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Neighbours Episode 0425 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0425
Australian airdate: 13/02/1987
UK airdate: 23/06/1988
UK Gold: 17/06/1994
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Charlene attacks Darren at the garage, Moustache bloke pulls them apart. Charlene loses her job and blames Scott as she feels that Scott's article lost her, her job. She never wants to see him again!
Des arrives and Madge greets him warmly and says that she has just been thinking about him. Rather despondently Des wants to know what he has done now. Madge chirpily replies that she is so looking forward to having him and Daphne to dinner tonight. Des is rather dismayed as it is the first he has heard of it and he wants to know what the occasion is. Madge explains that first of all she thinks that they should sit down and discuss these awful articles and she also wants to celebrate Charlene getting a job. Des apologises but tells her that there is no way he is going to dinner tonight. Madge feels that is a shame as she would really like him to meet Harold Bishop and tells Des that Harold is now decided to stay in Erinsborough and has some money he would like to invest which could mean business for Des's bank. Des feels sure that Madge has heard of the problems between him and Daphne, but Madge isn't going to let him wriggle out of it that easily. Madge tells him that Daphne has agreed to come with him and she is sure they can sit down at the table like adults and have a pleasant meal with friends. Des is surprised by Daphne's agreement but perks up and agrees to go after all.
Ramsay Street
Charlene is slowly walking up the road as Scott curb crawls after her in his car. Scott calls out her name a couple of times to be greeted up "Rack Off" and "Drop Dead' by Charlene. Scott asks her what happened at work, Charlene turns demands to know why he wants to know...Is it so he can write about it in that "Rag of a paper" of his. Scott asks Charlene to get into the car so they can talk. Charlene scoffs and shouts that he better watch it if his editor finds out that he is picking up innocent young girls off the street he will print it and it will ruin his reputation. Charlene turns and walks away from the car, Scott shouts after her that he only wants to apologise but Charlene tells him where he can stick his apology. Scott replies that she is as bad as her mother. Charlene runs to the car and points her finger at Scott telling him to leave her mother out of it; she had just lost her job because another nerd had a go at her mother. Scott wants to know what he had said. Charlene tells him that he can go and find out and that she never wants to speak to him again! Scott shouts back angrily that it suits him just fine and he drives off leaving Charlene looking after him.
Coffee Shop
Mike carries a tray out to some customers as Clive comes in. Clive smirks at Daphne, and she wants to know what is wrong has she suddenly grown two horns or something. Clive asks her how she is feeling, Daphne replies that she is fighting fit and doesn't want to discuss his house guest. Mike comes back to give Daphne an order and grabs Clive and drags him into the kitchen.
Mike tells Clive he has to stay in the kitchen because Des is about to arrive. Holding back his obvious anger Des tells Daphne that Madge has just told him about the Dinner and was she happy with that. Daphne replies very controlled that she is happy after all Madge has never done them any harm and she is sure that it won't kill him to sit at the same dinner table as her. Des childishly says that if it is Ok by her it is Ok by him. Daphne replies that it is Ok by the both of them then.
Listening in the kitchen Clive and Mike smile and Clive gestures the thumb up. Just then Daphne tells Des that of course it won't be the same not having his girlfriend Lorraine there with him. Des slams shut the menu he had been reading and replies that it won't. Daphne feels that for appearance sake they should appear to be at least on speaking terms. Des starts to raise his voice and says sarcastically that they must keep up appearances mustn't they. In the kitchen Clive and Mike roll their eyes in despair. Daphne asks Des if there is anything else. Des looks very angry and mutters that he will pick her up at 7 o'clock and walks out slamming the door behind him.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Charlene meets Jane and tells her that she has had a lousy day so far. Jane can't believe the nerve of the guy in the garage. Charlene tells her that she is right off guys at the moment especially Scott Robinson. Mike comes up to take their order but Charlene says that she isn't hungry. Jane encourages her to eat something. Charlene then changes her mind and orders Spaghetti bolognaise...salad...double malted milkshake....and black forest gateaux (So much for not being hungry!) Mike wants to know if she can eat all that but Charlene assures him that at the moment she needs to spoil herself. Jane looks rather sheepish and orders a lettuce and egg sandwich. After Mike has gone Jane looks side wards at Charlene who now looks guilty, Charlene mutters "Well.... you said I would feel better if I ate something!"
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Mike comes in and gives Daphne the girls' orders; he mentions that Des was in earlier. Daphne replies "Big Deal" then continues that Des is taking her to dinner at Madge's tonight so he will have to get his own dinner. Mike says that is Ok maybe they could talk about getting back together again. Daphne tells him "No Way" She then gives him some advice about if and when he gets married never do anything behind his wife's back because you will always be found out. Mike sarcastically says that listeners never hear well of themselves and he supposes that wives who reads their husbands mail never hear good news either. Daphne wants to know what she is supposed to do- go on living with a man who has a woman pining for him in Hobart?
Mike argues that she doesn't know what really happened in Hobart but Daphne feels that Des has guilt written all over his face. She continues that Mike has never met Lorraine and she is sure that Lorraine would have been all over Des like a rash. Mike feels that Daphne can't help feeling jealous; Daphne denies it saying that she has never felt jealous in her life. Mike reminds her that she has been married before. Daphne dismisses the conversation and gives Mike, Charlene and Jane's lunch order.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jane is explaining that Scott didn't realise just how hurtful his articles were. All the rumours of Nan (Mrs Mangel) killing granddad were bad enough without Scott getting involved. Charlene comments that she was just as worried as her and Kelly that they might find him buried in her Nan's back garden.
Mike delivers the girls lunch and sits down, Charlene says how good the food looks and then continues that her Mum (Madge) had made her, her lunch but she must have left it in the workshop. She feels that Darren has probably scoffed it. Mike says that he had heard she had got a job and wants to know how it is going. Touching on a rather sore point, Charlene demands to know where her milkshake is. Mike wants to know if there is a problem with her job; Charlene snaps back that he shouldn't ask. Mike looks taken back and scurries away after the milkshake.
Daphne comes out to the girls and Charlene again comments on the great food. Daphne says that she heard that Charlene had found a job and how pleased Madge is. Before Charlene can explain about having now lost the job Daphne tells her that Madge is so thrilled about it that she is having a special dinner to celebrate so she will see her tonight.
After Daphne has gone, Charlene says to Jane that she must tell her Mum what has happened and immediately jumps up and bumps into Harold. He also asks after her new job and that they are going to have a special dinner to celebrate. He then looks at his watch and rushes off. Charlene goes back to Jane and tells her that she will have to tell her Mum tonight she can't face her now.
Madge is throwing a dart awkwardly at the dartboard and gets very excited as she hits the bulls-eye. Harold walks in as she tells him what she has just done. Harold looks a bit bemused as to why she is excited until she explains that she has never done it before. Harold then thinks it is Marvellous. Madge tells Harold that she has invited Des and Daphne to dinner tonight; she explains that Des is the bank manager and that it will just be a quiet little get-together for some of the neighbours.
Mrs Mangel comes in and Madge introduces her to Harold as one of the neighbours and the housekeeper at Lassiters. Mrs Mangel says that she won't keep Madge long she just wanted to tell her that she has been to see her solicitor about the slanderous articles that Robinson boy had written. Madge wants to know what the solicitor had said. Mrs Mangel replies that the solicitor feels that they don't have a case because all the names were changed and they can't prove that Scott had deliberately wanted to cause injury. Madge feels deliberate or not Scott has caused too much hurt. Mrs Mangel agrees and says the sooner that they get together with Des and Daphne the better.
Harold pipes up that surely they could do that over dinner tonight. Madge looks uncomfortable and says that she hadn't mentioned the dinner to Mrs Mangel. Much to Madge's dismay Harold immediately invites Mrs Madge to dinner who readily accepts.
Madge's House
Madge is rushing around the kitchen trying to get the dinner cooked and moaning that the one night she wanted to get home early she got caught up at work. She shouts out for Charlene to get out of the bathroom and then asks Shane to lay three places down one side of the table as Mrs Mangel is also coming.
Charlene arrives out of the bathroom at that moment and both she and Shane are dismayed that Mrs Mangel is coming. Madge says that she didn't intend for her to be there but it was a misunderstanding. Shane wants to know if Mrs Mangel knows that Des has moved out of home. Madge hopes that she doesn't but is relying on the pair of them to squash her if she says a word out of line. Charlene moans that they are in for a fun evening. Madge then gives Charlene a present ... a pair of smart overalls her size. Charlene looks uncomfortable and asks why she had bought her a present. Shane pocks Charlene in the ribs and asks what is up you love getting presents.
Charlene explains that she was going to tell Madge but she didn't want to spoil her dinner party and suddenly blurts out that she got fired, Madge is dismayed that she could get fired on her first day. Charlene argues that Madge got fired on her first day at that office job. Madge insists that she didn't get fired she left. Shane wants to know what they fired her for. Charlene shrugs and explains that one of the apprentices was given her a rough time so she got stuck into him. Madge looks very disappointed and replies "you hit a boy"
Shane wants to know who it was; he will soon sort him out. Charlene feels that it would not do any good now. Madge wants to know what he said; Charlene changes the subject and reminds Madge that she has a dinner party and she will talk to her later. Madge says that she certainly will, she had been looking forward to this dinner and now she knows it is going to be a complete disaster.
Gibbons House
As Des walks down the stair looking quite spunky in his black suit and tie, Clive wolf whistles at him. Clive teases Des about being all dressed up "just" for a Madge Bishop dinner. Des suddenly announces that he isn't going. He feels that it would be a disaster for both him and Daphne and he is going to ring up and apologise to Madge that he can't come. Clive says that the suit would be wasted on him; Des replies that it would only take him two minutes to change. Clive insists that he has to go as he has promised Daphne and if he doesn't go then he can find somewhere else to live. Des is astonished that Clive would kick him out just because he wouldn't go to a dinner next door. Clive insists that a promise is a promise. Des takes the frying pan out of Clive's hand and threatens to hit him with it, then declares that he doesn't want to fight with him. Clive tells him that he shouldn't be fighting with his wife either. Reluctantly Des says that he will go but if Daphne says one word...just one word he will.... He leaves as Clive looks on!
Clarke House
As Daphne walks out of the bedroom, Mike comments on how nice she looks and she should wait until Des sees her. Daphne says that she isn't trying to impress Des, just make him see what he is missing. Daphne explains that there is plenty of food in the fridge, Mike tells her that she really does look fantastic, she tells him to keep saying it as she needs it as the doorbell goes. Des comes in carrying his remote control truck; he looks Daphne up and down and doesn't utter a word then chastises Mike for leaving his truck out in the porch.
Daphne starts to defend Mike saying that Bouncer was playing with it. Des is horrified that Bouncer would have been anywhere near his things. An argument then breaks out between Daphne and Des about his things. Daphne feels that if he is so worried about his things then maybe he should move them lock-stock and barrel, she is fed up with the way he keeps turning up at the house. As they continue to argue with one another Mike shouts for quiet he tells them that he hates it when they argue like this and reminds them that they are going to dinner so they better get going. They leave both looking angry.
Robinson House
Scott is strumming his guitar as Lucy comes in and sympathises with him over no one liking him because of the articles. She feels it was like when Basil died, she knew that Mike was only being kind getting her another dog but all she wanted was Basil. She feels that she should go over and apologise to Mike. Scott said he tried that with the neighbours but it didn't work. Lucy wonders if Des and Daphne will get a divorce over his article, Scott is shocked at the comment.
Clarke House
Mike picks up the phone and makes a call to his parent's house; his father answers and wants to know what he wants. Mike tells him that he doesn't want anything he just wants to talk to his mother and asks if she is there. His mother comes to the phone and he asks how she is and wants to know if things have got better since he moved out. He really hates all that fighting stuff, it is obvious that his mother doesn't want to talk to him and Mike rings off. The door bell goes and Mike who is visibly upset as Jane walks in she asks him if he is ok. Sadly Mike replies "why can't people just be happy'
Madge's House
Shane offers Harold some wine but he refuses, he then offers some to Mrs Mangel who also refuses. Des says that he doesn't usually drink much but he will make an exception tonight. Mrs Mangel comments that it is so nice to meet a man that doesn't drink; Harold replies that he just had never got the taste of it. Then turning to Des and Daphne Mrs Mangel says that she hopes that the scurrilous newspaper article hadn't caused a lovers tiff with them. Daphne denies it and offers a toast to Charlene and her new job.
Madge says that she is pleased that Harold has had the opportunity to meet Des and Daphne at last. Harold says that until he transfers his money to Erinsborough that he won't trouble him at the bank but maybe he could visit tomorrow at their house to talk over some business opportunities. Daphne quickly says that Des won't be home tomorrow, he has been away from a lot lately! Turning to Mrs Mangel Harold says "Never mind, with such a beautiful wife he has all the incentive he needs to go rushing home" Mrs Mangel agrees. Harold continues and they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Rather firmly Mrs Mangel replies "In my case. NO"
Clarke House
Jane and Mike are sitting on the floor playing with Bouncer. Jane says that she can't believe that Mrs Mangel was invited to dinner. Mike feels that they probably felt sorry for her with her grandfather going away. Jane says that she is glad that he kept Bouncer he is such a cute pup. The doorbell rings and Lucy comes in and apologises to Mike for her behaviour over Bouncer when Basil died. She thinks that Bouncer is just the cutest dog she has ever seen and gives him a big hug.
Madge's House
Harold stands up and thanks Madge for a lovely dinner and says how pleased he is to have met Des and Daphne...after a polite cough from Mrs Mangel he adds that it was also nice to meet her as well. He goes on the say that he almost married Madge a few years ago but fate got in the way. Madge looks uncomfortable and Harold stops talking and sits down. Mrs Mangel compliments him on his lovely speech and says that it seems a pity to spoil the evening to talk about those dreadful newspaper stories. Madge begs for them not to talk about it now. Charlene uncomfortably agrees as they are all having fun.
Harold says to Des that Daphne tells him that he spends a fair amount of time away from home. He wants to know if it is all over the country. Des replies "Sort of" Daphne pipes up that Des recently went to Hobart. Harold thinks it is quite a coincidence as he was thinking of settling in Tasmania and asks him what his opinion is of it. Des says that he really liked it, great countryside, great people; they really go out of their way to make you feel welcome.
Daphne says angrily that Des has an old friend living down there. Mrs Mangel perks up interested and asks if it is anyone they know. Madge, Shane and Charlene suddenly jump up from their seats and shout No and rush around the kitchen clearing plates from the table to change the subject.
Mrs Mangel is not to be put off and turning to Des says "We were talking about this friend of yours" Des explains that it was more of a business acquaintance...to which Daphne pipes up "Ha" Des demands to know if Daphne has a cough or something. Daphne replies that she is just choking at his hypocrisy. She demands to know why he has to lie about it why he can't simply tell the truth. Everyone looks on shocked at the sudden outburst....
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Madge Mitchell, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0425
Madge Mitchell, Des Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0425
Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0425
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0425
Clive Gibbons, Mike Young

Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0425
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Mike Young

Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0425
Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris

Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0425
Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0425
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0425
Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0425
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0425
Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0425
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young

Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0425
Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Bouncer, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0425
Jane Harris, Bouncer, Mike Young

Harold Bishop, Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0425
Harold Bishop, Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

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