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Song Lyrics:

I'm just like a big old storm
Sometimes I come and go
Sometimes I stay and pour.
Don't want to wish you al those tears
Because I think that you're worth bottling
And all the love you give

And what a turnout people see
That's what you get for loving me.

Oh I've thrown flowers on the floor
And I've poured your cuppa down the sink
I've shouted louder than before
And I've cursed you to hell and back again
The I've cooked your favourite dinner
You'd arrive with roses in your hand.

And what a turnout people see
That's what you get for loving me.
Oh as crazy as it seems
That's what you get for loving me.

I'm sorry sometimes when I just lose it
Sometimes things just get me down
When i can't make sense of anything
Then just before the flowers hit the ground
A dose of Days and Doctor Phil
And I realise we're fine.

I'll have a wine while you cook tea
That's what you get for loving me
I'm always right so just agree
That's what you get for loving me.

Crazy As It Seems
Sara Storer
(Commercial track)

Album: Firefly
Publisher: Warner Music
Artist's Website: Sara Storer's Official Website

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 5194 from 2007
Episode 5198 from 2007
Episode 5208 from 2007
Episode 5358 from 2007
Episode 5407 from 2008
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