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Neighbours Episode 0409 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0409
Australian airdate: 22/01/1987
UK airdate: 01/06/1988
UK Gold: 26/05/1994
Writer: Penny Fraser
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Paul asks Susan to come back to the office but she declines the offer.
Paul catches Kelly on Shane's bike and assumes she has stolen it. A struggle ensues where Kelly pleads with Paul to let her call for an ambulance otherwise Shane might die!
Coffee Shop
Clive comes in with Susan grinning from ear to ear as they had just got his wedding outfit. Daphne wants a sneak look but Clive says that she will just have to wait for the big day. Clive denies that he will be stealing the limelight on Susan's big day. Daphne tells them that she and Madge would like to help in any way they can and that Clive is so popular the whole district wants to come to the wedding. Susan accepts while Clive jokes that it could turn into a "World Series" wedding at the cricket ground live by satellite under floodlights with the bridesmaids in green and gold not boring white! Susan is concerned how people will take to Sam at the wedding but Clive reminds her that only Mrs Mangel has commented and he thinks even she has forgotten.
Helen comes in and asks Susan to come back to the office while Paul is not there.
Paul's Office
As they enter the office and sit down, Susan says that she assumes that this has something to do with her job, she goes on to explain that Paul had told her that Helen would try and talk her into coming back. Helen explains that Paul had no right to fire her as she was the one to hire her in the first place. Susan replies that she had already told Paul she would not come back as it would only cause "troubles" Helen isn't convinced that it would; she feels that Paul is beginning to reassess his values.
Susan starts to weaken and says that Paul did apologise and everything else about the job is great. Helen asks Susan if that means that she will come back, "Home James" is desperate for her, she knows how she hates the paperwork. Susan laughs and says that it will take her a day just to sort out Helen's desk. She finally agrees to come back but firmly says that if Paul starts "heavying" her then Helen won't see her for dust. Helen is delighted but asks tentatively is Susan is still in love with Paul. She wants to know if that is part of the problem. Susan denies it and reminds Helen that she is marring Clive. Helen asks when she can start back and Susan says in the afternoon after she has contacted Mrs Kirkwood for Sam.
Ramsay House
Charlene comes off the phone and mimics the employer on the phone "Sorry Love our mechanics are slack enough as it is without having a female mechanic on the premises as well" Lucy says that it is a sexist comment and that Charlene should sue them. Charlene says that maybe Lucy should be a lawyer when she grows up. Lucy asks if lawyers make lot's of money and when Charlene says they do, Lucy agrees that she will be a lawyer then.
Shane, Paul and Kelly come in, Shane is limping badly and has a large patch over his right eye. Charlene is immediately concerned but Shane tells her not to worry it is just a snake bite. Charlene is shocked that Shane had been bitten on the eye by a snake but Shane tells her that he was bitten on the leg but when he jumped back he "copped" a blackberry bush in the eye. It hadn't bothered him at the time but now he can't see out of it, but it will be alright in a couple of day's time. (Oh... what a hero!) Charlene wants to know why he isn't in hospital but Shane tells her to stop fussing and anyway Clive is going to check up on him later.
Paul wants to know what Lucy is doing at the Ramsay's and she just rolls her eyes and says that she goes where she is told. Charlene explains that Scott is job hunting it has become a national pastime. Shane thanks Paul for coming to the hospital with him and Paul shrugs it off saying that he owed him one for the slinging match in the office. Paul apologises to Kelly and promises that from now on that he won't jump to anymore conclusions. Kelly wonders about Shane's bike and Paul says he will get one of the blokes from the office to pick it up, Paul leaves to organise it.
Kelly says that she better get back to it, Shane says that she isn't going back today. Kelly laughs and says that she isn't frightened of snakes or blackberry bushes. Shane thanks Kelly for everything she did, he really appreciates it. Kelly is surprisingly embarrassed by his gratitude and coyly says what was she to do -just leave him there? Charlene suggests that they make some lunch for lover boy as he has to keep up his strength.
As they leave Shane says that he is bored already, Lucy suggests that they play a game "I-spy" or snakes and ladders!
In the kitchen Charlene is busily getting out the fillings for the sandwiches. Charlene comments on the fact that Kelly appears to have lost some of her motor mouth today. Kelly is staring "goo-goo-eyed" at Shane and dreamily says "You know Charlene that cousin of yours isn't that bad when you get to know him"
Coffee Shop
Daphne comes out of the coffee shop to clear the outside tables followed by Kelly. Daphne wants to know if Shane is really all right. Kelly insists that he must be as he is still giving orders and doesn't want her to go back to work. Daphne thinks it isn't such a bad idea as she doesn't want Kelly being bitten by a snake either. Kelly replies rather dryly "Why, are you afraid it will die?" Daphne replies that she shouldn't kid herself she isn't as tough as she would like. Kelly replies seriously that she is tougher than most guys like.
Daphne suggests that as Kelly isn't working his afternoon she could do a couple of hours at the retirement village. Kelly isn't that keen moaning that old people are boring and she would rather help Daphne. Daphne reminds her that she isn't a charitable organisation and why doesn't she try talking to the old folks she would frighten anyone off with the chip she has on her shoulder. Kelly tentatively asks if that includes blokes. Daphne says that no bloke wants to go out with someone who threatens to knock his block off every time that he does anything wrong. Kelly agrees and says that the next time she goes down to the home she will be polite to everyone. As Daphne walks away Kelly suddenly asks if Daphne has any dresses that she is sick off. Daphne replies probably heaps...Why? Kelly just shrugs and says she thought she might put them to good use. Daphne replies that she will look when she gets home but if she wants anything in the meantime just borrow it. As Kelly walks away Daphne calls after her "Are you changing your image?" Kelly just smiles.
Ramsay House
Clive is examining Shane and telling him he has to rest. Shane isn't keen but points out that as soon as Jane hears about his accident that she will come running and Clive won't be able to stop her. Shane suggests that Clive out exaggerate his injuries, Clive refuses to comply.
As Clive leaves, Charlene and Lucy come in with a load of magazines for Shane. Shane suggests that Charlene could go down to the office and tell Jane how sick he is. Charlene refuses to lie and get Jane all worried over nothing. As Charlene leaves Lucy says that she could have a word with Jane for him but....it will cost him!
Paul's office
Susan and Jane are in Paul's and Helen's office; Susan asks Jane if she is disappointed she has come back. Jane says that the job is her's but she is quite glad she has come back as she doesn't know half as such as Susan does. Susan says that she better teach her fast then because as soon as Paul gets back no doubt she will be out again. Jane says that Paul is a bit out numbered with the two of them and Mrs Daniels. Susan reminds her that Paul is the boss, and he knows it!
As Paul comes into the Outer office, Helen quickly shuts the door on the girls and asks Paul if she can have a quiet word with him. Helen explains to Paul that she has asked Susan to come back to work as she feels that she does her work satisfactorily. She reminds him again of their agreement that she employed Susan so if anyone is to fire her it is her. Paul agrees and says that Helen and Jim have made him realise that he was taking his problems out on Susan. Helen is glad that Paul feels that the "oldies" might have something to contribute after all.
As Susan and Jane come into the outer office, Helen goes into her own office. Jane tries to make her excuses to leave but Paul stops her saying that he has never stopped reprimanding Susan in front of her so she should be there when he also apologises for his behaviour. Susan tells Paul that she is back but that he is on trial and she hopes Helen made that clear. Paul is very coy and says that she hasn't but does that mean he has to be on his best behaviour? Susan teases him that a girl has to preserve her self respect.
Ramsay House
Shane is lying on the couch as Lucy asks if they can go shopping before they go to the office as she wants an ice-cream. Nudging Lucy, Shane says he thinks that they should go to the office first. Charlene wants to know what the pair of them is up to as there is a knock on the door.
In comes Kelly wearing a dress...(well kind of a dress...a blue/green contraption with a polar neck which is more like a tent than a dress and hides any hint of a female form underneath) Shane looks up for a moment and asks her why she is back. Kelly stands in front of him hoping he will notice, which he doesn't! Kelly then asks if there is anything she can do for him, Shane asks for the TV guide. When she hands it to him, he finally comments that she looks different, it takes a while for him the figure out that she is wearing a dress and then he just says she looks good and goes back to reading the TV guide!
Paul's Office
Paul asks Susan to get some invoices finished. He repeats that he is glad to have her back. As he goes back into his office Daphne rushes in asking Susan if she has time to let her know the guest list. Susan agrees and starts listing names, including Paul. Paul looks up as he hears his name mentioned and goes back to Susan's desk. Daphne apologises for interrupting and tells Susan that she will see her in the evening after work. Paul hands Susan some files and asks her if she could finish them before she goes, Susan agrees. Paul then says that they have to talk, Susan puts him off saying that they will but when she has finished the work he has just given her.
They are interrupted by the arrival of Charlene and Lucy; Lucy wants to know where Jane is and Paul explains she has just popped out to the post office but suggests that she can wait in his office.
A little later Jane is typing at the computer in Paul and Helen's office Lucy is telling her all about Shane's injuries. How he had to lie in the bush for hours and hours while Kelly went to get help. Helen overhearing this says that the snake was probably more frightened of Shane and had probably gone for its life. Lucy is not giving up and labours the fact that Shane had to go to hospital in an ambulance with the siren going and a patch over his eye. Jane wants to know how come his eye was hurt. Lucy explains that he hurt his eye on the blackberry bush when he was trying to get away from the snake and that he might go blind! Jane looks concerned and asks Helen if she can go and check he is alright.
Paul comes in and tells Lucy to stop exaggerating Shane is fine and just needs a bit of rest. Jane says that she would still like to go and check he is ok and Helen agrees that she can go. Helen offers Susan a lift home but she says that she still has a few things to finish up. Helen and Lucy leave.
Ramsay Street
Shane and Kelly are laughing at the antics of her previous boyfriend Rod. Kelly is saying that it was great to just get on their bikes and take off. She laughs that she once slept on the beach and woke up to find the sea lapping around them. Shane laughs it was good they weren't on lilo's otherwise they might have woken up to find they were in New Zealand.
Jane walks into the living room unannounced and says that she must be in the wrong house as she had heard that Shane Ramsay was on his death bed. Shane looks sheepish insisting that he is and that Kelly was just trying to cheer him up. Jane says that she should go. Shane asks her to stay and turning to Kelly tells her that she was just leaving. Kelly replies that she wasn't. Shane says "Yes you were...remember? Daphne wanted you!" Kelly just scoffs and says that he is an ungrateful cretin and she will leave him to the snakes next time. Shane asks Kelly not to be like that as she leaves, he is grateful. Kelly replies "Sure...I will see you in the blackberry bushes"
Jane informs Shane that he really doesn't deserve visitors if he is going to treat them like that. Shane just shrugs it off and says that he will make it up to Kelly, but he really needs to talk to her.
Ramsay Street
Charlene meets Kelly in the street and wants to know how she got on with Shane. Kelly is rather off with her and tells her that he can't see pass Jane Harris. Charlene offers to come over and show her how to do herself up; Shane is a sucker for a pretty face. Kelly tells her that she doesn't need any help from a good-goody like her and walks off. Charlene is rather astonished by the term good-goody.
Ramsay Street
Jane wants to know how much Shane paid Lucy. Shane tells her not much but it was worth every cent to get her over here. Jane is not impressed saying that he is just putting on an act. She thinks it is a lousy trick pretending that he is on death's door just to get her over there. Jane takes a deep breath and tells him that he has to back off and give her some breathing space. Shane sarcastically says "Move over Ramsay make way for Young" Jane assures him it has nothing to do with Mike, she isn't interested in going out with anyone at the moment her career is too important to her. Shane is shocked and asks "In Paul's office!" Jane tells him that she hasn't made up her mind about that yet; she may still go straight to Uni. Shane says he wouldn't stop her. Jane replies "No maybe not but it will be a little hard to concentrate if you are threatening to beat up anyone who so much as looks at me" Shane is taken back and replies that she should be flattered that he cares so much about her and anyway it was Mike who threw the first punch.
Jane tells him that she thinks he is a really nice guy but she doesn't want to be anymore than just friends. Shane looks devastated as Jane gets up and says goodbye and leaves As Charlene comes in. Charlene pats Shane on the shoulder and tells him that she is getting worried about him- two girls have walked out on him in the last ten minutes!
Paul Office
Paul is finishing up on the computer when Susan says that she doesn't think it is a very good idea and heads for the door. Paul stops her and says that he wants to clear the air to make things easier in the office. Susan tells him firmly that she had told Helen that if he can't handle her being in the office then she will leave. Paul says that he gave her a pretty rough time and he is glad he has been given the opportunity to make it to up her. Susan tells him firmly that she needs a job and that is the main reason she came back and that Helen needed her. Paul tells her that he needs her too. Susan insists that he doesn't need anyone. Paul tells her that he thought she would have more compassion than that. That when you have had a relationship which has been as destructive as the one he was in then it isn't surprising that anyone would not want to rush into another one.
Susan isn't convinced she replies that he is using his relationship with Terri has an excuse. He isn't the first person to get disillusioned; her relationship with Fred hasn't left her all bitter and twisted. Paul bites back that maybe she just bounces back better than him. Susan replies that there is no point continuing this conversation, they have agreed to be nice to one another at work and turns to leave. Paul says that they aren't just talking about work here. Susan says that she doesn't know what he is talking about, and reminds him that she is getting married to Clive, do you think I am going to throw that all away on the off chance that he might wake up to himself. Paul replies "Yeah...Oh Susan!!!" Paul and Susan kiss passionately...
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Daphne Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0409
Daphne Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole

Helen Daniels, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0409
Helen Daniels, Susan Cole

Paul Robinson, Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0409
Paul Robinson, Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0409
Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0409
Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0409
Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Susan Cole, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0409
Susan Cole, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0409
Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan

Lucy Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0409
Lucy Robinson, Jane Harris

Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0409
Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell

Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0409
Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay

Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0409
Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0409
Susan Cole

Susan Cole, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0409
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson

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