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Neighbours Episode 0454 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0453 - 0455>>
Episode title: 0454
Australian airdate: 26/03/87
UK airdate: 03/08/88
UK Gold: 28/07/94
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Gaye Arnold
Summary/Images by: Barney/David
Helen, supported by Mike, telling Daphne that there has been an accident.
Daphne looks stunned and Mike walks across to her, touching her shoulder to reassure her.
MIKE: Daph, you're getting all worked up. It's probably nothing and he'll be fine.
DAPHNE: (Close to tears, turns away) I hope you're right. (turns back to them and shouts) How could he get lost?
HELEN: (as she and Mike walk towards her) Well apparently there were some vandals in the area and they not only demolished the public telephone box, but they wrecked Des's car as well. Jim thinks that they were the larrikins that ran him off the road. That's bhow he got hurt in the first place.
They are now all in the sitting room, Daphne pacing, sucking the end of her thumb, Mike anxious to calm Daphne, moves towards her again.
MIKE: Look, Des had to cut across country, and he was worried about Mr Robinson. Probably thought it was the quickest way to get help.
DAPHNE: (very upset) So you knew about this, did you?
MIKE: Well we didn't want to upset you till we knew what was happening.
DAPHNE: (Is now expressing her fears in justifiably angry tones) How could either of you have done that? I had a right to know!
HELEN: Well of course you did, but at that stage, we didn't know that he was missing. We thought he'd turn up somewhere.
DAPHNE: (more quietly, walking away from them again) He could be anywhere. (voice rising again) He has no sense of direction at all. Jim should never have allowed him to go off on his own!
HELEN: (dryly) He didn't have much choice. He had a broken leg.
DAPHNE: (very quietly). Sorry, Helen. I didn't stop to think.
HELEN: (quietly as she walks across to her) It's all right. You're just anxious about Des.
MIKE: Look, Daph, the police are searching in the area now.
HELEN (touches her arm) And they know which way he went. So ... he should turn up shortly. (Daphne nods) Do you think we should notify Eileen?
Daphne sighs and Helen asks if she'd like her to ring for her.
DAPHNE: (very tiredly) Yes, if you wouldn't mind. I don't think I could face Eileen at the moment.
Helen goes to the phone and Daphne flops onto the couch. Mike sits next to her.
MIKE: Try and take it easy. All this worry can't be good for the baby.
DAPHNE: I can't help it! (Rests her head on her hand, elbow propped on the end of the couch. Mike is close.) Oh, Mike, what're we gonna do if something's happened to Des?
The Ramsay Residence.
Madge is at the head of the table, Harold to her left, Henry to her right, Charlene next to Henry. They are having lunch. Madge shakes out her napkin and says that she thinks she is getting quite good at cooking 'vegetarian style.' She continues that most of her recipes are easy to adapt. Henry replkies that it might be good for Harold, but it's definitely not his choice. He's carnivore!
Harold is picking at his teeth as Charlene agrees with Henry and asks of it is lamb in theirs.
HAROLD: I should say so. Madge, did you cut these vegetables with the same knife you used on the meat, and on the same board?
MADGE: (Shrugs) We-ell, I suppose so. Oh surely you can't tell.
HAROLD: I'm afraid I can. I'm sorry. You've gone to an awful lot of trouble bit I cannot eat this.
MADGE: Harold, don't you think that you're carrying this a bit far?
HAROLD: (sitting back) A lot of people would say so, but I've got a delicate - a very delicate palate. The slightest hint of meat and I'm nauseous.
Madge pushes back her chair, stand and throws her napkin on the table. She is not pleased. Charlene, getting up, tries to keep the peace, tells her mother to eat while she makes a salad for Harold. Harold thanks her. Madge sits again.
HAROLD: I didn't mean to upset you, Madge. This is very embarrassing. Perhaps I should've explained.
MADGE: (eating, but still irritated) Yes, perhaps you should've.
HAROLD: I just didn't think of it, that's all. (digging a hole for himself) A lot of people have separate cutlery to use on meat. (digs even deeper) Mrs Mangel does.
MADGE: (I wish you could see the face she pulls at this!) That figures.
The Des Res:
Helen and Daphne are sitting on the couch looking anxious. Mike comes in tot ell them that Scott is getting the car out to go up there. Helen wonders if it's wise, as they might hinder the police, who are trained in this work, but Mike replies that at least he will feel as though he is doing something. Daphne slams her mug down on the coffee table and jumps up, saying that she is going, too. She wants to be there when they find him.
Helen is also on her feet and tries to dissuade her, but Daphne says Des will need her. Mike chips in that it's very rough country and Des would want her to be safe at home. Helen suggests that the police might find him before the boys get there. Wordlessly, Daphne gives in, and Mike, saying that he will ring, leaves.
The two women sit down heavily, and Helen puts her arm round Daphne, gently telling her to cheer up as she is sure that they will soon find Des.
HELEN: (thinking aloud) He'd have to cut through Carter's Creek and apparently there are only two places where it is easy to cross.
DAPHNE: Carter's Creek? That's pretty deep, isn't it? (almost in tears) Helen, Des can hardly swim! He hates the water. (she gets up and moves away).
HELEN: (clutching at straws) Well ... he's probably turned back by now.
DAPHNE: No, he wouldn't. Not if he knew that Jim was badly hurt and counting on him to get help. He'd try and get across somehow.
Eileen, wearing a blue and white shirt dress and carrying her handbag, comes dashing in by the front door.
Eileen: Daphne? Daphne have you heard anything? Desmond .. is he alright? (sits down on the other end of the couch to Helen) How could you let him run around like that.
Helen: (bouncing along the couch and grabbing her arm) For heaven's sake, stop it! Daphne had nothing to do with Des getting lost!
EILEEN: I know. It's just that I'm so frightened.
DAPHNE: (standing with her elbow on the kitchen bar, forehead in hand, whispers.) So am I.
EILEEN: (getting up and crossing to her) Don't worry, Daphne. We'll see this through together.
They hug.
Ramsay Residence:
The four are still in the dining room. Madge has just placed a cake on the table before sitting again and Charlene is pouring coffee from a big white china pot.
HAROLD: That cake looks delicious, Madge.
MADGE: Thank you, Harold. I hope it'll be up to scratch.
HENRY: (placatingly) I'm sure that it will be. Mum makes terrific cakes.
Harold takes a bit and through the mouthful says enthusiastically that it is very nice.
HAROLD: Tell me, did you get the dried fruits locally?
MADGE: (defensive, so snappy) At the local supermarket. Why? Is something wrong?
HAROLD: (still with his mouth full of cake) No, oh no, no, no. I was just thinking ... (finally clears his mouth) When I open the shop I might be able to save you a few pennies. (looking at the piece of cake) We'll be selling dried fruit, nuts, cherries, peel ... All that sort of thing.
HENRY: Oh yeah? Os that a market for that sort of junk around Erinsborough?
CHARLENE: (now sitting at the table) Everyone is into health and fitness these days.
She says that he will be feeding all the Trendies, and Harold says that he won't complain and that there might even be some part time work for them, if they like. Charlene says they'll be in it and Henry agrees, but Madge tells Harold that he mustn't feel obligated to offer them work.
HAROLD: We'll need somebody to be in the shop when you're not there. After all, you'll need some free time to do some shopping and housework and all that, won't you.
MADGE: (who does not look impressed) But Harold, I have my job at the Waterhole to consider.
HAROLD: (laughing a little) Of course you do! But you'll be free of all that once we're married, won't you.
Madge doesn't look happy.
The Des Res
Eileen is doing her share of the pacing, walking to and fro with one arm folded tight across her chest, the other, to her face. Helen is sitting next to Daphne, who is curled up with her head resting on one arm which is along the back of the couch.
EILEEN: Where's that boy of mine? He could be dead for all we know.
HELEN: That sort of talk doesn't help, Eileen.
EILEEN: But anything could have happened to him. He could have been caught on a snag, (Daphne lifts her head) he could be trapped by a rock; he could have tried to swim the creek.
HELEN: I'm sure that Des is far too sensible to do anything so silly. Now why don't we ... why don't we do something - take out minds off all this.
EILEEN: I don't see how we could. All I can see is poor Desmond lying face down in Carter's Creek and I'm never going to see my boy again!
Daphne shoots up off the couch.
DAPHNE: (shouting as she faces Eileen) STOP IT! WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP!
The Mangel residence:
Jane is at the table, writing a letter. Mrs Mangel comes across and Jane hurriedly collects up her pad as her grandmother says that letter writing is almost a lost art these days. She goes on to insist that Jane doesn't trouble her mother with their financial difficulties. Jane replies that it's a letter to Nicky, which meets with approval and Mrs Mangel tells her that the friends you make in childhood are with you all your days.
She asks if Jane can take a moment to check some figures and Jane takes the small notebook from her, moving to sit on the couch. As Jane looks at the figures, Mrs Mangel says she thinks that they can just about manage, though it's a bit of a come-down, after being housekeeper at Lassiters, to be a lollipop lady again, but beggars can't be choosers.
JANE: Nan, you've made a mistake with the figure for the mortgage repayment. It's much higher than this.
MRS MANGEL: Yes, I know, but we have enough equity in the house to make re-financing a possibility. I thought I'd show these figures to Mr Clark. I'm sure he'd like out business back.
JANE: Well if the bank agrees, it might work, I suppose. It doesn't leave us very much to live on, though.
MRS MANGEL: we're saving a good deal on meat and such. It's a god-send Mr Bishop's a vegetarian.
JANE: Yes. He has helped us through a rough patch, although ... we can't count on him staying with us permanently.
Nell looks puzzled.
JANE: Well everyone knows he's keen on Charlene's mum. If they get married, he'll move in with her.
MRS MANGEL: Oh dear! I hadn't considered the possibility of losing him like that.
The Ramsay Residence:
Madge and Harold, now sitting side by side on the couch, are continuing their conversation. Madge tells him that she is just not sure about quitting her job at the Waterhole. Harold doesn't understand why not.
MADGE: well that job's been very good to me. In a funny sort of way, it's taught me a lot about myself.
HAROLD: But Madge, you've never been much of a one for alcohol. I thought you'd hate being forced to serve it, day after day.
MADGE: (with a smile) Six months ago, if you said that to me, I'd have been the first to agree with you, but I've loosened up a lot, and I'm certainly more independent.
HAROLD: (looking sad) You have changed. You used to be such a ... vulnerably young girl. (Madge smiles) I just wanted to look after you.
MADGE: And I wanted to be looked after. (Harold also smiles, sadly) Oh Harold, we've both changed over the years. I think that we need to get ... reacquainted.
Harold sighs deeply as he nods in agreement.
The Des Res.
Eileen is sitting on the couch in the dimly lit room, shoulders tense, hands clasped tightly. She looks round as Helen comes back from the bedroom, where Daphne is lying down.
EILEEN: (voice breaking with emotion) How could she turn on me in that way?
HELEN: (sighs as she sits beside her) Oh, Eileen, she's just as worried about Des as you are, and you didn't help her by carrying on like some prophet of doom.
EILEEN: (sniffs as the tears come) Well I can't help it! Desmond is my only child. After his father deserted us, I had to do everything and now I feel I've failed him so miserably... (she buries her nose in her handkerchief)
HELEN: (putting an arm round her shoulders) Eileen, don't be so upset. Des wouldn't want to see you this way.
EILEEN: (voice is muffled by tears) ... to see his face once more...
The doorbell rings and they both bounce up.
EILEEN: That'll be the police. They've come to give us the bad news...
Helen, on her way to the door, tells her to sit down. She answers the door and finds Mrs Mangel there. They are surprised to see each other. Nell strives to see round the door as she asks for Des, saying that she wishes to speak to him on a banking matter. Helen says Des is not at home and when Mrs Mangel asks if he will be back soon, she hedges, saying she doesn't know when he will be back.
Eileen is still tearful on the couch as Nell tries to look round the door and asks if there is something wrong. Helen says no, everything is under control, she will leave a message for des and shuts the door on her, saying, in a very determined tone, "Goodnight, Nell."
Outside the door, Mrs Mangel rubs her cheek and seems breathless.
The Mangel Residence:
Harold has just come home and Jane, busy with her letter, asks if he had a nice dinner. Harold says he did, and sits on the couch. Jane, slightly distracted, says that Mrs Mitchell is a great cook, isn't she. She looks up to see Harold looking thoughtful and says he can change the television channel if he likes as she wasn't really watching it. He says it's fine.
Mrs Mangel comes in and Jane hurriedly closes her pad. Mrs Mangel greets Harold and crosses the room to the television, which she turns off as Jane asks if Des says they can re-finance the house. Mrs Mangel sits primly in an armchair, hand folded on her bag, knees together.
MRS MANGEL: Mr Clark wasn't at home. In fact, something most peculiar is going on over there. Eileen was quite upset.
JANE: Well why? What's happened?
MRS Mangel: Well far be it from me to speculate on the lives of my neighbours, but I do believe that Mr Clark has left home. Again.
JANE: Oh, Nan! Don't jump to conclusions!
MRS Mangel: I know what I saw with my own eyes. Something is going on.
Harold purses his lips as he looks at her from under frowning brows.
HAROLD: I heard that they had separated once before, but I understood that there had been some sort of misunderstanding?
JANE: There was, too! Des and Daphne are the happiest couple I know.
MRS MANGEL: And you know very little, my girl. (Looks across at Harold) Oh, I knew from the very beginning that it wouldn't work. They hardly knew each other.
JANE: (looking indignant) Well they'd been living in the same house for ages before they got married.
MRS M: You're far too young to understand these things, Jane. You never really know someone till you're married to them.
In the background, Harold looks at his hands, frowning thoughtfully.
HAROLD: Yes. People have a tendency to change, for all sorts of reasons.
MRS M: Well, you know what they say. "Marry in haste, repent at leisure."
Harold just purses his lips again and nods.
The Ramsay Residence.
Madge, Charlene and Henry are in the sitting room. Madge takes a sip of tea.
MADGE (sitting back in her chair): Mmmm. I needed that.
CHARLENE: Y'know, you two are worse than Scott and me. One minute it's all on, the next, it's off. (Madge looks thoughtful)
CHARLENE: If you two don't get your act together, you're gonna blow the whole thing.
MADGE: Maybe that's what I'm trying to do.
HENRY: Oh, get off. You've done nothing but rave about what a top bloke Harold is for weeks.
CHARLENE: And you wanna get married again, don't ya.
MADGE: (Waves her hand) now that, Charlene, is the $64.000 question.
HENRY: But I thought he as what you'd always dreamed of - stable, responsible,
MADGE: (talking over him) Overprotective, chauvinistic, set in his ways ...
CHARLENE: Come on, Mum. Nobody's perfect. (Madge looks sceptical and sips her tea) What do you want out of life anyway?
MADGE: I don't exactly know at the moment. (defensively) I know ... I know he's a wonderful man, but if I hear one more word about his virtues, I think I'll scream.
HENRY: We're only trying to help.
MADGE: (getting up, taking her cup and saucer with her) Yes, I know you are, and I love you both for it. (touches Charlene's head) but this is something I've got to work out for myself. See you in the morning.
HENRY AND CHARLENE: (as Madge leaves the room) G'night.
HENRY: (With a sigh) Do ya reckon we're overdoing this? (Charlene sits back, folding her arms) I don't know how keen I am on learning to call Harold, "Daddy".
CHARLENE: (Slight giggle) If you want the truth, neither do I. I think she loves him, even if she won't admit it. And anyway, we're only doing it for her
HENRY: (completing the sentence with her) for her own good.
They laugh.
The Des Res:
Eileen and Helen are sitting at the table as Mike comes in. they both look up and Eileen asks him anxiously if there is any news. He replies that there's nothing and they've called off the search till daylight. He asks where Daphne is. Helen replies that she is lying down as she's exhausted. As Mike tells them that he got as far as Carter's Creek before it got dark, Daphne opens the door and comes in. Mike says the sergeant told him that they are going to start dragging in the morning.
Eileen and Helen gasp and put their hands to their mouths as Daphne cries, "Oh no!!!"
The Des Res:
The next morning. Mike (in his beige and brown kimono-style dressing gown) and Daphne are at the breakfast table. Daphne, now dressed in a pink jogging set and looking decidedly hagged, ha san untouched plate of food in front of her. She is being encouraged by Eileen to eat something. She says she can't. She tried to persuade Mike to eat, too, and he says,. "No thanks, Mrs Clarke."
Eileen, looking defeated, sits down opposite Daphne, who suggests that Mike should be getting ready for Uni. He says he thought he'd stay to keep her company till Des gets back. Daphne smiles at him. The doorbell sounds and all three dash to the door. It's Paul.
A disappointed and deflated Daphne says, "hi Paul" in very flat tones and he comes in, asking if there is any news. There isn't. As they all sit at the table, Daphne asks how Jim is, and Paul says that like all of them, they are worried about her. Daphne thanks him and says that it's the waiting that is getting to her as she feels so useless.
Paul has come to offer to put one of the Lassiters staff in the Coffee Shop, so she can be at home to wait for news. Daphne is grateful, but Eileen interrupts and asks to be allowed to do it, as being busy might help her not to worry so much about Des. Paul looks at Daphne, who nods, then offers Eileen a lift as he's on his way to the office. She accepts, asking for assurance that Daphne will phone her as soon as there is any news. Daphne replies that of course she will.
Eileen follows Paul to the door, saying goodbye to Mike on the way.
DAPHNE: Eileen ... (Eileen turns) I'm sorry I yelled at you last night.
EILEEN: Ah. It's forgotten.
Paul and Eileen leave and Daphne gets up to clear the table. She picks up a plate as Mike comes and trying to take the plate, says he'll do that - she should go and rest. Daphne, irritated, cries, "Mike, don't fuss!" and the plate lands on the floor and breaks. There's a pause for a fraction of a moment, then Daphne turns away and says, in a broken voice, "Des, where are you?" Mike puts his arm round her shoulders and tells her that he'll be ok. She sighs.
Ramsay residence:
Charlene, wearing big white daisy earrings and dressed in a short scoop-necked top and blue and white skirt, is sitting on the kitchen bar. Henry, sitting at the table and wearing a royal blue t-shirt is tucking into cereal and has the paper open at the situations vacant page. He says there are five good ones and he ought to get something out of one of them. Charlene throws something small at him and tells him he's an optimist.
Henry throws the thing back and tells her she won't get anything unless she tries. She jumps down and says she has been trying for months. Madge, wearing a long white bead necklace with her loose lilac dress with blue and white cross-over stripes, comes in and greets them with a cheery, "Good morning." as she heads to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Henry asks if she's been on the cooking sherry already.
MADGE: No. Not really. I'm on what you might call a natural high.
CHARLENE: You? (Turns to look at Henry) I suppose there's a first time for everything.
MADGE: (wiping down the worktop) A decision made is as good as a job completed.
CHARLENE: (exchanging looks with Henry before turning to Madge with a grin) Harold.
MADGE: Yes. I've come to a decision.
HENRY: You gonna tell us about it or are you just gonna go around all day grinning to yourself?
MADGE: (hands on worktop, a smug look on her face) After due and careful consideration (walks across to them and perches on a bar stool) I have decided to accept Harold's proposal of marriage.
CHARLENE: (surprised, but pleased) What happened? Last night, Harold was 'overprotective, chauvinistic' ...
MADGE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was last night. I've come to the conclusion that I quite like a man who knows what he wants from a woman. (Henry and Charlene are grinning widely) I like the idea of being protected for a change. Mind you, it's going to be a long engagement. We need time to get to know each other again.
HENRY: (getting up and, pushing Charlene aside, goes to hug Madge) Well, may I be the first to kiss the bride to be!
They hug and she gives a happy laugh as Charlene in her turn pushes Henry aside and hugs her too. She thanks them both and goes back to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Charlene and Henry give each other a satisfied hug.
Lassiters Office:
Jane, dressed in blue, walks through from the inner to the outer office, followed by Helen, in a green blouse and green, blue and white patterned blue skirt. Jane goes to the filing cabinet to put away a folder.
JANE: Well Nan was convinced that Des had left Daphne again. I wish she wouldn't get these ideas.
HELEN: Well, we probably contributed to her confusion. Daphne didn't want to talk to anyone last night.
JANE: Is she ok?
HELEN: (unzipping the big black folio she had been carrying and bends over the desk) Well, she's frantic about Des, of course, but she's holding up well. Eileen and Mike are still with her, so I didn't feel any need to stay. (She re-zips the folio) I'm going to pick Jim up from the hospital this morning and I think I might spend the rest of the day with him.
JANE: Well I can look after things here until Paul gets in.
HELEN: (still fiddling with the zip!) Oh right. Ermm... will you take the bookings for Home James?
JANE: (now sitting at her desk) Sure. Oh, and give Mr Robinson my best, will you?
Enter Rob Lewis, clutching a black folder.
HELEN: Oh, Rob ... Gail's at the hotel
ROB: Aksherly, Mrs Daniels, it's you I'm looking for. How's that lovely limousine of yours running these days?
HELEN: (looking slightly puzzled) Er, fine, thank you.
ROB: A clever lady like you would know how important cost and reliability is. I've come to suggest a new service contract on your car.
HELEN: Weelll, I'm perfectly satisfied with the current people.
ROB: You haven't seen what I can do yet, and I can offer you a very good deal.
HELEN: Oh, I really think that you should discuss any change of arrangements with Paul. I mean, the Daniels Corporation does have a say.
ROB: Oh, I don't reckon he'd bother with anything like this. It's only one car.
HELEN: Oh! But Paul's investment has increased the fleet to three.
ROB: (face lighting up) Yeah? I'll make a point of talking to your grandson, and when he sees what a deal I've got, he'll jump at it. Good to see ya, Mrs Daniels. (He leaves with a decided air of excitement)
HELEN: (as Rob opens the door) Good to see you, Mr Lewis.
She exchanges a knowing grin with Jane.
Coffee Shop:
Paul is helping Eileen by putting the chairs down from the tables while she puts on cloths and sets out condiments. He says that if she needs anything, to phone him and he'll send one of the girls over.
EILEEN: (fiddling with her apron and not looking at him) It's very kind of you, Mr Robinson, but I must keep busy. If I chop onions, no-one will notice the tears.
Paul reassures her as Rob enters.
ROB: (cheerily) G'day, Paul. (He breaks off as he sees Eileen and his voice changes) Mrs Clarke!
PAUL: I didn't realise you two had met.
EILEEN: (bristles with annoyance) Mr Lewis is well-known in the Unit in which I reside - unfortunately.
ROB: You and your stickybeak cronies have made your position perfectly clear.
EILEEN: And we get no consideration from you, do we.
ROB: (angrily, with Paul looking most uncomfortable in the background) Look, they're my clothes, I want to hang them on my balcony and I will!!!
PAUL: (clears his throat) I'm going to get back to the office now. Umm, don't forget to give me a ring if you need anything.
ROB: (to Paul) I wanna word with ya. (Turns to Eileen) You in charge here?
ROB: Black coffee, no sugar.
EILEEN: (instilling real snipe into her voice) To take away?
ROB: (nastily) Too right! (Turns back to Paul) I've just been talking to Mrs Daniels. She tells me you're the man to see about the limos. (Paul nods) I've got a little proposition for ya. Have yuh got time for a beer tonight or (with deep meaning in his voice) are you working back with Gail?
PAUL: (with a certain emphasis in his tone) That depends how much work Gail and I get done today. Look, we're pretty busy trying to organise this convention. (He turns and walks away).
EILEEN: (very stroppily) Eighty cents. (hands Rob the coffee)
ROB: Oi ...What about our little talk? (To Eileen) Look, here's a dollar. Keep the change. (To Paul) Well?
PAUL: Look, ring my secretary and make an appointment.
ROB: Oh, all right, If I have to!
Rob leaves and Eileen says to Paul, "Oh, that man!
The Waterhole:
In the darkened pub, Madge, also busy taking chairs down from tables, is setting up for the day's work. Enter Harold, very neat in grey suit, white shirt and discreetly striped tie. She asks what he is doing in 'this den of iniquity'. He closes the door carefully before explaining that he is on his way to Paul's office to talk about the lease on the shop. He looks nervous.
HAROLD: Erm, er, Madge, I did quite a lot of thinking last night.
MADGE: (continuing to set up) Yes, so did I.
HAROLD: (seeming not to have heard her comment) And what you were saying about us having changed over the years ... (twisting his hands together nervously) Well, you were right, and I think it's wise that I don't rush into anything as permanent as the shop.
MADGE: (now behind the bar) Harold, I'm quite prepared to work in the shop! In fact, the idea of a family business appeals to me. (folds and refolds a teatowel, looking a little shy) The idea of being a family is very attractive, full stop. I tell you what. If you're not too busy this afternoon, why don't we go shopping for that engagement ring?
HAROLD: Maybe it's a bit too soon for that, too. You've just been divorced and perhaps you're still on the rebound, so to speak. Madge ... I don't know how to say this...
MADGE: (takes a gulp) I think I do. You're not sure if you want to marry me any more.
HAROLD: (also struggling) I suppose that's it, in a nutshell. I'm ... I'm sorry, Madge.
The Des Res:
Daphne, now dressed in a royal blue overall with blue and white striped collar and cuffs, is ironing. Mike, also dressed, is sitting on the couch with a snack in his hands. He asks why she doesn't just sit down - the shirts will wait. She replies that he doesn't understand. By doing it, it's as if he will come out of the bedroom and ask where his clean shirts are. Mike says, "Something like a hostage to faith, huh?" A slightly tearful Daphne agrees that it's something like that.
The phone rings and as Daphne reaches for it, so Mike is also on his feet. She picks it up.
DAPHNE: Hello? Yes, this is Mrs Clarke.
As she listens, her face changes.
DAPHNE: Oh, thank you. Thank you, sergeant. Thank you. Bye.
She puts the phone down. Mike asks what they said and Daphne answers with a huge hug. Mike asks her again to tell him what they said.
DAPHNE: (tearfully) Des tried to swim Carter's Creek. And he didn't drown. He spent the night on the rocks. He's all right. Mike, Des is alive. He's safe!
She puts her arms round Mike's neck and hugs him, a beautiful, big, joyful smile on her face.
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Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0454
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Helen Daniels

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0454
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0454
Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0454
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0454
Madge Mitchell

Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0454
Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels, Daphne Clarke

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0454
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0454
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0454
Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels

Nell Mangel, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0454
Nell Mangel, Helen Daniels

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0454
Jane Harris

Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0454
Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0454
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Mike Young, Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0454
Helen Daniels, Mike Young, Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0454
Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0454
Eileen Clarke, Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke

Mike Young, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0454
Mike Young, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0454
Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Rob Lewis, Jane Harris, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0454
Rob Lewis, Jane Harris, Helen Daniels

Eileen Clarke, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0454
Eileen Clarke, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0454
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0454
Daphne Clarke

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0454
Mike Young

Daphne Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0454
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young

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