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Neighbours Episode 8892 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8892
Australian airdate: 25/07/22
UK airdate: 18/07/22
Writer: Holly Tossi
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Izzy Hoyland: Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Malcolm Kennedy: Benjie McNair
Byron Stone: Joe Klocek
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Jane hearing that Clive slept with one of his patients.
- Jane wanting answers from Clive about Danielle's request.
- Chloe urging Kiri to find her special person.
- Kiri telling Nicolette how nice it is not to focus on relationships.
- Emma holding Freya, Kiri and Nicolette hostage.
- Izzy inadvertently blurting out to Karl and Susan that she is with Mal!
- Susan determined to put a stop to Izzy and Mal!
- Izzy hoping that in time she can call Susan 'mum'!
There is no opening titles today, 'Neighbours' appears after the recap and the cast are credited at the end.
The Waterhole
Mal is making small talk with Toadie about the party when Izzy comes out of the toilets (and it looks like the pair have been TITTLN in the toilets as both had dishevelled appearances!). The penny suddenly drops with Toadie and he realises that Izzy and Mal are a couple! He is ready to start his interrogation but the pair can't get out of the bar quick enough to avoid answering Toadie's questions!
Lassiters Complex
Nicolette and Kiri share a warm hug with each other, grateful both are still here after what happened at #24! The conversation is a bit strained between the pair, the most talkative they get is talking about Emma having her bail denied.
Number 32
Byron is trying to engage his mum in conversation about his 'other job' but she is firmly refusing to go there! It doesn't help that Nicolette is trying to rub her mum up by going on about Byron's escort job. Given his past employment, Aaron wants to chat about it but a look from Jane has him deciding to chat later with Byron!
JANE: Can we try a little more discretion hmm?
NICOLETTE: Oh what, in our own home?
BYRON: Mum, I'm not ashamed of it.
JANE: Using a fake name would suggest otherwise!
BYRON: That's for protection, nothing else.
Jane is surprised to see Clive suddenly appear - he's using the pretence of returning her cardigan to begin chatting but Jane isn't ready. He gets that but adds that they will need to chat "sooner or later." Jane decides that it will be later as "it isn't a good time" just now.
Number 28
The K's are animatedly discussing Mal and Izzy when Toadie arrives. Susan thinks Izzy is playing at something and is determined to find out what it is. Toadie warns about Mal being "collateral damage in the Izzy games" but the conversation is side-tracked when Karl spots what Toadie is carrying - the damaged history book. Karl already knows that Harold will be devastated at seeing the damage to the book.
Lassiters Lake
Kiri is looking at the love padlocks on the bridge when Terese runs into her. After confirming dinner plans with Glen, Terese asks if Kiri is looking "for inspiration" since she's standing looking at the love padlocks. "Or just torturing myself," Kiri replies, then explains to the confused Terese about telling Nicolette she wasn't interested in a relationship "but I think I might have backfired." "Well, are you interested?" Terese asks.
Number 32
Sitting in the pool with her brother, Nicolette is having the same conversation. "I'm not a mind reader," Nicolette says to her brother.
Lassiters Lake
"I think there's something there," Kiri admits before adding that yes, she does like Nicolette and thinks its reciprocated...
Number 32
...And it is because Nicolette confirms to her brother that "I like her." She's told to "stop acting like you don't and go for it!" by Byron.
Lassiters Lake
Terese suggests to Kiri that she takes Nicolette on a trip...
Number 32
...and Nicolette receives a text from Kiri inviting her on a trip to River Bend. Byron thinks it's a sign that Kiri is interested but from the side lines, Jane pipes up to remind her daughter about what Kiri has said - that she's not interested in a relationship. Nicolette isn't too amused at what her mum has said, but Jane is simply fearful that Nicolette might misread the signs and will get hurt again.
Lassiters hotel, room 603 (next day)
Karl calls to talk to Mal but hears he's left to go to Harold's. Izzy also wonders if he's there for "round 2" and Karl's reply is that its only right he and Susan are "a little concerned."
IZZY: I'll tell you what I told her, I'm not here to play games.
Karl wants to know why she is drawn "to my son" and the reply is that Mal is "smart, kind, handsome."
IZZY: Who'd find that appealing?!
Karl reminds her that Mal shares the same genes as Holly - and asks if is she using him as a replacement sibling? Izzy knocks that one on the head, because her days of "wanting another baby are long gone!"
IZZY: I love Mal and I'm so happy with the life that we have together... just the two of us! So, you and Suse are just going to have to trust me!
Harold's café
Karl eventually catches up with his son in the café and declares it an "eleven" on the stress levels at #28 after Mal asks how it's going.
Karl is trying to get his head round the pair of them hooking up and wants to know if there is a reason behind it. Mal explains that Izzy made him happy "when nothing else did" in the aftermath of his split with Catherine. Karl asks how Holly is with all this and Mal admits she found it difficult at first but with a bit of time she is now onboard and happy for them.
River Bend
Nicolette and Kiri have arrived at River Bend and given the lack of an official welcome, Kiri thankfully come prepared with a bottle of bubbly... and turns out so has Nicolette!
NICOLETTE: I just wanted to make up for being a rude guest the first time,
The explanation of why Nicolette has a bottle of bubbly with her seems to break the tension between the two as they head off to find a suitable location to drink the bubbles.
The 82
As they make their way towards the tram, Karl asks Clive why he didn't tell Jane about Danielle earlier. "It's not something I'm proud of," Clive replies and given Karl's past, he thinks "the things we're least proud of we need to be most open about." Karl then asks why Clive didn't cut Danielle loose and the reply is "consequences."
CLIVE: If she goes public about our past, my career could be in tatters.
Karl thinks time will nullify that; however Clive points out that Danielle has poured a lot of money into the hospital. Karl is sure there is more to it too - Clive's ego! "That's not what this is about," is the quick reply back to Karl.
KARL: You can tell yourself that. I'm trying to be objective here. Maybe you should try the same thing.
Harold's café
Mal and Izzy are comparing 'war stories' over how his parents are taking the news when Susan enters the café. Izzy apologises for rocking up at #28 and them getting off on the wrong foot, but it's the 'mum' comment that is irking Susan! "It was a poor call on my part," Izzy replies trying to sooth things along with a "chance to prove" she has changed.
SUSAN: I can't trust you.
Susan walks away at this point, and Izzy turns to Mal and says:
IZZY: This is a marathon not a sprint, we are not giving up!
Lassiters Complex
Looking over towards the hotel foyer, Jane watches on as Byron says bye to another client before turning to walk towards Rebecchi Law.
Toadie spots this as he heads to where Jane is standing and comments on how "criminal" her son is.
TOADIE: Got the looks, smart, charm and he's an incredibly hard worker. You should be very proud of him.
Toadie heads off and is replaced by Clive - using the excuse of spotting Jane wearing the cardigan he returned as a way to allow him to talk to her. He pleads for them to have "a proper chat" and somewhat reluctantly, she agrees to that. Clive acknowledges that he needs to be completely honest with her for them to move forward. "I wasn't going to cheat on you," Clive begins and eventually after a bit of prompting from Jane, also adds "my ego."
CLIVE: Perhaps I was flattered by Danielle's interest in me, so while I wasn't unfaithful to you, it's more complex than I first realised.
River Bend
There was an ulterior motive to the location Kiri picked to share the bottle of bubbles with Nicolette - it was where the pair had a moment.
NICOLETTE: Don't tell me Glen's about to burst through the bushes again!
KIRI: No, that would definitely ruin the vibe!
You can cut the UST between them but they settle for topping up the glasses rather than doing something!
The Waterhole
Over a game of pool, Toadie apologises to Mal for his reaction to hearing the news. Mal admits that every day "is like a box of chocolates" living with Izzy compared to Catherine.
TOADIE: Yes, fighting's good but there's got to be more to it.
"There is," and Mal tells him about Izzy booking up scuba diving lessons after he got hooked watching ocean wildlife documentaries.
MAL: She made it happen. She pushes me to get more out of life.
Mal is sure past Kennedy history over dealing with "awkward family politics" will help his parents come round to him being with Izzy.
When Izzy joins them (after chatting with Holly), Toadie asks what their plans are (given they own two places in London) and it appears that there is something in the works but no more is a said as Mal wants to get back playing pool with Toadie.
Lassiters Complex
Despite Clive's admission and thinking everything is out in the open, Jane isn't ready to move forward yet. "What can I do?" he asks but Jane doesn't have the answer.
JANE: You've always been my rock of integrity. But after what you've done, or what you just admitted to... it is so unlike you and I feel like I don't even know you at all.
Number 28
As they start trying to dry out the history book pages, Toadie reports to the K's that "Mal is dead keen on Izzy."
Susan would like it know that she isn't "holding a grudge" against Izzy, reminding the gents that the last time Izzy was in town, they found "stable ground."
SUSAN: If she had come back alone, or with another partner, that would have been one thing.
KARL: The difference is Mal.
SUSAN: Exactly! And she says she changed but I don't believe her.
Playing devil's advocate, Toadie asks would it be a good thing if Izzy has changed... and "is it possible?!"
Cue one of Susan's looks towards him!!!
SUSAN: I've asked myself that question before and been badly burnt with Finn. After that, I swore I would never be naive enough again to believe that someone so flawed could change.
River Bend
Drinkies over and the pair are making small talk as they head back towards the car. Eventually Kiri has had enough and explains the real reason behind the invite to River Bend.
KIRI: I don't want to be just friends, I want something more.
Those are the words Nicolette has been desperate to hear and with the air cleared, the pair start pashing.
The Waterhole
Karl isn't impressed at Izzy wanting to meet with him alone. She wants him to fully repeat the conversation to Susan as she thinks it will be better coming from him than her! Izzy tells Karl that Mal is desperate to move back to Erinsborough with her but they won't do it unless the K's give it their blessing.
IZZY: If you can get Susan to agree to this, I'll convince Holly to come too. I know you'll want that.
Coming up on Neighbours... or Celebrating Neighbours as it appears onscreen
- The Kennedys discussing Izzy's offer.
- Clive and Byron having words with each other.
- Shane meeting up with Tim Collins.
- Paul suggesting a game of poker with Shane.
- Paul informing Shane that he's accepting his offer.
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 in Neighbours Episode 8892

Malcolm Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8892
Malcolm Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi

Malcolm Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8892
Malcolm Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Kiri Durant, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8892
Kiri Durant, Nicolette Stone

Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8892
Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone

Jane Harris, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8892
Jane Harris, Aaron Brennan

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8892
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8892
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

 in Neighbours Episode 8892

Kiri Durant, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8892
Kiri Durant, Terese Willis

Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8892
Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8892
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8892
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Kiri Durant, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8892
Kiri Durant, Nicolette Stone

Clive Gibbons, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8892
Clive Gibbons, Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8892
Izzy Hoyland, Malcolm Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8892
Susan Kennedy

Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8892
Byron Stone

Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8892
Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8892
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Kiri Durant, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8892
Kiri Durant, Nicolette Stone

Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8892
Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8892
Izzy Hoyland

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8892
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8892
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Nicolette Stone, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8892
Nicolette Stone, Kiri Durant

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8892
Izzy Hoyland

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8892
Karl Kennedy

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