedroom
Helen knocks on the door and Lucy lets her in. She starts helping Lucy to unpack, and they chat about clothes. Lucy has bought some clothes in London because the fashions are better. Helen asks if the grandmother are better too. Lucy says of course not and hugs Helen.
Lucy has perked up and is enthusing to Helen about her experiences in Europe. She is sad that she won't see Bradley and suddenly gets cross again because Jim made her come back to Australia before she could see him. She says that Jim has ruined her whole life(!)
Charlene's caravan
Charlene is scrubbing a frying pan when Sue and Warren come up. Charlene gets angry at Sue for not cleaning up her breakfast things. She also has a go at Warren for trying to move in on Henry's girlfriend. She storms off.
Warren invites Sue to go for a drive until Charlene has calmed down. Warren admits that he's become quite keen on Sue.
Lucy's bedroom
Lucy is showing Helen some of the clothes she bought in London. She also shows Helen a book about the Royal Family that she was going to give to Jim. Helen suggests that she gives it to him with a note of apology. Lucy says she doesn't want to live in Erinsborough because it's dull and boring after London and Paris. Helen says she has to make it her home again, and she'd better start making an effort.
Charlene's caravan
Henry calls to see Sue to say thanks for going to give her an alibi. He's pleased that Warren talked her out of it. Charlene says that Sue isn't good enough for Henry and she shouldn't be chasing after Warren. Henry says he doesn't mind but he looks a bit crestfallen.
The police have come to search the house but they don't have a warrant. Madge doesn't want to let them in, but Harold says they'd better not delay the inevitable. They go to search the bedrooms. Henry comes in and Madge tells him off. She doesn't believe that he had no involvement in the robbery.
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Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0490
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0490
Lucy Robinson

<<0489 - 0491>>
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