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Neighbours Episode 0424 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0424
Australian airdate: 12/02/87
UK airdate: 22/06/88
UK Gold: 16/06/94
Writer: Chris McCourt
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Helen feels guilty over her affair with Gerard and wants to tell Rosemary that she is the "other woman" But Madge doesn't think it is a wise idea.
Ramsay House
Helen insists that Rosemary will find out about the affair and will be hurt even more. Lauren didn't tell her about her affair with Bill but Helen found out and it hurts a great deal. Madge feels that if Helen does tell Rosemary that she runs of the risk of losing her and that Rosemary means far too much to her to risk that.
Clarke House
Daphne is making pineapple upside down cake, Eileen comments that the cake is one of Desmond's favourites and he is a very fortunate man for Daphne to understand his needs. Daphne insists that the cake wasn't for him but for her customers at the coffee shop. Eileen ignores her and says that Desmond will be back when he sees all her efforts to please him. Daphne tells her firmly that the cake is for the coffee shop and the only way Des is going to have any is for him to come to the coffee shop and pay for it!
Eileen starts waffling in a romantic way that surely this is just a little tiff, one of those bumpy little rides all married couples have and they will emerge through the tunnel followed by sunshine and light. Daphne obviously thinks she has lost the plot and asks her what she has been reading.
Des comes in and Eileen says that she knew he would be back, and she will now leave the three of them alone to talk things over. A brooding Des question the three of them. Eileen explains, you Daphne and the baby. It is the baby you have to consider here. Des tells her that he hasn't come to talk he just wants to collect some clothes. Daphne bitterly tells him to take the lot this time it will save him making another trip. Angrily Des shouts that he will take his clothes out of his house when he is ready.
Eileen tries to be a peacemaker and asks Daphne to give Des a piece of the cake, Daphne stubbornly refuses. Eileen then turns to Des and pleads for him to tell her about Lorraine, turning back to Daphne she says you will forgive him then won't you. Daphne replies that she won't. Des feels that if Daphne won't trust him that is her problem and not his but for what it is worth it hurts. Eileen pleads with Daphne to give Des another chance but Daphne refuses to. Eileen insists that Des is innocent, a mother knows these things. Daphne feels that if that is the case why he didn't tell her. Eileen insists that he must have a very good reason; Daphne replies that it is about time he gave it to me then.
Robinson House
Lucy is questioning Rosemary about being a flower girl or a bridesmaid she wants to know if she will be wearing make-up. Rosemary explains that there isn't going to be a wedding as things don't always turn out the way you want them to.
Helen overhears them talking, as Rosemary continues to tell Lucy that it is complicated and she won't be marrying Gerard after all. They had talked about it and had decided that they just didn't love one another enough to get married.
As Helen enters the room, Lucy tells her that Rosemary is not getting married. She moans that that means that she can't be a flower girl or anything. Helen sympathises with her saying that it must be very disappointing for her. Lucy wants Helen to persuade Rosemary to change her mind but Helen replies that it isn't up to them. Helen changes the subject and tells Lucy to go and clean her room; Lucy goes off in a strop saying that it isn't fair.
Helen shuts the door to the hallway, so they aren't overheard by Lucy and apologises for Lucy, she feels that she is too young to understand. Rosemary whines that why should Lucy understand when she doesn't? Still it is over and she is just got to get used to the idea. She had arranged for a friend to do the photos for the wedding and she thought she better let him know it was all off. Helen offers to tell him but Rosemary wants to do it herself as it keeps her mind off things. Then she changes her mind and says "No it doesn't" she had tried to sleep as Helen suggested but she just keeps thinking about Gerard.
Helen thinks the letter to the photographer can wait for a few days. Ignoring Helen Rosemary continues that the worse thing is that she doesn't know who the other woman is. She wants to know what she has got that Rosemary hasn't got. Is she younger, older, prettier, smarter she just wants to know? Helen looks very uncomfortable and wants to know if it will help. Rosemary insists that it would because no matter what she just can't hate Gerard and she wants to hate her because she is the one who is responsible for all this. She can't despise a woman that she can't picture. Helen feels that it might be better not to know her.
Later on Lucy is still moaning to Helen about her getting Rosemary to change her mind about the wedding. Helen snaps that she doesn't want to hear another word about it and she means it! Jim and Scott come in and Scott is beaming as Lucy asks if they got the story back from Mr Cutler. Scott tells them that Jim was fantastic and that they did. Jim explains that they had to refund the money paid to Scott for the article. Scott says that first thing he will do is to withdraw the money from his bank account to pay Jim back.
As Scott and Lucy start to argue in one corner of the kitchen, Jim goes over to Helen and asks her quietly how Rosemary is. Helen tells him that she is asleep and is just coping...just; Jim then wants to know how she is doing. Helen replies that she is doing the same...just coping.
Finished arguing with Lucy Scott says to Jim that he meant what he said about the article he couldn't have done it without him. Jim is coy and replies that at least they got it back. Scott says that it made him realise that if he has to get his father to help him out each time he is in a jam then he guesses that he has a lot of growing up to do. Jim smiles and says that he thinks he is well on the way. Giving Scott back an envelope which contains his story, Jim tells him that he is the only one who has read it and he feels that it should stay that way. Scott starts to go off to his room and then changes his mind and comes back and tells them that there is something he has been working up to; he has decided to go back to school. Jim and Helen are thrilled with his decision.
Madge's House
As Charlene is ironing Shane's overalls, Shane wants to know why Charlene needs to take his overalls he feels that they will swim on her. Charlene tells him that hers are really grotty after working under Scott's car. Shane rolls his eyes and tells her they are supposed to be grotty and the pair she is ironing is brand new. The blokes will think she is a sissy if she turns up in them. Charlene replies that as long as they treat her like one of the blokes she won't care what they think. Madge says that she is making her shudder.
Charlene explains that she just wants to be given the same chance as the blokes for a change. Shane thinks she is very bitter for one so young and starts to throw peas at her, much to Madge's disapproval. There is a knock at the door and Shane goes off to answer it. Madge puts her arm around Charlene and tells her that she hopes things go well tomorrow, Charlene thanks her.
Eileen obviously upset, comes in and says that she had just popped by to see how they were coping. Charlene want to know with what, Eileen tells her that she meant that awful article in the newspaper. Madge is off hand about it and says that it is all blown over now; Charlene doesn't see what the big deal is it was only a story. Eileen replies that she wouldn't say that if they could see what is happening to Desmond and Daphne. Madge is surprised that they haven't made up yet and Shane feels that given a day or two they will be over fighting by then.
Eileen tells them that it is far more serious than that and that they had separated, indefinitely perhaps permanently. They are all shocked as Eileen continues that Des is now living at Clive's. Shane is incensed and says "So it is true, he has been having an affair. He is going to go over there right now and sort him out" He is stopped by both Eileen and Madge who think he will only make things worse. He agrees to leave Des alone for now but he says that he is going to see Daphne as she could probably do with a friend right now. Charlene tells him a friend...yes, A ex-boyfriend...No. Shane insists that they have to do something.
Crying, Eileen agrees that they have to do something but what? Neither of them is talking to one another and won't give in and she doesn't think they will ever get back together. Madge says that they will if we don't give them any choice. Shane wants to know how she is going to plan that. Madge tells them they know that she wants to get all her friends meet Harold so she will give a dinner party and invite both Des and Daphne. Tearful Eileen feels that they won't come. Madge smiles and says of course they will hasn't she heard of emotional blackmail. Eileen smiles wickedly through her tears.
Ramsay Street
Scott gets into his car and drives it a least a couple of yards to outside Madge's house. Shane is loading up his van as Scott stops and tells him that Charlene is coming. Dressed in her own overalls Charlene asks if they will call her a sissy. Shane doesn't think they would dare. Scott wants to know how the working girl is today; Charlene says that she feels nervous. Scott replies that he will come and meet her at lunchtime to see how she is going.
Madge comes running down the driveway with Charlene's lunchbox just as Shane swings a shovel into his van and he almost hits her. Madge hands the lunch to Charlene, she reminds her to remember to eat it. Charlene tells her to stop fussing she will be ok. Scott greets Madge but Madge just gives him a frosty stare in response. Scott and Charlene get into the car and after a screech of tyres drive off.
Madge turns to Shane and says that she knows it is silly but it is like Charlene's first day at kindergarten. Tearful Madge says that she wore overalls then too, Shane puts his arm around Madge to comfort her.
Paul's office
Paul is giving Jane some dictation as Rosemary breezes into the office saying good morning to all. Helen says that she didn't realise she was coming in, Rosemary replies that she should know her and life is no fun unless she is working. Paul says that he thought she was going to have a holiday. Rather frostily Rosemary says that she was but as there has been a change of plan she might as well use the time to catch up on the business. Turning to Jane she tells her that she will get her to type up on some reports later if that is alright with her. Jane says it was and leaves the inner office.
Paul asks Rosemary if there is any point in her being there, he has already sent her reports on every transaction so she is completely up-to-date. Rosemary says that she knows but she feels she would get a more detailed feel if they when through it together. Paul doesn't feel that she trusts him; Rosemary says that of course she does, but it is her business and she does like to know what is going on. So if he doesn't mind she will start with the books on the property management section. Paul looks a little shocked and wants to know if she wants them now. Rosemary insists she wants them now.
Grainger Garage
A moustached bloke walks around Charlene looking her up and down; Charlene wants to know if there is anything wrong. He replies that they won't know that until she shows him what she can do. Charlene insists that he won't be disappointed she promises. He replies that was what Mr Grainger had said but only time will tell. He tells her that if she hasn't got overalls that fit to wear jeans because overalls rolled up like that...pointing to the bottom of her overalls, could get caught up in machinery. Charlene nods and then he introduces Charlene to Darren, Charlene tells him that they use to go to school. He feels that they should get on fine together then and if she doesn't have any further questions he will get her some tools.
Darren immediately starts to attack Charlene verbally saying that there is only one job going and there is no way she will get it. Charlene isn't so sure about that, they are both on trial; the difference is she knows what she is doing. Darren scoffs that she must be joking she couldn't put a matchbox car together. Charlene says that she wouldn't know she doesn't play with toys. Darren sneers "So what do you play with Charlene, or is it Charlotte" He didn't know she was such a fascinating person until he read Scott's article in the paper.
Charlene gets angry and tells Darren Porter that he is a creep and why doesn't he mind his own business. Moustache bloke returns and tells them that they aren't here to chat one another up. He gives them some tools and a list of things to do on the car and wants to know if they can handle it. Darren says that he can but he isn't sure about the little girl. Charlene tells him it will be no problem at all.
Paul's Office
Rosemary is checking the books and asks Paul to explain why for the rental properties in Ramsay Street did he allow Madge to pay $100.00 less for three months. Helen explains that Madge was having a hard time. Rosemary replies that she knows that Madge is a friend but the Daniels Corporation is not a charity. Paul is dismayed and says that it only amounts to a few hundred dollars and he feels that it is hardly going to break her. Rosemary says that that is not the point. Paul explains that Madge was a valued employee and he feels that it is good business practise to keep the staff happy. Apart from that it was Madge who discovered Hilda Mueller stealing and by doing that she indirectly saved the company a damn of a lot more than a little discount on the rent. Rosemary doesn't feel that he should have needed Madge to open his eyes about Hilda.
Helen argues that Paul hadn't been here that long; Rosemary doesn't feel that is an excuse. He is supposed to be able to oversee all the employees. Paul insists that he does, and Hilda had been stealing from the company for years before he arrived and she can't hold him responsible for that. Rosemary says she is glad that she came back when she did it is obvious that she is going to have to keep the company on a far tighter control from now on. Paul argues that he thought it was his job to run the Australian end of the Daniels Corporation as he saw fit. Rosemary says that it was, until now.
Paul sits back in his chair and wants to know what the problem is, isn't he making enough money for her? Rosemary replies that the matter is that he has become too big for his boots. The name of this company is Daniels as in Rosemary Daniels and he would do well to remember that! (Ouch!)
A Bit later...Rosemary is on the computer she turns around and tells Paul that in future all matters over $1000.00 must be referred to her. Paul thinks it is completely ridiculous and completely undermines his position. Rosemary says that she is sorry that he feels that way. Paul tells her that she doesn't want a manager she just wants an office boy. That office boy isn't going to be him; if she wants his resignation she can have it right now.
Helen tries to intervene, but Rosemary tells her to stay out of it has nothing to do with her. Rosemary apologises and says she needs a break and will be in the coffee shop if anyone needs her.
After Rosemary has left, Paul wants to know what bought that on. Helen explains that she is having a hard time at the moment; Paul doesn't feel that that gives her the right to come in here and kick him around. He wants to know what is going on; Helen tells him that Gerard broke off the engagement. Paul is surprised, Helen says that Rosemary is very unhappy about it and that is why she is coming into the office trying to take control. Helen thinks that Rosemary feels that her business is the one thing she can be in control of. Paul says that he feels sorry for her but he still doesn't feel it gives her the right to carry on like that. He doesn't feel she should bring her personal problems into the office anyway.
Helen scoffs that he wasn't that easy to work with when he was having his problems with Susan. (You tell him Helen) Paul questions whether he was that bad. Helen tells him to bear with Rosemary she could do with some support. Paul agrees to grit his teeth and cope. Helen replies that an occasional smile wouldn't help. Paul turns and gives Helen a big cheesy smile and asks how this is. Helen thinks it is dreadful.
Coffee Shop
Daphne is making polite conversation with Rosemary about how long she will be staying and how big Lucy is getting now. Rosemary answers in one syllable or less, obviously not interested in being drawn into a conversation.
Madge comes in, in all of a flutter and asks Daphne for her help. She says that she doesn't have to tell her how upsetting those stories of Scott's were. Daphne replies that upsetting wouldn't be the word she would use. Madge agrees and says that she has been very low since they have come out about her family. Yesterday she thought that she isn't going to hide away, she is going to cheer herself up. Daphne replies that is the sprit. Madge is pleased that she can rely on Daphne and says so you will both come. Daphne looks confused and feels she must have missed something.
Madge explains that she has organised a dinner party for all her friends to meet Harold. She really needs her friends around her especially good friends like her and Des. Daphne tries to get out of it, but Madge continues talking and telling Daphne that the Dinner party is tonight but if tomorrow would be better she could change it for her, she really wants her and Des there. She wants Harold to see that her friends haven't deserted her over the story. Daphne smiles and agrees to come, Madge is pleased and she feels sure that she will like Harold. They make arrangements to meet at 7pm; Madge then rushes out before Daphne has time to change her mind.
Helen comes in and asks Rosemary if she may sit down. Before Helen can say a word she apologises and says that she knows she is being totally unreasonable to Paul but she just can't seem to help herself. Helen is sympathetic and explains that she has told Paul and that he holds nothing against her. Rosemary thanks her and says that she doesn't know what she did to deserve her but she has got her and she is very glad. Helen looks uncomfortable as Rosemary continues that she will ease up on Paul that they are her family and she couldn't do without them and that goes double for her.
Grainger's Garage
Charlene is working on a car and asks Darren to pass her a spanner, Darren who is leaning on another car tells her to get it herself. Darren tells her that she isn't all that beautiful. Charlene replies that she never said she was. Darren continues that the story in the paper said she was. She isn't a "dog" but beautiful was a bit over the top. Charlene wants him to give it a rest everyone knows it was just a story. Darren doesn't think it was just a story, Charlene asks him again to give it a rest she is trying to work.
Darren doesn't feel that she needs to work, she is a girl. Charlene wants to know how else she is going to survive. Darren suggests that she could ask her Mum for a few tips. Charlene wants to know what he is getting at. Darren tells her that it wouldn't be too difficult a beautiful girl like her, all she would need to do is find herself a rich man and con him into buying her a house. Charlene insists that Madge didn't do that, Darren insists that he is only going on what he read in the paper.
Charlene shouts that it was just a story and he knows it. Darren thinks she shouldn't be so sensitive a lot of woman use men. Charlene throws the spanner down and shouts NOT MY MOTHER. She attacks Darren hitting him onto the bonnet of the car then has him by the scruff of the neck shaking him as Moustache Bloke shouts what is going on.
Darren says that he doesn't know. All of a sudden Charlene had gone crazy. Charlene grabs him by the scruff of the neck again and starts shaking him shouting that he is a liar. Moustache Bloke pulls them apart.
Scott pulls up in his car and gets out. Charlene is inside the garage shouting that they can keep their crumby job. Scott asks her what is wrong; Charlene tells him that from now on she wants him to stay right away from her. She never wants to speak to him again. Scott is dismayed and wants to know what he has done. Charlene shouts that he and his rotten story has just lost her, her job. She hates him and never wants to see him again...
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Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0424
Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0424
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Lucy Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0424
Lucy Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0424
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0424
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0424
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0424
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Scott Robinson

Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0424
Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Darren Porter, Charlene Mitchell, Gary West in Neighbours Episode 0424
Darren Porter, Charlene Mitchell, Gary West

Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0424
Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0424
Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Gary West in Neighbours Episode 0424
Charlene Mitchell, Gary West

Charlene Mitchell, Gary West in Neighbours Episode 0424
Charlene Mitchell, Gary West

Charlene Mitchell, Gary West, Darren Porter in Neighbours Episode 0424
Charlene Mitchell, Gary West, Darren Porter

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0424
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

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