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Neighbours Episode 8904 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<8903 - 8905>>
Episode title: 8904 (Neighbours returns after hiatus)
Australian and UK airdate: 18/09/23
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Mike Young: Guy Pearce
Reece Sinclair: Mischa Barton
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Imogen Willis: Ariel Kaplan
Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillips
Callum Rebecchi: Morgan Baker
- "Sunroof" by Nicky Youre & Dazy
- "I Love You" by Earl
- "Better Day" by FELT
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
[Shots of Melbourne before narrowing in to a panoramic view of Ramsay Street]
SUSAN: Melbourne, Australia - for most of the world, it's about as far away as you can possibly be! But for the residents of Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, it's home!
[Shots of Helen, Jim and Scott, Madge and Charlene, then Jane and Mrs Mangel. Individually shots of Beth, Billy and Flick. Ringo and Donna getting married. A young Paul then an older one of him]
SUSAN: Generations of families and friends living, laughing and loving together.
[Shots of Karl and Susan down the years]
SUSAN: Karl and I aren't the only ones who have stayed for decades.
[Toadie as a youngster before one of him getting married to Melanie]
SUSAN: In good times and in bad, life has been anything but boring!
[Shot of Lou upset at The Waterhole burning down, Jack and Paige getting caught up in the Lassiters bomb explosion, the gas cylinder exploding on Toadie and Sonya's wedding day, the tornado hitting Erinsborough]
SUSAN: No matter what happens, there's always a sense of love and community
[Happy scenes of Lucas, Chris, Vanessa and Toadie. Paul opening the Erinsborough Festival. Callum, Toadie and Sonya attending a street party]
SUSAN: When we last came together it was to celebrate the wedding of Toadie and Melanie.
[Scenes from the wedding including Melanie and Toadie saying their wedding vows to each other.]
SUSAN: But they weren't the only ones uniting that day.
[Shots of Jane and Mike]
SUSAN: Jane and Mike recaptured a moment in time.
[Mike admitting to Jane she was the first person he wanted to see when he returned and that he's still in love with her. Jane overawed at Mike buying #24.]
SUSAN: Paul and Terese were once again drawn back to each other.
[Shots of Paul and Terese reuniting and Paul checking Terese really does want to be with him... she does, because "you're it for me."]
SUSAN: And most people who were thinking of moving away, changed their minds.
[Shots of the RSRs on the street and Toadie speaking for all by saying "I guess we're not going anywhere are we?!"]
SUSAN: So many old faces came back to celebrate.
[Shot of Scott and Charlene getting married and then them returning to Ramsay Street. Shots from the video shown at Melanie and Toadie's wedding - Billy, Nina, Flick, Beth before more shots of the wedding guests on the Street]
SUSAN: It was a beautiful day and it all seemed to end in a bang!
[The balloon rising over Ramsay Street and exploding with confetti going over everyone]
SUSAN: I think I know what I want to write.
[Susan and Karl in #28 before individual shots of Mackenzie, Leo, Toadie, Melanie, Paul and Terese]
SUSAN: Now the story continues. Together we are still the perfect blend.
[Susan opening the History of Ramsay Street book]
Ramsay Street
A car containing two mums with two boys arrives in the street and once they finally stop (one of the kids is driving) they all get out and start to take in the surroundings of the street. Karl spots the newbies and waves over, which is reciprocated by one of the mums and she remarks that "the ad did say friendly neighbours!"
One of the kids (we now find out its JJ, the one who was driving) finds something golden lying on the ground and declares to the others "I like this street!"
No opening titles today, just 'Neighbours' appears on the screen.
Number 28
Susan is staring out the window when Karl comes in with a red rose and she comments about it matching his tie! "This is a happy day," he reminds her, which she gets, adding that there's "never been a love story quite like it!"
Harold comes out of his bedroom with the Ramsay Street book, all set to update it with what has happened in the past two years... a lot of things according to Susan!
KARL: Yes, plenty of things we didn't see coming.
HAROLD: Well, we can't just let history slip away from us. We have to fill in the gaps while it's still fresh in our memory eh.
A moment ago the trio happened to mention about their sleep being disturbed by someone living in the house - we now know who that is, Holly as she rushes out of the house like a whirlwind!!
Number 24/London
Mike briefly video calls Jane and all they've about got time for is to tell each other "I love you" before Jane has to go answer the door.
Jane lets the family who arrived earlier (mum Remi, the other mum Cara along with JJ and the other lad, Dex) into the house - the quartet are renting the house from Jane and Mike, having had to depart their old place in a hurry after someone bought their house.
The house has had a serious makeover since we last saw it, although JJ isn't too impressed at the portrait of Mrs Mangel when he sees it!
Lassiters reception
Sadie and Mackenzie pop in past Lassiters to run the wedding speech past Holly. Just as Mackenzie starts reading it aloud, a guest arrives wanting assistance, but Holly would rather hear the speech than attend to her!
Paul is forced to intervene and gets the very different looking Byron [he's been recast] to help with Reece's bags (thanks Amazon for telling me who she is!) and once they head upstairs in the lift, Paul makes his displeasure at Holly reusing to help the guest known! In the background, the watching Lucy doesn't look too impressed either!
Time might have moved forward and he has a new face, but Byron is still up to his old tricks with the females - the UST gets to the pair as they journey upwards and barely any time has passed and the pair are pashing each other... seriously!
Lassiters Complex
Lucy has a quiet word with her brother about Holly's employment - while he doesn't mind helping Karl by employing Holly (so he can have Karl in his debt!) Lucy wants him to remind the lass of the company standards!
Leo and the now toddler Abi spot the pair and stop to say hello and to report that preparations are on track thanks to Mackenzie and Sadie.
Paul spots Terese talking at the other side of the complex and Lucy asks if he's having "second thoughts about today?" Very quickly he disagrees with her, instead saying he's "a very lucky man" and thus "why would I have second thoughts about anything?!"
Winery/Number 22/Lassiters Lake
Music montage time and with "I love you" playing in the background, preparations for the wedding are proceeding at the winery. A happy looking Terese heads into her house where a wedding dress lies on the kitchen table. Meanwhile a despondent looking Paul walks on the bridge through the lake. Back to the winery where Sadie is keeping Abi occupied as the preparations continue. Paul has a smile on his face when he stops at where the padlocks are on the boardwalk and sees the one saying, 'Terese & Paul'. Back with Terese and she interrupts making a Nespresso to read a note saying, 'I can't wait to marry you today!'
Number 30
Toadie and Melanie reminisce about their wedding day while wrapping up the pressie for the wedding. Mel wants to give Terese a pig neckless to represent the 'something borrowed' tradition, which Toadie thoroughly approves of. Before she leaves, Toadie stops her to admit that he knows things "have been a little bit weird lately," but wants her to know he'll never "forget our wedding day" along with "how happy I felt."
Number 22
Terese looks at the invitation to her and Paul's recommitment of love ceremony before hiding it quickly as Susan arrives with a bottle of non- alcoholic bubbles. There are more surprised too - Imogen and Daniel are there and but report that Piper is going to be a no- show because of her doubts.
IMOGEN: We support you.
SUSAN: Yes. All any of us want is for you to be happy.
TERESE: I'm happy. Very!
Terese thanks Daniel for coming to support Paul too, and when he returns having poured the bubbles into glasses, everyone clinks their glasses in a toast "to the big day!"
Number 24
Jane is explaining to everyone that the woman in the portrait is her Nan, "quite possibly the most feared woman to ever have lived on Ramsay Street!"
We find out why the family are renting Number 24 - Jane is following Mike to London for a holiday (they couldn't get 2 cheap tickets which is why he's there already). JJ stops Jane before she leaves to ask her something.
Number 28
Harold is looking through the Ramsay Street book, when Jane arrives with a thank you gift of Mike's lasagne for the K's in return for letting Sam stay while she's away. Jane spots a new bracelet on Susan's wrist - it sounds like it's a retirement gift for her years at EHS??
Harold isn't amused that nobody is going to help him update the Ramsay Street book as they've got things to do...
Number 24
... but after Jane mentioning that JJ seemed interested in the street, Harold heads over the road and after introducing himself (and the fact he owned the house previously), shows JJ the book. Harold is about the only one excited at it!!!
Penthouse suite
Paul goes into his desk drawer and pulls out a box which has a wedding ring in it and stands looking at it.
Number 22
Terese shares a happy hug with daughter Imogen.
Lassiters hotel - Reece's room
I hope Byron has a very good excuse why he's taken so long to assist with the luggage given the pair have been up to no good! Despite getting rather up close and personal with her, Byron wants to know more about her other than just her name (which is Reece Peters). We hear Reece is from New Hampshire in the US and came to Erinsborough for a conference but has extended her stay to enjoy some down time.
The pair are interrupted by a knock on the door, and Byron rushes to the bathroom to hide along with getting dressed, Reece answers the door to Holly. She's brought a box of sweeties by way of an apology for ignoring Reece earlier. A calling phone has their conversation ending (its Byron's phone summoning him back go work) and while today might be over, he still wants them to hook up as he's curious to know more about her.
London/Lassiters foyer
Via a video call, Mike reassures Sam that she can call him day or night. When Jane goes over to talk to Byron, Mike reaffirms with his daughter that the plan is still on!
Jane admits to her son that she is a bit emotional about heading back to London. We hear she is thrilled to have him back in her life (and knowing he's serious with a career now other than escorting!) after Nicolette, Isla, David and Aaron all moved away.
Number 24
Harold is explaining the who's who of Ramsay Street to JJ when Wendy barges into the house unannounced much to the alarm of the renters! Apparently she's Jane's "rent a home contact" when she is overseas and has stopped by to introduce herself before going to the wedding. It looks like Harold has got so engrossed with showing JJ the book, he's forgotten to get himself ready for the wedding!
Mackenzie has found a hero... one of the guests has stopped a piece of paper for her that had blown away. The hero (Haz, thanks Amazon for telling me who he is!) is also her date for the wedding.
An appropriately attired Harold along with Jane and Karl arrive for the wedding too and meet up with the Rodwell's and Susan.
Number 22
Terese is suitably glammed up in her wedding dress and admits to Imogen that she "never thought I'd be this happy." Just at that she's forgotten for the something borrowed tradition and goes looking for Josh's medal to provide the something blue.
TERESE: Your beautiful brother.
IMOGEN: He's always with us in spirit.
There is something else in the drawer which seems to throw Terese, but she ignores it and heads out of her bedroom with Imogen since the car is outside.
Penthouse suite
Paul is dolled up in the penguin suite when Daniel and Lucy arrive to say the car is waiting. Paul thanks them both for being there. "Hey, we're family," Daniel reminds him and Lucy adds to that they are a family...
LUCY: A big, noisy, dysfunctional one, but we're family.
Daniel wants to know what Paul was thinking when he arrived to say the car was ready. Paul explains that he was trying to picture Terese and wondering how she looks.
PAUL: Breathtaking I'm sure.
Number 24
Cara jokes that the advert Jane placed was wrong... it should have been "overly friendly neighbours!" Remi thinks that they are "really sweet" and both admit it's weird how JJ has taken an interest in the history of street from the book.
Ramsay Street
JJ walks into the middle of the street and starts to look at the various houses.
Number 24
Remi asks Cara if she feels a weight has been lifted being away from Werribee? Cara agrees, but quickly adds in that they will be going back.
REMI: But this break, getting away from our troubles... its good for the kids too.
CARA: Everything's gonna be fine.
Ramsay Street
JJ is still looking at the houses.
Lassiters Complex
Reece walks through the complex and in the background, we can see Harolds has been given a makeover too.
Lassiters hotel - Reece's room
The walk didn't last long and when she gets back into her room, her mobile phone starts ringing and we see its her dad who is calling but she cancels the call.
Number 24
JJ has the book out and looks closely at one of the pages with photos from Toadie and Melanie's wedding.
The wedding car arrives and the gathered all stand as Terese and Imogen then slowly make their way down the aisle. It's not Paul Terese is walking towards, he's one of the guests!!! The person waiting for Terese is Toadie!!!
At least his mum Angie is happy while the audience slowly picks their chins up from the floor!!! Oh and from the very brief glimpse, both Nell and Hugo have both been recast and are now several years older as they stand between Angie and big brother Callum.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Terese and Toadie getting wed.
- Susan still trying to get her head round what has happened.
- Paul being all melancholy.
- Terese throwing the bouquet and the wedding party in full swing.
- Toadie and Terese on their honeymoon.
- Byron determined to get to know Reece.
- Reece issuing instructions to Paul.
- Paul curious about Reece and what she is hiding.
- Byron finding out the truth about Reece
- Reece asking that the information to kept to [whoever] themselves.
- Lucy ordering her brother into damage control mode fast!
- Reece getting a mouthful from Paul.
- Karl wanting to know what Susan is keeping from him.
- Susan fearful of whatever it is getting out.
- Karl thinking something is up with Harold.
- Harold standing in the middle of the street looking at the houses.
- The K's supporting Harold.
- Wendy curious about the look Cara gave her.
- Cara reassuring the boys they are not in danger.
- Remi questioning life's directions.
- JJ on the hunt for proof.
- Mackenzie sure that the planets are aligning!
- Jane and Mike reunited in the UK.
- Mike fearful that something will go wrong.
- Jane admitting that she's been keeping something from Mike.
- Mike trying to talk Jane round.
- Mike hurriedly chasing after Jane!
There has been some new additions to the cast since 8903 and these are:
Holly Hoyland: Lucinda Armstrong Hall
Bryon Stone: Xavier Molyneux
Haz Devkar: Shiv Palekar
Remi Varga- Murphy: Naomi Rukavina
Cara Varga- Murphy: Sara West
JJ Varga- Murphy: Riley Bryant
Dex Varga- Murphy: Marley Williams
Sam Young: Henrietta Graham
And the re- cast children are:
Nell Rebecchi: Ayisha Salem- Towner
Hugo Rebecchi: Tanner Ellis- Anderson
Abigail Tanaka: Nikita Kato
<<8903 - 8905>>
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