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Song Lyrics:

You hold me in mid air and you keep me a measure from impact
You stop and ask me if the ringing in your ears might be the sound of thought
You're like a long slow accident, time stood still while motion emptied you out
And we watched you like a slide show 1,2,3,4 and there you go

We all stop and stare from start to finish
Yeah we're measuring again
You keep trying to show us how you can carry fifty times your own weight
You've got a whole new story but you're boung to your invention like a ball and chain
And I watched you like a stunt show, hold my breath and here we go

How will you get yourself out of this one
You stand by watching and this is how your life is turning out (4x)

Stunt Show
Something For Kate
(Commercial track)

Album: Echolalia
Artist's Website: Something For Kate Official Website

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 4390 from 2003
Episode 4734 from 2005
Episode 4770 from 2005
Episode 4864 from 2005
Episode 4898 from 2006
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