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Neighbours Episode 0408 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0408
Australian airdate: 21/01/87
UK airdate: 31/05/88
UK Gold: 25/05/1994
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Dan gives Madge a cheque for $50,000 saying he was always going to give it to her.
Charlene and Kelly talk Mike and Scott into going skinny-dipping only to pinch the boys' clothes and run off.
The Beach
The Boys watch in horror as Kelly and Charlene drive off with their clothes in Scott's car. Scott says he should have known that Charlene would never have gone skinny-dipping and if anything happens to his car he is going to kill them.
The Open Road
The girls laugh at the boys thinking that they would have gone skinny-dipping and at their faces as they drove off. Charlene suggests that maybe they have gone far enough but Kelly wants them to stick it out a bit longer. Charlene thinks the boys will not see the funny side if they do and so they should "chuck a U-ie" and go back. As they do Kelly discovers that they have a flat tyre. A car pulls up beside them and the driver (a random Jerk) says "Flat tyre?" to which Charlene replies "No we always park this way!" He asks if they need a man to fix it and offers to show them a good time at a pub just down the road. Kelly picks up the wheel brace and asks him if he would like it shoved so far down his throat that he could chew on his own toe nails. Muttering that he was only trying to be friendly he speeds off.
The Beach
Mike and Scott are freezing and speculating if the girls will come back. They blame Kelly saying that Charlene would not leave them. They consider what to do. Discounting hitching a lift they agree that they could wrap themselves in a blanket even though they would look like a couple of Scottish Siamese twins. Scott anxiously looks around to see if anyone is around before heading up the beach.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is reading a post card from Des. Daphne says that he should have been a doctor as his writing is atrocious. She tells Paul about a long phone call from Hobart and hopes that the bank does not send Des on any more trips. Susan enters as Daphne gives Paul the sandwiches he ordered. He gets up to leave telling Daphne that he has a mountain of work to get through. Susan retorts "Don't expect me to feel guilty as you fired me "She asks how Jane is getting on "or has she decided that no job is worth being constantly abused for". Paul begins to defend himself as Daphne asks them both not to air their grievances in the coffee shop. (Not that there are any other customers in there!) They both apologise at the same time. Paul looks embarrassed and leaves when Susan asks Daphne how she is feeling, explaining that she had felt sick everyday for the whole nine months.
Susan feels bad about being a lady of leisure. She wants another job. She asks Daphne if she can borrow her sewing machine to make her wedding dress now she has spare time. It may not be a new dress but might be an old one revamped as it is only a small service. Daphne offers to lend a hand and tells Susan she can pick up the machine after 6.
The Beach
Mike and Scott are struggling to find a rhythm walking in the blanket without it dropping. Finding a nearby 'phone box they consider who could help them. Daphne would not be able to leave the Coffee Shop, while Jim already thinks that Scott is irresponsible. Scott suggests that Paul would understand. Suddenly they realise that they don't have any money. They see an old lady approaching and Scott sheepishly asks her if she could give them 20c. (Have they never heard of call collect/reverse charge calls??).Mike explains what happens and the old lady gives them the money and suggests that she would change friends if she was them.
Paul's Office
Paul answers the 'phone and grins when he hears of Scott's predicament.
Ramsey House
Shane tells Madge that she will miss Dan. Madge replies "After the hoops he put me through....never". She worries about him eating junk food and getting sick on the journey home. They reminisce about Dan disappearing before on a bus trip when he met an old mate from the war at a rest stop and had a few home brewed beers and went off on a bender for a week. The family thought he was dead. Shane remembers Dan telling him the story of how he was the original Desert Rat in Tobruk. Madge replies that the nearest he ever got to Tobruk was on a World Discovery Cruise in 1953. He swore he had sent Edna a telegram but she never got one. Shane suggests to Madge that it must be a good feeling to be debt free as the money will pay off her half of the loan on the house. Madge objects saying that she is going to help Shane with his part of the loan and not leave it all up to him. She tells him it is up to her how she deals with the money and the subject is closed.
Telephone Box
Inside the telephone box, still covered by a blanket, Scott and Mike get changed into the clothes that Paul brought. He teases them to hurry up as the Vice squad are coming. As Paul asks them how they got into this situation Kelly and Charlene pull up saying that they have been looking all along the beach for the boys. They laugh at the thought of the boys walking all the way to the box with no clothes. Charlene tells them that they would have been back earlier had it not been for a flat tyre. She teases them about their expressions when the boys realised they were taking off. Scott is annoyed and warns Kelly that he will flatten her if there is one scratch on his car. Paul shouts at Kelly about stealing his car, then little old ladies handbags and now Scott's car. There is no stopping her and Daphne is wasting her time. Kelly tells them it was only a joke but Paul replies that no one is laughing and he did not think the cops would find any humour in car theft. Paul tells Scott and Mike to go back in Scott's car while he takes the girls back to see what Daphne and Madge think of their little prank.
Coffee Shop
As Daphne is closing up Paul marches Kelly in telling Daphne that her "Little Friend has been up to her old tricks again". Paul explains that Kelly and Charlene made off the clothes and the car while the boys were skinny-dipping. Daphne thinks it was not too serious but Paul warns Kelly not to put a foot wrong or he will take her down to the police station. As he leaves he tells Daphne that the girl is bad news and she is wasting her time. Daphne has a go Kelly.
Clarke House
Kelly apologises to Mike while doing the washing up telling him that the joke got out of hand. Scott arrives and Daphne teases him saying that there was no need for him to get dressed on her account! Instead of yelling at Kelly, Scott explains that he has been thinking that the girls would not have left them and there was no damage to the car so no hard feelings. Kelly apologies too. They laugh about the day but remember that Paul is on the warpath.
Ramsay House
Madge is having a go at Charlene over breakfast. She does not want her to see so much of Kelly as she is obviously a bad influence. Shane appears. He is expecting Kelly any minute. Kelly apologises to Madge for getting Charlene into trouble as it was all her fault. Madge accepts and Kelly looks relieved. Charlene asks Madge if she still has to steer clear of Kelly but Madge tells he no be wary of Kelly's bright ideas.
In a Forest
Shane and Kelly are busy clearing the land as Shane tells Kelly not to be caught slacking as Paul is coming to inspect the land for a possible industrial site. Kelly thinks she sees something and Shane suddenly cries out that he has been bitten by a big black snake. They see the bite on his leg. The nearest hospital is miles way and Shane reluctantly agrees that Kelly should take his motorbike as me might pass out on the way as the poison would spread more quickly if he moved. He tells her to be wary of the cops.
Clive's House
Susan is making her wedding dress and there are sections of the pattern and material all over the floor and chairs. Paul knocks at the door. He explains that he has come to apologise. He was unreasonably tough on her in the office and the job is still there if she wants it. She immediately says she doesn't. Paul asks her to at least think about it. She explains that things are best let as they are and he would not like her taking time off for her honeymoon. She may not even go back to work. She is getting used to staying at home looking after Sam. Sadly Paul asks if that is her final word and heads for the door. He tells her that Gran may try and persuade her to come back but Susan is adamant that she will not succeed, saying that she has plenty to do. As Paul leaves Susan looks unsure about her decision.
The Waterhole
Daphne and Madge are having coffee outside. Daphne tells Madge that she had trouble trying not to laugh while Paul was explaining what Kelly had done. Madge confides that she felt terrible telling Charlene off because she had pulled off almost the same stunt herself on Max when she was a kid. Daphne cannot believe it. Madge can still remember their faces when they got home and doesn't think that they know to this day who stole their clothes. They talk about Susan's "big day" and the dress. They are surprised that it is only going to be a small service as it is "not very Clive" considering what he did for Daphne and Des and Dan and Edna. Daphne suggests that it is up to the two of them to make it a day that Susan and Clive will not forget. Madge thinks that they should respect their wishes but Daphne is convinced that she can talk Susan around.
The Bush
Kelly has stopped the bike by a telephone box just as Paul drives by on his way to where Shane was clearing the scrub. He immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion thinking that she has stolen Shane's bike and tries to frog march her over to his car. He thinks she is lying but lets go suddenly when Kelly shouts that she is not joking. If she does not get an ambulance to him he may die....
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Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0408
Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell

Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0408
Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell

Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0408
Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0408
Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0408
Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0408
Scott Robinson, Mike Young

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0408
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0408
Paul Robinson, Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0408
Charlene Mitchell, Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Mike Young

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0408
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Scott Robinson, Kelly Morgan, Mike Young, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0408
Scott Robinson, Kelly Morgan, Mike Young, Daphne Clarke

Madge Mitchell, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0408
Madge Mitchell, Kelly Morgan

Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0408
Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan

Paul Robinson, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0408
Paul Robinson, Susan Cole

Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0408
Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson

Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0408
Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson

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