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Neighbours Episode 8939 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8939
Australian and UK airdate: 16/11/23
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Chloe Brennan: April Rose Pengilly
Elly Conway: Jodi Gordon
Imogen Willis: Ariel Kaplan
Eden Shaw: Costa D'Angelo
Senior Sergeant Thompson: Damien Aylward
Isla Tanaka-Brennan: Hana Abe-Tucker
Summary/Images by: Clare/Jeremai
- Melanie can't believe that Krista wants more money
- Krista denies doing drugs
- In flashbacks, Melanie keeps noticing Eden watching from a distance
- Eden is watching when Hugo is hurt
- Melanie sobs her heart out to David
- In the present day, Aaron seems a bit relieved the truth is out
- David wishes they had been honest sooner
- Paul is aghast when David updates him on what is happening
- Paul doesn't want to go to the police
The 'flashback week' short is shown for the fourth time this week.
No.22 (Present Day)
Aaron, Nicolette and Isla have arrived. Jane wants to know what is happening. Aaron promises that David will join them shortly. Jane dotes over Isla.
NICOLETTE: What exactly have you told them?
MELANIE: They know everything up until the day before... Paul and Terese's vow renewal.
Nicolette suggests that Melanie joins her and Aaron outside but Terese and Toadie firmly refuse. Melanie tells them that everyone was focused on the vow renewal but Melanie was thinking about Krista.
No.30 (Flashback)
Melanie is crying over a wedding photo but stops as Toadie arrives home. Toadie has been suffering listening to Mike and Kyle's music!
TOADIE: Let's hope this song writing weekend includes actual lessons!
Toadie realises something is up but Melanie denies it. Melanie feels bad about not sorting the van out but Toadie doesn't think she should blame herself. She thinks she put Hugo in danger. Toadie comforts her and realises she is tense. He thinks she shouldn't be so hard on herself and she heads out the door.
No.22 (Present Day)
Melanie admits that she felt worse as Toadie was more and more nice to her.
The Waterhole (Flashback)
Melanie is convinced Eden is responsible for the van incident. David thinks they should go to the police. Melanie is worried and upset that she'll have to confess all. Melanie feels bad David has got involved as Paul turns up. Paul jokes Melanie should get upset instead when he says his vows. She denies anything is wrong. David changes the topic as Melanie spies Eden across the bar. She chases after Eden as he heads back out again.
Lassiter's (Flashback)
Eden heads into the Reception and up into the lift. Melanie doesn't get to the lift in time. She and David head up the stairs to the rooftop. David is greeted by Elly. Terese is planning everything as Imogen introduces herself to Melanie. Leo and Elly are talking about wines as David excuses himself, Melanie does the same thing. They spot Eden through the doors as Paul watches them. Chloe stops Melanie and David to hang flowers.
Penthouse (Flashback)
Melanie is agitated as David worries about keeping Aaron out of the loop. Aaron, Nicolette and Paul arrive and want to know what's going on. Melanie is reluctant to be honest as she doesn't want to drag everybody into this.
MELANIE: I'll only tell you if you promise not to say a word to Toadie.
No.22 (Present Day)
Melanie tells everyone she told the others the whole story. When Melanie had told everything she felt so relieved. Melanie and Krista planned to meet up that evening. Melanie wasn't going to leave the rooftop without having it out with Krista.
Lassiter's Rooftop (Flashback)
Krista wants to know if Melanie has the money, she doesn't. Melanie doesn't plan to give Krista any more money ever again. Krista really wants the money and convinced being married to Toadie means Melanie has money.
MELANIE: You need professional help and I can help you get it.
KRISTA: You can't afford for this to come out.
Melanie thinks Eden is behind this. Krista keeps begging. Melanie reaches the end of her tether and pushes Krista into the small pool. Krista hits her head on the side of the pool and falls in unconscious. Melanie screams in terror and rushes in to save Krista.
Melanie narrates that she dragged Krista out. Krista's phone was on the bottom of the pool. Krista wasn't breathing so Melanie started doing resuscitation.
No.22 (Present Day)
Melanie admits that she went to the person who was nearest.The worst person she could have gone to. This person started taking over.
Penthouse (Flashback)
Melanie arrives looking for Paul's phone to call the police. Melanie agitatedly tells Paul what's happened.
MELANIE: I think I've killed her.
He tells her to stay put at The Penthouse and heads into the lift.
No.22 (Present Day)
Melanie didn't know what Paul had planned.
Paul and David arrives. Paul wants Melanie to stop confessing to this.
MELANIE: It's too late.
TOADIE: We know Krista's dead.
TERESE: What we don't know is what you did on the rooftop.
Paul thinks Melanie is doing the wrong thing. Melanie knows Paul was trying to help in Paul style. Terese wants to know as they hear police sirens outside.
DAVID: It's time to do the right thing Paul.
Lassiter's Complex (Present Day)
Everyone is heading through the Complex with the police officers. Paul wants to know what Melanie was thinking. She knew the truth would be found out one day.
MELANIE: Maybe we should think of the person who lost their life. Krista Sinclair.
The penny drops for Holly and Paul that Kelly is Krista Sinclair!
Interview Room (Present Day)
Paul waits alone to be interviewed. Andrew and Senior Sergeant Thompson arrive to interview him. The others have been interviewed. Paul has been waiting for his lawyer but is now going to give his statement alone. Paul starts his statement by viewing himself as a victim. He thinks the situation was impossible and did the best he could under the circumstances. Andrew asks him about the events on the roof.
Lassiter's Rooftop (Flashback)
Paul looks for Krista but can't find her. There is a bit of blood on the floor. Eden appears, they know who the other is.
EDEN: My reputation precedes me... Tragedy is what happened.
Eden tells Paul he's done a good deed for Paul. Eden reminds Paul with the wedding ahead that it's not good for the truth to be revealed. Paul gets his phone out to call the police. Eden points out Paul would have already done that if he'd planned to. Paul denies any involvement, Eden knows it's his hotel and this would cause a huge scandal. Eden thinks they can do a deal and has planned it out. Paul agreed to it and paid Eden $500,000.
Police Station (Present Day)
Paul felt the situation was impossible.
THOMPSON: A very good option... to call us then and there.
PAUL: It all happened so quickly. I just reacted.
Penthouse (Flashback)
Paul arrives back and David wants to know if the police know. Paul is refusing to tell the police. Melanie points out Krista is still by the pool. He tells them Krista has disappeared.
Police Station (Present Day)
PAUL: He was always dead against the idea. So none of this should reflect on him.
Penthouse (Flashback)
The others are wondering how they'll be implicated in this. They realise it would be bad for David as he's on probation. Melanie feels bad for getting them all involved. Paul thinks he's done what's in everyone's best interests, David doesn't agree.
DAVID: It's best for you and your reputation.
PAUL: This is about keeping you out of jail.
Paul points out that there could be serious charges against David and Melanie. He thinks they should keep schtum as Eden has covered the death up. Nicolette agrees, she doesn't think Isla should lose David again.
Police Station (Present Day)
Paul tells the officers he wanted to protect both Melanie and David. Eden is the one they should go after and has been trying to get more money out of Paul. Paul refused.
THOMPSON: This is all on Eden? No self- interest?
Paul wants to call in his lawyer. Paul mentions Krista is a Sinclair. He is surprised to learn she and Reece are sisters.
Lassiter's Complex (Present Day)
Toadie is arranging with Cara over the phone to keep looking after Nell and Hugo. He promises to update them as soon as possible. Terese is taking a moment and Toadie offers to hold off meeting with the others. Terese just needs to get her head together. He hugs her
TERESE: I keep thinking about where our heads were at a year ago.
It's the same for Toadie. Melanie gets upset as she watches them from the Police Station.
No.30 (Flashback)
In a repeated flashback, we see Melanie and Toadie preparing for the vow renewal. They're pondering about gifts for a groom who has multiple marriages! Toadie has been reminiscing about their wedding day, Melanie agrees it was a wonderful day. Melanie finds a pig charm she intends to give Terese for her purse for the something borrowed bit.
TOADIE: That is very you.
MELANIE: That is what you said when you saw the street party.
Melanie plans to help Nell and Hugo get ready for the vow renewal. Toadie won't forget their wedding day though he knows things have been weird. He definitely felt happy that day. They kiss, Melanie agrees. As Toadie packs the wedding gift, Melanie ponders over things.
The Waterhole (Present Day)
David tells everyone they've got permission to leave after giving their statements. They shouldn't travel too far away. Jane now realises they moved after what happened, they didn't just want a change. David couldn't be near Paul after he 'sorted' things out in his own way or have his family do the same. Terese wants to know why they didn't let anyone know the next day?David tells them that they were overruled.
Penthouse (Flashback)
David still wants to go the police. Paul refuses as he's given the money to Eden. Melanie offers to confess and not mention the others to the police. Nicolette doesn't think that would work.
NICOLETTE: We're all implicated whether we like it or not.
Aaron and Nicolette don't want David to return to jail. Nicolette wants to think about Isla plus Melanie's family. Melanie wants to confess because of her family. Nicolette is convinced the only option is to not say anything. Paul gets them to agree and is heading off to the vow renewal.
DAVID: Can you look Terese in the eye after what you've done?
Leo arrives and they head off.
Rooftop (Present Day)
David didn't think he had got through to Paul. Everyone gathers for the wedding ceremony, including Elly and Chloe. Terese has decided to do the same as Melanie and go first.
TERESE: One year ago, we were guests at another wedding, but we were about to go our separate ways. Then we got back together. I'm sure a few of you are wondering what happened. We talked about who we are as people. I told you that you're it for me. It's Paul and I'm ok with that. You've surprised me. You're far from the model citizen, you're not far from it. You did that for me. I'm really grateful.
Terese goes to read her poem when Paul stops her.
PAUL: I'm so sorry. I can't do this.
Paul heads out of the ceremony as a distressed Terese looks after him.
The Waterhole (Present Day)
Terese now realises that is the reason Paul called off the vow renewal.
DAVID: He said he loved you too much to hurt you.
TOADIE: His actions caused a lot of pain.
Terese needs to head outside. Toadie heads after her.
Lassiter's Complex (Present Day)
Terese heads out into the complex and is breathing heavily. Toadie tries to talk to her but she's looking for Paul, he and Melanie are by the Police Station.
TERESE: How could you do this to me? To your son? To Melanie?
PAUL: I wasn't thinking straight at the time.
Paul is sorry and wanted to protect all those involved. Terese points out he covered up a death. Paul did it because he loved her. She cuts him off, she accepted him for being Paul. She thinks they could have worked things out if he had been honest.
TERESE: You lied.
TOADIE: You should have been honest too Melanie.
MELANIE: I'm sorry. I should have been.
TERESE: Honesty. The two of you don't know the meaning of it.
Terese and Toadie head off as Paul and Melanie look devastated.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Holly breaks the news about Krista to Reece
- Nell wants to see Melanie but Toadie refuses
- Toadie thinks things would be different if Paul had behaved differently
- Terese needs to ask Melanie something
- Toadie confronts Paul about loving Terese
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