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Neighbours Episode 8909 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<8908 - 8910>>
Episode title: 8909
Australian and UK airdate: 26/09/23
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Reece Sinclair: Mischa Barton
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Trevor: Bodie
- "So Good (feat. Lexi Reed)" by Bigger Story Music & Lexi Reed
- "Tight Rope" by Jack Savoretti
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
- Mackenzie admits to Sadie that she has Feelings™ for Haz
- But unbeknownst to Mack, Haz seems to be arranging a date with someone else
- Harold's memory seems to be failing him, as he increasingly obsesses over the Ramsay Street History Book
- Reece tells Byron everyone knows she's a Sinclair now, and that she misses him, but he shuns her advances
- Lucy tells Paul that he needs to do some damage control fast to placate Reece
- Toadie warns Karl he could be overcompensating with Holly and neglecting Susan
- Susan tells Terese she's unsure how she and Karl will get through their recent tiff
- Toadie's surprised when one of Melanie's favourite pig ornaments shows up after a long absence
- But we soon learn that Nell has been using the pigs to try and sow discontent in Toadie's new marriage
- Nell tells Hugo she's not going to stop until Toadie realises that Melanie is who he's meant to be with
No 22
Terese is practising her spiel for her new high- rise 'retirement experience', Eirini Rising, named after the ancient Greek goddess of peace, in preparation for her meeting with the council later - while Toadie plays willing audience and Nell and Hugo have breakfast.
TOADIE: I love that it's got your heritage in there.
TERESE: Gosh, I hope they love it too.
TOADIE: Babe, it is an amazing project, and if anyone can get it over the line with the council, it's you.
Nell squirms as Toadie kisses Terese. Toddie says he has more unpacking to do today, followed by thank- you notes for the wedding pressies, including to Kyle and Roxy - we learn they are still 'very happy'.
TERESE: Yeah, unlike Karl and Susan.
TOADIE: Karl and Susan... it's not like they're gonna split up over it.
Nell leans over and whispers to Hugo...
NELL: I know who should split up.
Hugo looks sad.
No 28
Karl, Susan, Holly and Harold are having breakfast, but the atmosphere is icy. Karl awkwardly makes small- talk about Terese's retirement village plans on Power Road; Harold asks whether it will be good for The 82, and Karl replies yes, as the tram isn't exactly a moneymaker. Susan looks awkward and leaves the table.
Harold mentions that he might drop in to see Haz at Harold's later to tell him more local stories, despite having already done this once. Karl looks concerned and says that he might pop down there later, too. Karl wishes everyone a good day and leaves, Susan having not even replied.
HAROLD: Susan, is it still alright for me to be here?
SUSAN: Oh, Harold, yes, of course it is!
HAROLD: I thought you may appreciate one less person in the house...
SUSAN: I'm sorry things are a bit tense. Karl and I have a few problems with each other, but not with you. In fact, we need you here as a buffer, to force us to be polite!
Susan heads to the bedroom. Holly, who has been looking guilty, asks Harold why she had to go and open her big mouth to Karl about Susan's jewellery stash.
No 32
Mackenzie watches from the patio as Byron, Haz and Trevor swim in the pool. Sadie turns up and asks if Mack is ready to walk to work. But Mack has news for Sadie first, telling her that she's finally decided to make a move with Haz, later this week when Byron is out working nights.
MACKENZIE: I'm gonna make us a few cocktails, order some food...
SADIE: Then jump his bones... I love it!
MACKENZIE: I'm gonna let him know how I feel. The only thing is, I don't know what kind of food he likes.
SADIE: He runs a café, how do you not know what food he likes?
MACKENZIE: Well, the menu's pretty limited.
SADIE: True. People *are* talking.
Sadie tells Mackenzie to leave it to her - she'll do some subtle digging about what Haz likes.
SADIE: I'm gonna do anything it takes to make this happen!
MACKENZIE: Oh my god.
As the girls leave, Haz and Byron get out of the pool, and Haz asks Byron about his mystery woman. Byron tells him it's over, and admits that the woman in question was Reece, the 'high- powered boss lady' as Haz puts it. Haz is shocked. Byron explains he ended it as it was just too messy.
BYRON: Aside from the work conflict, she doesn't know I used to be an escort (...) Every time I see someone and I tell them about it, they go cold on me. Doesn't really matter, it was always gonna end.
Byron and Haz go inside the house, closing the door behind them. But Trevor whines at the door until Haz lets him in.
HAZ: But you're not coming with me to work!
The 82
Toadie checks in with Karl, who is working a shift, asking how things are going with Susan. Karl says it's going to be a long road, but at that point Terese turns up, back from her meeting.
TERESE: Local council idiots! They rejected me. I didn't even get to do my presentation! (...) Apparently, there was a record number of complaints, stating that a complex of that size and density would 'ruin the village- like atmosphere of the streetscape'!
She gestures at the somewhat desolate- looking Power Road.
TERESE: I mean, seriously - *what* village?!
Karl is equally annoyed, as Terese's plans would have meant much more business for him.
TERESE: And then when I said it was called Eirini Rising, all they could see was this big, ugly tower!
She says she's now regretting asking Paul for the Power Road property in their divorce settlement; she's had no more luck developing it than he did.
Lassiter's Hotel
At reception, Paul tells Byron that he wants him to appease Reece, by monitoring every single detail, and giving her zero reason to complain - that's the only way she'll ever leave! At this point, Reece emerges from the lift and walks through reception. Paul smiles at her, and she smiles back, though more at Byron than Paul! Once she's gone...
PAUL: She likes you (...) just then, I saw the teensiest smile on her face.
BYRON: I don't think so, Paul.
But Paul is convinced they can use this to their advantage, and tells Byron he wants him to probe Reece for information, such as personal preferences - anything they can use to make her stay happier, and her less critical of them as a result.
BYRON: I don't think I'm comfortable with that, Paul. I really -
PAUL: Oh, come on, Byron, I'm not asking you to sleep with the woman! Just use some of that professional charm of yours!
BYRON: Yeah, that's not really my profession anymore, so...
PAUL: No, but it's still a skill set. One that I greatly admire.
Paul tells Byron they'd be foolish not to use this to their advantage, and walks off before Byron can object any further.
No 22
Terese tells Toadie she's determined to fight the council's decision on her retirement village, and is about to message Mackenzie about it, as she works at the council. Toadie's unsure this is a good idea, but Terese thinks Mack might have some inside information on the councillors and how to 'schmooze' them. Toadie suggests she could formally appeal the decision, or downsize her plans.
TERESE: I am not making any changes!
TOADIE: Well, sometimes you do have to compromise.
TERESE (yelling): Yeah, well, I don't *want* to compromise!
She storms off upstairs to think about it. Nell, who has come in and overheard this discussion, gives Toadie a look. Toadie plays it down, explaining to Nell that it's been a disappointing morning for Terese.
No 28
Holly is sitting guiltily in the living room when Susan comes in.
HOLLY: Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?
SUSAN: Oh, Holly!
Susan gives her a hug.
SUSAN: I'm not still angry with you.
HOLLY: You're not?
SUSAN: No. Don't get me wrong - I'm not happy with the way you went about things, going behind my back. That's the sort of thing that your mother would do.
HOLLY: Throwing people under the bus is very Mum.
SUSAN: Yes. But, you forced me to be honest about something that I was hiding, and that's not healthy for me or your dad.
HOLLY: If I haven't said it before, and I probably haven't, I'm really grateful that you let me live here.
SUSAN: I'm glad you're here too.
HOLLY: Even though I've been such a train wreck?
SUSAN: Holly, you had such potential. What happened?
HOLLY: I think I lost it, somewhere between falling for Eden and finding out he was cheating on me. I don't know why I let him mess me up so badly, but he has.
SUSAN: Then I think it's time to reclaim your power. Be the person you were before you went travelling with Eden.
Holly looks uncertain, but admits she's missing her job at the hotel more than she thought she would. Susan advises her to go and see Reece, and apologise.
HOLLY: I think she'd probably respond better to grovelling.
SUSAN: Great! Then grovel. Just don't ever throw anyone under a bus ever again, okay?
Holly smiles and agrees.
Harold's Café
Following Susan's advice, Holly tracks Reece down and makes an attempt at an apology.
HOLLY: I was rude, and I was slack at my job. And I shouldn't have used your perfume, even though it was just a tiny squirt (...) There's really no good reason that you should give me a second chance. But if you did, I would be the best employee that Lassiter's has ever seen.
REECE: It's not gonna happen.
HOLLY: So to be clear, that's a definite no?
Reece doesn't even reply, so Holly glumly makes for the exit. At this point, Reece finds a hair in her coffee for the second time, and moans to Haz about it!
HOLLY: On the plus side, now you know it's not mine.
HAZ: Let me make you another. I do 34 different types.
But Reece reminds him the café is part of the complex and tells him to lift his standards, before walking out.
No 22
In the garden, Toadie is attempting to cheer up Terese and clear the air after their heated moment - he's built a mini golf course! Terese isn't sure how this is supposed to solve her problems.
TOADIE: Ah, you see, it's not. That's where I stuffed up before. A good partner doesn't try to solve everything. Not when they just need to listen. And they should also be encouraging of some fun time- out activities. Now, I know that you love your work, alright? I do too. But I also know when to stop. Like now. I've taken time off work to move in here, get the kids settled into our brand new life together. Because that's what's most important. So maybe, while your project has hit a roadblock (...) you should just take a moment, enjoy my company, and get your butt whipped at mini golf?
He passes her a putter. Won over, Terese laughs and kisses him.
TERESE: I'm sorry for snapping at you before.
TOADIE: It's okay. I know you didn't mean it.
TERESE: Yeah, but it was still wrong. And, you know, sometimes I get a little wound up.
TOADIE: Really? You? (!)
TERESE: But let's get real. If anyone's gonna get their butt whipped, it's gonna be you.
They crack on with the game.
Harold's Café
Harold is sitting at a table with the history book when Haz brings him a toastie. It's implied that this is one of the few food items on Haz's menu!
HAZ: I believe that food shouldn't distract from the daily grind. And my grind is like no other!
Harold invites Haz to take a break and catch up on some more local tales, but Haz explains he can't - he's just been blasted by Reece. Harold is understanding, but subtly points out that there's a hair in his toastie! Haz rushes off to make him another one, then goes to talk to Trevor in the kitchen...
HAZ: You are getting me in so much trouble! You have to learn to be alone... or at least just keep your wig to yourself.
Sadie comes in with Abigail in tow (this isn't explained!), and Haz re- emerges. Sadie subtly digs for his views on the perfect takeaway for a romantic occasion, so she can pass this info back to Mack. Haz likes the Japanese restaurant in Anson's Corner.
HAZ: That's perfect, thanks, Sades!
SADIE: For what?
HAZ: I've been chatting to this girl online, and that little restaurant is the perfect place for a first date.
Sadie smiles awkwardly.
The Waterhole
Reece apologises to Paul for being late meeting him, explaining she has been telling Haz off for his lax health regulations! Paul acknowledges that the menus need improving too. Reece then starts taking him to task about the various maintenance and repair issues around the complex. Paul explains they're advertising for a new building manager. Reece tells him to step it up; there are potential lawsuits all over the place.
Reece also complains about the queue at the hotel front desk. Paul tersely replies that they couldn't find someone to cover Holly's shift at such short notice, but Reece tells him to get on it immediately. Conversation moves to the accountancy conference the hotel is hosting over the next few days. Paul says their conference manager Leonie is excellent, and invites Reece to attend the welcome drinks for the event.
Byron comes in, and Paul asks if he could escort Reece to the rooftop where the welcome drinks will be taking place, to talk her through it. Byron looks awkward as Paul leaves them to it.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul is working on his laptop at a table, looking frustrated, when Nell approaches.
NELL: Work problems? Looks like it, but there's an easy fix. Just hire Terese as a consultant or something.
PAUL: I think she's pretty busy with her own work.
NELL: Not anymore. The council rejected her proposal. So, she's currently unemployed and completely available. Think about it.
Paul looks bemused as Nell walks off. Meanwhile, Karl has arrived and asks Harold, who is just leaving the café, how his day is going. Harold seems to go into a panic when he realises he's not holding the history book, telling Karl that he needs it. Karl assures him it's probably still in the café given Harold has just come out of there. Harold goes to look, and Karl looks concerned.
Lassiter's Rooftop
Guests splash around in the rooftop pool, as Byron finds Reece in an indoor seating area. Things are still awkward between them, and we learn Byron earlier made a swift exit after talking her through the drinks event.
REECE: Can you really not stand to be around me anymore?
BYRON: It's not you, it's Paul. You know, he's picking up on our vibes (...) He asked me to charm you. Find out your personal preferences. Obviously I didn't want to do that, but he's so desperate to impress you and get you off his back... he pushed me into it. So, yeah, that's why I ran away before. I didn't want to be two- faced.
REECE: I miss being with you.
BYRON: I miss it too. But this job, I can't lose it.
REECE: You know I would never let that happen.
BYRON: There's still so much I don't know about you. So much you don't know about me...
REECE: So that's it, then?
BYRON: ... I think we're both better off being friends.
He's just walking away, when...
REECE: Freesias. They're my favourite flower. It's a small personal preference you can take back to Paul. I'm not gonna get off his back. But I want him to get off yours.
Byron smiles.
No 22
Toadie and Terese are having a great time and she seems far more relaxed, as they come in from their mini golf game, Terese having won. Mackenzie calls her, and Terese goes outside to answer it, as Nell comes downstairs. Harold arrives at the front door with the history book, telling Toadie he needs him to write a new entry about how he and Terese got together. Nell listens with interest.
TOADIE (awkwardly): No. No, I can't do that.
HAROLD: Well, we do need to explain that Melanie left the street.
TOADIE: What I mean is, I can't do it right now. I'm still in the middle of unpacking, so... I'll do it when I'm more settled.
HAROLD: Alright, but don't think I'll forget.
Harold leaves with the book. Toadie looks a little rattled and Nell looks curious.
Lassiter's Complex
Mackenzie is on the phone, telling Terese about a rumour that's floating around the council chambers, though we don't hear more than that. She promises to let Terese know if she hears any more, then ends the call. She spots Sadie nearby on a bench with Abigail, and walks across to chat.
MACKENZIE: Did you get a chance to talk to Haz?
SADIE (awkward): Yeah.
SADIE: He likes Japanese. The one in Anson's Corner.
MACKENZIE: That's great.
SADIE: I'm not so sure (...) I just mean your overall plan in general.
MACKENZIE: Are you serious? But you've been at me for weeks to make it happen.
SADIE: I know, I know. I just... think you should take it a bit slower (...) You guys live together, you know, you wouldn't want to make it awkward.
MACKENZIE: You convinced me it wouldn't be! Did Haz say something to you about me?
SADIE: Oh, no, no - it's not about you. It's about me. I just... I don't want to feel like I pushed you. Because, you know, I can be like that.
MACKENZIE: It's fine. I mean, let's face it, I needed the push. Maybe I can be a little bit more organic about it, you know, like...
SADIE: Yeah. Organic is good.
Mackenzie spontaneously gives Sadie a hug.
SADIE: What's this for?
MACKENZIE: Giving me confidence. I've got to get the timing right, but... it feels good, to be moving on.
Sadie smiles, but then looks worried.
No 22
Nell challenges Toadie about why he was so reluctant to update Harold's history book, pointing out that he 'kind of freaked'.
NELL: I'm only asking cos I'm worried.
TOADIE: Yeah. I did kind of freak (...) because I'm not ready to write about breaking up with Mel.
NELL: Why?
TOADIE: Not exactly a fun thing to remember.
NELL: Have you been thinking about her a lot lately?
TOADIE: Well, it's hard not to. Especially when things like this turn up.
He shows Nell the pig that, unbeknownst to him, she hid and then later planted to remind him of Mel.
TOADIE: We had to pack everything up and send it to her, and we looked everywhere for that, and then, out of the blue, here it is. And for a minute, it all... comes flooding back.
NELL: Do you miss her?
TOADIE: ... She was a big part of our lives. So, yeah, I do think about her. Probably more than I should. But what's done is done.
Nell's plan seems to be partially working...
No 28
Susan is watching TV when Karl comes in, and asks her to turn it down.
SUSAN (coolly): I'm still not ready to talk, Karl.
KARL: It's about Harold.
Ramsay Street
We cut to Harold standing in the street with the history book, looking very lost and distressed, as Karl and Susan's dialogue continues as voiceover.
KARL: I've noticed he's become quite forgetful, almost confused.
SUSAN: Well, he's getting on in years.
KARL: No, no, it's more than that.
No 28
Karl tells Susan he didn't think much of it at first, but...
KARL: This obsession with the history book. It's like it's a lifeline. He can't remember anything if he doesn't have it with him. And if he doesn't have it, he goes into a panic.
Ramsay Street
Harold is outside No 30, Toadie's old house which is now vacant, shouting and banging on the door.
HAROLD: Jarrod, are you home? ... Jarrod?!
No 28
Susan asks Karl...
SUSAN: So what are you saying?
KARL: You know what I'm saying. Just, how do we say it to Harold?
Ramsay Street
We cut back to Harold looking lost, as he glances from house to house.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Terese wishes Paul luck with Reece. He replies that he doesn't need luck
- Paul tells Byron and Leo that this can't go wrong, on top of everything else
- As they rally round, Harold tells Susan and Karl that he was 'hoping no- one else would see it'
- In the UK, Jane tells Mike that there's a reason she booked them into this hotel
- Outside a temple in a wooded area, Jane is about to show Mike why she brought him here
<<8908 - 8910>>
Terese Willis, Nell Rebecchi, Hugo Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8909
Terese Willis, Nell Rebecchi, Hugo Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8909
Terese Willis

Hugo Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8909
Hugo Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi

Holly Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8909
Holly Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone, Trevor, Haz Devkar, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8909
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone, Trevor, Haz Devkar, Sadie Rodwell

Byron Stone, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8909
Byron Stone, Haz Devkar

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8909
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8909
Terese Willis

Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8909
Reece Sinclair

Paul Robinson, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8909
Paul Robinson, Byron Stone

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8909
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8909
Nell Rebecchi

Holly Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8909
Holly Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8909
Reece Sinclair

Haz Devkar, Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8909
Haz Devkar, Reece Sinclair

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8909
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8909
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Harold Bishop, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8909
Harold Bishop, Haz Devkar

Haz Devkar, Trevor in Neighbours Episode 8909
Haz Devkar, Trevor

Haz Devkar, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8909
Haz Devkar, Sadie Rodwell

Abigail Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8909
Abigail Tanaka

Paul Robinson, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8909
Paul Robinson, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone

Nell Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8909
Nell Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8909
Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8909
Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair

Harold Bishop, Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8909
Harold Bishop, Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell, Abigail Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8909
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell, Abigail Tanaka

Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8909
Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8909
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8909
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8909
Harold Bishop

<<8908 - 8910>>
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