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Show music from 2018
Music used in 2018:

All For You by Rosie Doonan
Always by Sam Hawksley
Apartment by Slum Sociable
As The Devil Pleases by Will Cookson
Back At The Start by All The Colours
Beautiful by Huntar
Big Picture by London Grammar
Bird In Hand by Anna Coddington
Bitter End by Gordi
Black Lake by Wallace
Blackout by Freya Ridings
Blue Skies by Loon Lake
Broken Glass by Fobee
Budapest Is Beautiful by Thomas Oliver
Burning Up Hot Fire by The Winnie Coopers
Calm Down by J Bernardt
Comin On by Jesse Redwing
Dangerous Animal by Baio
Decision by Nyck
Dont Wait by Josh Cashman
Feeling Good, Feeling Great by DZ Deathrays
Feeling by Client Liaison
Fickle Heart by Sinead Burgess
Heaven I Know by Gordi
Hey Girl by Max Brodie
Hold It Together by Dan Sultan
I Love You Baby by Pop Talk
Ill Be Waiting by Pop Talk
Ill Wait by NE1
Im Ready by AJR
Knock Me Out by NE1
Lay It On Me by Vance Joy
Livin On Love by AJR
Long Way by Gordi
Lost Without You by Freya Ridings
Man On A Mission by The Ape
Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy
Mess It Up by The Preatures
Moby Bryant by Slum Sociable
Name Call by Slum Sociable
Naughty by William Davies Edward Nutbrown Charles Nutbrown And Tajh Abdulsamad
Night Of My Life by Jack Shaw
No Ones Gonna Sleep Tonite by Mt Warning
On Fire by J Bernardt
Regret by Amber Mark
River Flow by Annie Drury
River Runs Red by Nick Kingswell
Running Days by J Bernardt
So Here We Are by Gordi
Something Like This by Gordi
Soul Kind Of Feeling by Dynamic Hepnotics
Sure by Hatchie
Take Your Time by Vance Joy
This Is Hell by Davey Lane
Tick Tock by Walking On Cars
Two Hearts by Gavin James
Universe by Jack Shaw
We Are Perfect by Liz Reynolds
Weak by AJR
Where Is My Heart? by Jesse Walton
Woes by Tom Rosenthal (promo)
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2018 music

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